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Different pay methods for urban vs. rural deliveries unfair, says Canada Post union 2020-05-16 [CBC]

PEI Workers Need Wage Recognition 2020-05-14 [CUPE]

Maritime Fishermen’s Union and lobster processors call for delay of season 2020-04-11 [The Guardian]

Temporary foreign workers will be allowed into Canada 2020-03-24 [The Journal-Pioneer]

Unions say public sector workers in P.E.I. unlikely to lose wages due to quarantines, closures 2020-03-18 [The Guardian]

Some federal workers on P.E.I. sent to work at home, others stay 2020-03-17 [CBC]

Federal employees mark an unfortunate anniversary of Phoenix Pay debacle 2020-03-04 [PEICanada]

Public servants still feeling Phoenix effect 4 years in 2020-02-29 [CBC]

Arbitration for P.E.I. health-care unions fighting vaccinate-or-mask flu policy 2019-11-16 [CBC]

Minimum wage to hit $12.85 an hour in 2020 2019-11-11 [CBC]

Ferry workers reject tentative agreement 2019-11-07 [CBC]

Paid leave for victims of domestic violence will soon be law 2019-10-19 [CBC]

90% of P.E.I. health care workers report workplace violence in survey 2019-09-25 [CBC]

Some Health PEI workers to receive wage increase 2019-08-25 [CBC]

UPSE releases results of workplace violence survey 2019-08-17 [NUPGE]

UFCW EPC activists show their Pride at P.E.I. parade 2019-08-04 [UFCW Canada]

Provincial Budget 2019-2020: Status Quo Budget 2019-06-30 [CUPE]

'Status quo' or 'encouraging'? Interest groups react to P.E.I. budget 2019-06-26 [CBC]

Leonard Gallant Elected President of CUPE PEI 2019-06-15 [CUPE]

Nurses encouraged to report violence in the workplace 2019-06-06 [CBC]

Union leader, lobbyist among deputy ministers appointed 2019-05-11 [CBC]

Plumbers union on strike for better wages, benefits 2019-05-08 [CBC]

Dozens rally for workers' rights in Charlottetown 2019-05-02 [CBC]

Union members take strike action in P.E.I. 2019-04-30 [The Journal-Pioneer]

Plumbers, pipe fitters and welders union striking for better wages 2019-04-30 [CBC]

Provincial Election – CUPE Candidates Survey 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Funding announced will not end Phoenix nightmare, says Atlantic PSAC VP 2019-03-23 [The Pioneer]

'Here we go again': Union frustrated by veterans affairs minister's resignation 2019-02-18 [CBC]

Health-care unions fight vaccinate or mask policy 2019-01-23 [CBC]

Charlottetown firefighters break away from city union 2019-01-18 [CBC]

Artists share their insights into the issues surrounding work in Atlantic Canada 2019-01-13 [The Guardian]

Postal workers deserve fairness  ActNOW!  2018-12-15 [The Guardian]

MP Sean Casey addresses rallying postal workers at Charlottetown office 2018-12-02 [The Guardian]

Unions rally outside Charlottetown MP's office in support of postal workers 2018-12-02 [CBC]

Charlottetown postal workers forced back to work Tuesday 2018-11-28 [CBC]

Widow thrilled her lobbying paid off with anti-bullying legislation 2018-11-10 [CBC]

Paramedics 'stretched to the max,' says union 2018-11-08 [CBC]

CUPW begins rotating strike in Charlottetown and Summerside 2018-10-31 [CUPW]

Lots of case law in CRA worker’s paid leave grievance, lawyer says 2018-09-28 [The Lawyer's Daily]

Phoenix pay issues should dispel image of 'lazy public servant,' PSAC member says 2018-09-27 [CBC]

PSAC says Phoenix system still causing headaches, urges federal government to negotiate fairly 2018-09-27 [The Guardian]

Unions celebrate Labour Day calling for public pharmacare 2018-09-01 [The Guardian]

Federation of Labour's Annual Labour Day Picnic 2018-08-30 [PEIFL]

