2021 Fundraising Appeal

This has been an incredibly difficult year for workers and their unions around the world. But as we moved more of our activity online, it has presented us with new opportunities.

For LabourStart, which was founded back in 1998, we were able to demonstrate once again the power of the new communications technologies when combined with traditional trade union solidarity.

Just since the beginning of this year, we've launched more than a dozen online campaigns.

Our newest campaigns have gone live in the last few days, supporting health care workers in Brazil, sacked union members in Thailand, and the Colombian union movement which has been leading a national strike for weeks.

Sometimes our campaigns help win real victories for working people. Sometimes it takes longer. But we are always building a global solidarity movement, one that makes our trade unions stronger -- everywhere in the world.

We are now ramping up our work as never before. That's why I'm writing to you today to ask for your help.

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We currently have more live campaigns than we've had at any time in our 23-year history. But it's not just about the campaigns.

We remain the best source of news about the labour movement anywhere. Our network of nearly 1,000 volunteer correspondents makes that happen -- in dozens of languages, every day.

We are currently employing one intern and will shortly be hiring more. We pay our interns the living wage. In addition to getting some help with our projects, our young interns from the USA, UK, Canada, Israel and Ghana have been getting an education in how the international labour movement works.

One of the projects they're working on now is a revised edition of our book, Campaigning Online and Winning, which will be updated to include many of the victories we've been proud to be a part of. We have just published another short collection of essays by Dan Gallin, former general secretary of the International Union of Food workers (IUF), entitled Resistance. And we'll be producing an updated version of our book, The Global Labour Movement: An Introduction.

LabourStart is also looking forward to hosting more events online. The ones we have had so far have been great successes. On 2 May 2021 we organised a panel discussion with workers from countries where trade union activists are subjected to severe state repression. We had union leaders from Hong Kong, Belarus, Turkey and Myanmar detail for us the ways in which their respective governments make the lives of trade unionists difficult. Or even how they end those lives. Just this month we organised live events with union leaders in Colombia and Brazil. More events are coming soon.

We hope next year to once again host a real-world event, another one of the Global Solidarity Conferences that we held -- before the pandemic -- in Toronto, Sydney, Istanbul, Berlin and Hamilton.

LabourStart needs your support if we are going to meet the challenges that the pandemic and the recovery pose for unions around the world.

I hope that we can count on your support again.

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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Scene from the LabourStart 2011 Global Solidarity Conference in Istanbul.

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