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Jernbanearbeidere varsler streik etter dødsulykke


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Jernbanearbeidere varsler streik etter dødsulykke [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2023-08-31

Titusener demonstrerte i Roma mot fascisme [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2021-10-16


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finance unions win big with new national collective agreement 2023-11-29 [UNI Global Union]

EPSU Women’s Conference adopts Rome Declaration For more info 2023-11-24 [EPSU]

Union Workers Go On General Strike Over Government’s Proposed Budget Plan 2023-11-19 [Daily Sentinel]

Union Workers Go On General Strike Over Government’s Proposed Budget Plan 2023-11-19 [The Daily Herald]

Opera workers’ stage nationwide strikes 2023-11-18 [UNI]

MFRR partners condemn summons of RAI presenter Sigfrido Ranucci 2023-11-16 [EFJ]

Marelli plant closure forewarns painful electric vehicle transition 2023-10-30 [Reuters]

EFJ joins FNSI in warning about the independence of PSM 2023-10-25 [EFJ]

Stellantis offers share plan to 87,000 workers in France, Italy 2023-10-15 [Dunya]

'We will not stop' says union leader at Rome demo of 200,000 2023-10-08 [ANSA]

CGIL demonstration on 7th october 2023 2023-09-23 [CGIL]

5 Italian railway workers killed in accident, trade unions announce strike 2023-09-01 [Rail Tech]

Jernbanearbeidere varsler streik etter dødsulykke 2023-08-31 [Radio Haugalandet/NTB]

Protest flags in two regional state administrations for the extension of the employment contract 2023-08-28 [Oi Canadian]

Italy: 5 workers die from extreme heat as factory workers & labourers call for furlough 2023-08-11 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Unions demand renewal of national agreements 2023-08-11 [IUF]

European Union confirms RAI’s lack of independence 2023-08-04 [EFJ]

Risk of 'social bomb' due to lack of social workers -union 2023-07-30 [ANSA]

Journalist Roberto Saviano suspended from public television RAI 2023-07-29 [IFJ]

Roberto Saviano suspended from public television RAI 2023-07-29 [EFJ]

Government readies special furlough scheme to save workers from heatwave 2023-07-26 [Reuters]

Heatwave deaths: How does heat stress affect the body, and how can we protect workers? 2023-07-25 [Euronews]

UNI in solidarity with millions of protesting workers 2023-07-23 [UNI]

Strikes in Italy and in Greece as workers struggle with heat 2023-07-21 [Guardian]

Union chief sounds alarm about heat deaths at work 2023-07-19 [ANSA]

When bosses tried to sack them, these automotive workers took over their factory 2023-07-19 [Progressive International]

Rail strike strands commuters and tourists in sweltering weather at height of tourism season 2023-07-14 [The Financial Post]

Italian metalworkers strike sends strong message to government 2023-07-11 [IndustriALL]

Salidarnast leader speaks at anti-fascist festival in Bologna 2023-07-06 []

Support for Roberto Saviano, defendant in a SLAPP case filed by Giorgia Meloni 2023-06-29 [EFJ]

The Right to health as a fundamental human right needs to be implemented in Europe 2023-06-28 [EPSU]

Italian trade unions join demands to release trade union activists in Belarus  ActNOW!  2023-06-22 []

More criticism of fact-finding team that probed conditions of farm workers in Canada 2023-06-06 [Radio Jamaica]

WFTU solidarity statement with the general strike in Italy on 26th May 2023 2023-05-23 [WFTU]

Far-right executive takes control of public broadcaster RAI 2023-05-19 [EFJ]

Alfa Romeo Workers in Italy Protest Over Factory Conditions 2023-05-18 [Yahoo]

UIL joins the fight for freedom of trade union leaders in Belarus  ActNOW!  2023-05-16 []

Stellantis Protest Over Unsanitary Conditions Slows Alfa Output 2023-05-15 [BNN]

Alfa Romeo and Fiat output hit over worker protest 2023-05-15 [ANE]

Free Julian Assange, member of our organisations 2023-05-05 [EFJ]

Workers in various air transport sectors plan to strike, May 3 2023-04-30 [Crisis 24]

EPSU expresses solidarity with workers following tragic murder of psychiatrist 2023-04-26 [EPSU]

Wood and furniture workers on strike over CBA non-renewal 2023-04-26 [BWI]

Italian trade union organisation mobilise in May 2023 for a new era for labour and rights 2023-04-22 [CGIL]

Thorough investigation required after arson attack on car of journalist Rossella Puccio 2023-04-07 [EFJ]

Big differences with govt, strike possible - CGIL union head 2023-03-19 [ANSA]

Prosecutor issues seizure order for article published by newspaper Domani 2023-03-10 [EFJ]

Stellantis, unions agree 2,000 voluntary job cuts in Italy this year 2023-02-28 [Saltwire]

Two Italian journalists unable to work after accreditations revoked 2023-02-23 [EFJ]

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