UFCW shows PRIDE 2018-08-02 [UFCW]

MacLeod first PEITF official ever elected as President-Designate of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation 2018-07-14 [CTF]

Health practitioners question new ER hours at Montague hospital 2018-07-06 [CBC]

Union leader fears hospital kiosks will lead to job cuts 2018-06-14 [CBC]

PTSD now covered under P.E.I. Workers Compensation Act 2018-05-24 [The Guardian]

PTSD bill enacted in P.E.I. legislature, then quickly amended 2018-05-23 [CBC]

Unions in PEI collaborate to send strong message to government 2018-05-18 [NUPGE]

This month in labour history

1-05-1986 Shirley Carr becomes the first woman president of the Canadian Labour Congress. A coal miner's daughter who became a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, she is also the first CLC president from a public sector union. [more]

1-05-1906 Socialists in Montréal organize Canada's first May Day demonstration. The following year ten thousand people assemble in the Champs de Mars before the crowd is dispersed by police. [more]

2-05-1952 More than 1,000 retail employees, most of them women, begin a strike at Dupuis Frères, a major department store in Montréal. It takes three months, but support for the new militancy among Catholic unions helps the workers win a collective agreement. [more]

3-05-1887 British Columbia's worst mine disaster takes 150 lives after an explosion in a deep underground mine at Nanaimo. The casualties include 53 Chinese labourers, whose names were not recorded by the company. [more]

4-05-1937 Strike at the Chantiers Maritimes de Sorel, where workers affiliated to the CTCC, demand recognition of their union, better wages and the reinstatement of dismissed union leaders. [more]

5-05-1972 Saskatchewan brings in an Occupational Health (and Safety) Act, considered the first of its kind in North America. It includes the right to information about workplace hazards, to participate in safety decisions and to refuse unsafe work. [more]

9-05-1972 Leaders of the Québec Common Front go to jail for defying back to work laws during the April general strike. More than 300,000 workers participate in work stoppages and occupations that bring the provincial government back to the bargaining table. [more]

9-05-1992 An underground explosion takes the lives of 26 miners in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. A public inquiry into the Westray Disaster reports that workers were intimidated into ignoring safety hazards. [more]

12-05-1975 United Aircraft in Longueuil: Striking UAW members occupy the factory, 34 strikers are clubbed and seriously injured by the police. Indignant, the FTQ calls a general strike for May 21 to which 100,000 members will respond. [more]

14-05-1940 Emma Goldman, the veteran feminist, labour and anarchist organizer, dies in Toronto, Ontario. A memorial service is held at the Labour Lyceum on Spadina Avenue, but she is buried with the Haymarket martyrs in Chicago. [more]

15-05-1946 A 6-week strike by loggers in British Columbia begins, the first after the lifting of collective bargaining restrictions at the end of the war. [more]

15-05-1872 Workers in the city of Hamilton, organized by the Nine Hour Movement, strike and demonstrate to demand a reduction in working hours. [more]

15-05-1919 A general strike called by the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council brings out 30,000 workers in support of the unions in the building and metal trades. The city comes to a standstill for six weeks in one of the major labour struggles in Canadian history. [more]

17-05-1957 7,000 workers of the Aluminum Co. in Arvida, affiliated to the CTCC, go on strike to improve working conditions in the tank rooms. [more]

18-05-1952 The American singer and activist Paul Robeson performs for more than 25,000 people at a union-sponsored concert at the Peace Arch between Washington State and British Columbia. His passport had been revoked and he was prevented from crossing the border. [more]

21-05-1975 100,000 FTQ members on general strike following the violent bludgeoning of 34 strikers at United Aircraft in Longueuil on the 12th. They eventually win the compulsory dues payment (Rand formula) and anti-strikebreaking measures. [more]

24-05-1919 A miners' strike begins in Drumheller, Alberta, when the workers leave UMWA to join the One Big Union. [more]

28-05-1927 The House of Commons approves a limited old age pension plan. To qualify, Canadians must be 70 years of age and pass a means test. Also, they must live in a participating province. [more]