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Illinois Teamsters won’t deliver across Chicago Teachers Union picket lines: ‘Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s us’


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Illinois Teamsters won’t deliver across Chicago Teachers Union picket lines: ‘Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s us’ [Chicago Tribune] 2019-10-27

Illinois Workers at IKEA Distribution Center Vote for a Union [BWI] 2019-06-25

Illinois Privately owned charter school network, Acero Schools, asks state labor board to put an end to teachers strike [Chicago Tribune] 2018-12-08

Illinois Nation’s First Teachers’ Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago [NYTimes] 2018-12-05

Illinois Fast food workers to strike for union rights in Detroit, Flint [Crain's Detroit Biz] 2018-10-02

Illinois Workers at 26 Chicago hotels go on strike [Chicago Tribune] 2018-09-09

Illinois Ford Workers Accuse Auto Union of Ignoring Sexual Harassment in Chicago [NewsMax] 2018-01-12

Illinois Gov. Rauner Veto Halts Fight For $15 Minimum Wage [Peoria Public Radio] 2017-08-31

Illinois Chicago: 1000 Teachers at 32 Charter Schools Vote to Join the Chicago Teachers Union [Diane Ravitch] 2017-06-18

Illinois Unite Here Local 1 Chicago workers create ringtone to curb immigrant deportation [KWQC] 2017-06-06


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Illinois Healthcare workers in Streator strike for higher wages, better working conditions 2020-12-02 [MyWebTimes]

Illinois COVID-19 In Illinois: Striking Infinity HealthCare Nurses Hold Rally Downtown 2020-11-29 [News Break]

Illinois Nurse's plea to take COVID seriously brings city council to tears 2020-11-29 [ABC]

Illinois Nearly 700 nursing home workers walk off job, begin strike in fight for better wages, hazard pay, PPE 2020-11-29 [ABC]

Illinois Nursing home workers threaten strike over COVID-19 conditions 2020-11-14 [ABC]

Illinois Labour, grassroots groups demand legal votes of Black and Brown people be counted 2020-11-06 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Union's joint statement demanding that every vote count as leaders outline steps to protect integrity of election 2020-11-04 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois RN's demand Cook County Health halt all disciplinary threats against nurses who are advocating for safe patient care 2020-11-03 [National Nurses United]

Illinois Cable Technicians Win Class Cert. In Misclassification Suit 2020-10-29 [Law360]

Illinois CTU unveils school covid-19 tracker as citywide positivity nears 8 percent 2020-10-29 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois CTU files injuction seeking transparency, contractual oversight in alleged CPS ventilation assessments 2020-10-24 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois RN's, community call emergency virtual town hall in defence of black and brown lives and reject Preckwinkle's racist budget proposal 2020-10-23 [National Nurses United]

Illinois Salary Council: Federal Workers Make 23% Less than Private Sector Counterparts 2020-10-22 [Gov Exec]

Illinois Restaurant Workers Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic Can Get $500 Grant 2020-10-22 [Block Club]

Illinois AFT president: We need fair tax, safe learning during Covid, new leadership in DC 2020-10-16 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Mayor's plan to resume November in-school learning is dangerous 2020-10-16 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Mayor, CPS try to strongarm clerks into false choice between safety and livlihood 2020-10-08 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Acero parents outraged at special-ed cuts during pandemic 2020-10-06 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Abraham Lincoln Taxed the Rich. This Election Day, Illinois Can, Too 2020-10-02 [Jacobin]

Illinois Labor coalition joins the fray over Illinois clean energy legislation 2020-09-24 [Energy News]

Illinois Breonna Taylor and the fight for racial justice 2020-09-23 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois As they focused on others with COVID-19 and refused to walk away, Illinois health care workers bore the brunt of pandemic’s fury 2020-09-20 [Chicago Tribune]

Illinois University of Illinois Hospital workers rally snarls traffic in the Loop 2020-09-20 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Illinois CTU argues in landmark civil rights case that CPS practiced systemic racism in lay-offs 2020-09-16 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Unions form nonprofit to push green jobs, could seek help for nuclear plants 2020-09-15 [Center Square]

Illinois Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work 2020-09-02 [Bloomberg]

Illinois IL Extends Unemployment Benefits By 20 Weeks As Workers Struggle During Pandemic 2020-08-07 [Block Club Chicago]

Illinois Workers’ rights advocate to join virtual discussion on nation’s economy 2020-08-07 [SIU News]

Illinois CWCR: Reinstate bus driver Erek Slater! 2020-08-07 [Socialist Resurgence]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union to call for strike vote at meeting next week 2020-08-06 [Chicago Sun*Times]

Illinois CTU threatened a strike. Hours later Chicago schools went remote 2020-08-06 [Jacobin]

Illinois Chicago teachers threatened a strike: hours later, Chicago schools went remote 2020-08-06 [Jacobin]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union to call for strike vote at meeting next week 2020-08-05 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Illinois Chicago Public Schools will go fully remote to start the fall 2020-08-05 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union to call for strike vote at meeting next week 2020-08-05 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union to call for strike vote at meeting next week 2020-08-05 [Sun Times]

Illinois 7/22 car/carvan protest: Safety dictates that schools must re-open remotely this Fall 2020-07-24 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois In the Midst of Bargaining, Workers at Six Infinity Nursing Homes Organized Marches On the Boss: “We are not second class!” 2020-07-13 [SEIU]

Illinois Chicago Unions Demand to Defund Police and Fund Health Care for All 2020-07-08 [Labor Notes]

Illinois 700 nurses at Joliet hospital go on strike over pay, safety 2020-07-05 [AP]

Illinois Judge orders McDonald’s to take steps to protect workers in Chicago 2020-06-27 [Thomson Reuters]

Illinois St Xavier U busts faculty union 2020-06-15 [Catholic Labor Network]

Illinois Two workers in critical condition after scaffolding cable snaps at Wheeling water tower 2020-06-13 [Daily Herald]

Illinois Educators, too must work to upend the roots of racial violence 2020-06-04 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Illinois Mayor is either misinformed or dishonest about 'consulting union'on dangerous irresponsible mandates 2020-05-08 [Chiciago Teachers Union]

Illinois Gov Pritzker again delaying unemployment benefits for independent contractors, gig workers 2020-05-08 [IL Policy]

Illinois 100 Illinois Nursing Homes Avert Strike, Reach Deal With 10,000 Union Workers 2020-05-08 [CBS]

Illinois DCFS Investigators Demand Protection From COVID-19 Exposure 2020-05-05 [NPR IL]

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission repeals emergency COVID-19 rule 2020-04-28 [SJR]

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