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Nova Scotia Nearly two hundred rally to support striking workers at Sobeys owned Pete’s Frootique in Halifax


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Nova Scotia Nearly two hundred rally to support striking workers at Sobeys owned Pete’s Frootique in Halifax [SEIU] 2023-11-21

Nova Scotia Eight unions continue to fight for basic rights and repeal of anti-worker legislation (Bill 148) [CUPE] 2023-09-14

Nova Scotia Rally for striking school support workers calls on province to return to bargaining table [CBC] 2023-06-07

Nova Scotia Halifax-area schools set to hire replacement workers during strike [CBC] 2023-05-19

Nova Scotia High school students, teachers come out to support striking support staff in Halifax area [CBC] 2023-05-13

Nova Scotia Striking Dalhousie University workers ratify new contract [CBC] 2022-11-13

Nova Scotia Dalhousie students walk out in support of striking university workers [CTV] 2022-11-04

Nova Scotia 1,500 staff on strike at Dalhousie University [CUPE] 2022-10-20

Nova Scotia Dalhousie University teaching assistants go on strike [CBC] 2022-10-19

Nova Scotia Houston government shows contempt for early childhood educators, continues to pay poverty wages [CUPE] 2022-10-14


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Nova Scotia Sobeys' refusal to offer fair wages could mean a national boycott and significant lost revenue at Lawtons Drugs 2023-12-09 [SEIU]

Nova Scotia School support workers waiting too long for retroactive pay, NSGEU says 2023-12-08 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Employees at Pugwash’s Sunset Community vote for Job Action 2023-12-05 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Halifax workers “won’t back down” as strike at Sobeys-owned store enters third week 2023-12-03 [Global]

Nova Scotia Jagmeet Singh adds voice to those calling on Sobeys to offer striking workers in Halifax a fair wage 2023-12-03 [The Post]

Nova Scotia CUPE members in Nova Scotia join child care day of action 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Workers at Pete’s Frootique, a boutique grocery story owned by Sobeys, on strike 2023-12-01 [SEIU 2]

Nova Scotia Employees at Metro Community Housing Association vote in favour of job action 2023-11-25 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia CUPE, PSAC, and THANS Joint Statement 2023-11-23 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Meeting with CUPE's community services lead table ends with no deal 2023-11-23 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Workers at Pete's Frootique in Halifax enter third day of strike 2023-11-21 [CTV]

Nova Scotia Nearly two hundred rally to support striking workers at Sobeys owned Pete’s Frootique in Halifax 2023-11-21 [SEIU]

Nova Scotia Residential counsellors in Pictou County vote overwhelmingly yes to job action 2023-11-21 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Dozens gather in Halifax in support of striking Pete's Frootique workers 2023-11-20 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Brief to Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia System Review 2023-11-19 [NSFL]

Nova Scotia Paramedics agree to 3-year contract 2023-11-19 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Solidarity Rally to Support Pete's Frootique Workers moved to Sunday 2023-11-17 [SEIU]

Nova Scotia Pete’s Frootique workers aiming to set precedent in N.S. 2023-11-16 [The Signal]

Nova Scotia Case workers at Community Justice Society vote for job action 2023-11-16 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia IMP Aerospace members ratify new collective agreement 2023-11-16 [Unifor]

Nova Scotia Unpredictable work hours, vehicle expenses forcing workers out of home care, unions say 2023-11-15 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Child-care workers in N.S. struggle to afford daycare for their own children 2023-11-13 [CBC]

Nova Scotia IMP Aerospace members call off strike as new tentative is reached 2023-11-12 [Unifor]

Nova Scotia Staff at Dartmouth residential care home for children vote yes to strike 2023-11-10 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Over 300 Nova Scotia IMP Aerospace workers ready to strike Friday 2023-11-09 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia Aerospace workers issue strike notice: Unifor 2023-11-08 [CTV]

Nova Scotia Employees at Residential Services Society in Amherst vote for job action 2023-11-08 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia IMP Aerospace members to begin strike action on Friday 2023-11-07 [Unifor]

Nova Scotia Strong strike vote by Pete’s Frootique workers in Halifax 2023-11-07 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia 'This could have been avoided': CBRM files grievance against union over two-day strike 2023-11-03 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia Community Services employees in Annapolis County vote yes to job action 2023-11-03 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia New Dawn Guest Home employees nearing strike as impasse declared 2023-11-02 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia Walkout by CBRM workers ends following labour board ruling to return to jobs 2023-11-02 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Countdown to strike is on at New Dawn Guest Home in Sydney 2023-11-02 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Union: CBRM repeatedly ignores the Collective Agreement 2023-11-01 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Sobeys and Halifax Pete's Frootique union negotiating first contract 2023-10-28 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Alexander Keith’s retail and tour workers win first agreement 2023-10-24 [SEIU 2]

Nova Scotia Health administration professionals ratify new contract 2023-10-21 [CBC]

Nova Scotia NS Troublemakers Conference 2023 2023-10-21 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Eskasoni School Board bus drivers achieve first contract 2023-10-18 [UFCW]

Nova Scotia Employees at residential centre in Sydney vote for job action 2023-10-07 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Halman flip flops on protecting workers 2023-10-04 [NSGEU]

Nova Scotia Administrative health-care workers in Cape Breton accuse province of disrespect 2023-09-26 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia With no contract for three years, N.S. health-care workers holding pickets at hospitals Monday 2023-09-26 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia Labour Applauds Landmark Decision by Nova Scotia Court of Appeal in Carleton Case 2023-09-25 [NSFL]

Nova Scotia Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, Urges Inclusion of Paramedics Union in Legislature Committee Review 2023-09-25 [NSFL]

Nova Scotia With no contract for three years, health care workers holding pickets at hospitals Monday 2023-09-24 [Saltwire]

Nova Scotia Unions, opposition cry foul over extra pay for government MLA 2023-09-22 [CBC]

Nova Scotia CBU admin and support staff achieve a new collective agreement 2023-09-21 [CUPE]

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