In Algeria and Turkey, trade unionists have been released from jail - thanks to you

On Tuesday this week we received two bits of very good news that I want to share with you.

First of all, we heard that Mourad Ghedia, president of the National Federation of Justice Workers in Algeria, who was imprisoned on 5 April, was released following PSI's international campaign on LabourStart. As his union wrote to us, Mourad "has been reunited with his family, thanks to those who have joined the broad campaign of solidarity and support from friendly unions, LabourStart and international trade union organizations which challenged Algerian decision-makers. SNAPAP / CGATA expresses its gratitude to all those who challenged the government and the Presidency of the Republic on the case of Mourad Ghedia. It warmly thanks PSI and LabourStart for all the efforts invested in the international campaign."

Second, on the same day, a judge in Turkey ordered the release of Cihan Erdal, who has also been the subject of a current LabourStart campaign. Cihan is free pending the conclusion of his criminal trial. As we were told, "the release is conditional ... He must remain in Turkey and must report to the local police station twice per week. While this is certainly good news, Cihan Erdal remains under conditions that prevent him from returning to his residence in Ottawa, Canada, separated from his spouse and family. He also remains at risk of future imprisonment based on charges that are clear violations of his freedom of association and freedom of expression. Under the circumstances, our fight continues."

If you've not yet done so, please take a moment to show your solidarity with Cihan and to demand that he be allowed to return home - click here.

Both of these developments are further evidence of the power of the new communications technologies when combined with traditional trade union solidarity. And both give us good reason to be proud of the work we have been able to do in support of jailed trade unionists not only in Algeria and Turkey, but everywhere in the world.

As you may know, LabourStart is now running its annual fundraising appeal. The generosity of individual trade union members as well as your unions never fails to amaze us, and to make us feel grateful.

Please read more and give what you can - click here.

Thank you -- and solidarity forever!

Eric Lee