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Illinois UAW expands stand-up strike against General Motors and Ford at noon Eastern


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Illinois UAW expands stand-up strike against General Motors and Ford at noon Eastern [UAW] 2023-09-30

Illinois 'Fundamental right' of workers to organize being added to Illinois constitution [Chicago Tribune] 2022-11-21

Illinois Amazon Joliet warehouse workers file complaints alleging unsafe, hostile working environment [ABC] 2022-07-28

Illinois Teamsters won't deliver across Chicago Teachers Union picket lines: ‘Today it's them, tomorrow it's us' [Chicago Tribune] 2019-10-27

Illinois Nation's First Teachers' Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago [NYTimes] 2018-12-05

Illinois Federal investigators order Amazon to review severe weather procedures after workers killed during tornado [FOX] 2022-04-28

Illinois Workers at IKEA Distribution Center Vote for a Union [BWI] 2019-06-25

Illinois Privately owned charter school network, Acero Schools, asks state labor board to put an end to teachers strike [Chicago Tribune] 2018-12-08

Illinois Fast food workers to strike for union rights in Detroit, Flint [Crain's Detroit Biz] 2018-10-02

Illinois Ford Workers Accuse Auto Union of Ignoring Sexual Harassment in Chicago [NewsMax] 2018-01-12


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 VIDEO Illinois Criminal Charge Dropped: ATU241 Presidential Candidate Erek Slater Wins Victory Against Chicago CTA For more info 2024-04-08 [LVP]

Illinois Women union leaders want workplace challenges addressed 2024-03-27 [QC News]

Illinois Chicago Park District union workers authorize strike 2024-03-27 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Illinois UPDATED: SCR Medical Transportation Spent Over $3,500/Day In Attempt to Defeat Union 2024-02-28 [LaborLab]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union and Instituto del Progreso Latino reach a tentative agreement to end strike 2024-02-13 [The Tribune]

Illinois Proposed act would eliminate subminimum wage for tipped workers in Illinois 2024-02-12 [Daily Illini]

Illinois NU Graduate Workers launch strike pledge in hopes of speeding up contract negotiations 2024-01-30 [The Daily Northwestern]

Illinois The Workers’ Mic reflect on MLK Jr., The UAW, and Child Labor Laws 2024-01-14 [WGN]

Illinois Minimum wage for Illinois workers increases to $14 per hour 2024-01-01 [CBS]

Illinois Legislation mandates labor history education for new recruits 2023-12-31 [IAFF]

Illinois IL trucking company accused of misclassifying independent contractors 2023-12-30 [Land Line]

Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act Takes Effect January 1 2023-12-30 [MyRadioLink]

Illinois On strike since October 30, Columbia College adjunct strike is the longest in US history 2023-12-10 [The Guardian]

Illinois USW sees anti-union bias in US Steel Illinois furnace idling 2023-12-03 [Recycling Today]

 VIDEO Illinois Starbucks workers go on strike on Red Cup Day 2023-11-16 [CBS]


Illinois Biden attended United Auto Workers event, endorses plan to organize non-union OEMS 2023-11-12 [CBT]

Illinois Biden will meet with UAW president in IL on Thursday 2023-11-08 [WSB]

Illinois This striking Chicago auto plant built the Model T. Can it survive the EV era? 2023-10-19 [Wash Post]

Illinois Boosting the wages of Chicago’s tipped workers could lift thousands out of poverty 2023-10-13 [WBEZ]

Illinois UAW expands stand-up strike against General Motors and Ford at noon Eastern 2023-09-30 [UAW]

Illinois police union 2023-09-13 [Chicago Tribune]

 VIDEO Illinois The Upcoming 2023 UAW Auto Contract Fight With Scott Houldierson, Chair of UAWD For more info 2023-09-02 [LVP]

Illinois Amazon workers record dangerous temperatures in Will County warehouse, advocates warn that the issue is not isolated 2023-08-26 [WJOL]

Illinois Thousands of jobs, pennies on the dollar: How Illinois uses prison labor 2023-08-20 [SJ-R]

Illinois lockout 2023-08-19 [Chicago Tribune]

Illinois City Hall wants to put a statue of labor activist Mother Jones in Jane Byrne Park. Jane Byrne’s daughter is not happy about it. 2023-08-13 [The Tribune]

Illinois Portillo's workers in Chicago rally for recognition of union membership 2023-07-23 [WBBM]

Illinois Workers launch union effort at world’s largest Starbucks, downtown Chicago’s Michigan Avenue roastery 2023-07-16 [The Times]

Illinois Museum of Science and Industry workers unionize 2023-06-22 [Hyde Pk Herald]

Illinois LGBTQ workers at the forefront of Chicago's labor resurgence 2023-06-13 [The Tribune]

Illinois Unions can help reduce violence in Chicago with apprenticeships and jobs 2023-06-01 [The Tribune]

Illinois REI Chicago Employees Vote To Unionize 2023-05-06 [SGB Media ]

 VIDEO Illinois Chicago postal workers protest outside South Side post office over staffing issues For more info 2023-04-29 [ABC]

Illinois Museum Of Science And Industry Workers Ask Bosses Not To Interfere With Unionizing Effort 2023-04-26 [Block Club Chicago]


Illinois Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 tradeswoman-turned-contractor honored by MOWIT 2023-04-11 [The Labor Tribune]

Illinois Who is Brandon Johnson? Chicago mayoral win is victory for Chicago Teachers Union 2023-04-06 [ABC]

Illinois El Milagro in Chicago threatened workers for speaking out: NLRB 2023-03-30 [The Sun-Times]

Illinois In Chicago mayor race, Brandon Johnson, a former teacher, rises swiftly with Chicago Teachers Union support 2023-03-22 [New York Times]

Illinois IL poised to mandate paid leave for nearly all workers 2023-02-20 [WPLG]

 VIDEO Illinois The 1937 Flint UWA GM Occupation, The Lessons & Relevance For Today 2023-02-05 [LVP]

Illinois 'We Won!' UIC Faculty Suspend Strike After Notching Salary Boosts in Tentative Deal 2023-01-23 [Comon Dreams]

Illinois UChicago Grad Students Fought for a Union for 15 Years. Now They May Win It. 2023-01-20 [truthout]

Illinois Graduate workers at Northwestern Union seal landslide union vote 2023-01-15 [Evanston Round Table]

 VIDEO Illinois Chicago Cops, CTA & ATU 241 Tops Conspire To Stop ATU 241 Pres. Candidate Erek Slater Run For Pres For more info 2023-01-08 [LVP]

Illinois Chicago prepared to shut down airport cargo agents in two weeks over labor organizing 2023-01-05 [Freight Waves]

Illinois Union Leader: Stellantis Will Send Electric-Vehicle Jobs to Mexico 2022-12-15 [American Prospect]

Illinois Jeep Plant Shutdown Imperils Illinois Town and 1,350 Workers 2022-12-12 [New York Times]

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