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Two out of three is still bad: Marshall must ditch privatisation as well 2020-06-30 [RTBU]

Tram workers secure 3-year job guarantee, but campaign to save services will continue 2020-06-28 [RTBU]

Ambitious Whyalla expansion the shot in the arm Australian manufacturing needs 2020-06-11 [AWU]

Thank You - We need a public sector that is strong and never under resourced 2020-06-08 [SA Unions]

Petition launch to end Treasurer’s hidden agenda for health workers 2020-05-21 [UWU]

Hospitality workers left out of JobKeeper 2020-05-11 [UWU]

Treasurer attacks health care workers during COVID-19 crisis 2020-05-06 [UWU]

Teachers criticise mixed messages about how term two will roll-out amid coronavirus pandemic 2020-04-23 [ABC]

SA Pathology to stay in public hands 2020-04-16 [Professionals Australia]

Casual university workers fall through the cracks 2020-04-16 [IN Daily]

Qantas slammed for 'knowingly exposing' Adelaide Airport workers to coronavirus after 750 ordered into isolation 2020-04-13 [ABC]

Union slams Qantas over COVID-19 Adelaide Airport outbreak, travellers told to stay away 2020-04-01 [9 News]

Complete Stinker: SA public transport workers vow to continue fight against privatisation 2020-03-10 [RTBU]

Joint statement against the Religious Discrimination Bill 2020-02-29 [SA Unions]

 VIDEO  Transport Workers Union at Adelaide Airport Jetstar strike 2020-02-19 [News.com]

Worker’s leg amputated after Lot 14 accident 2020-02-10 [In Daily]

Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery 2020-02-06 [ETU]

Marshall must come clean on planned cuts to public transport 2020-02-03 [RTBU]

Two Longs Don't Make a Right! 2020-01-10 [CFMMEU]

Fruit picking backpackers caught in 'debt bondage' are forced to perform sex acts in exchange for more hours to pay their bills 2019-12-04 [The Daily Mail]

Frontline police call for backup to tackle the threat within 2019-11-22 [In Daily]

Sacking of Uber Eats driver, allegedly for a late food delivery, compared to modern slavery 2019-11-18 [The Guardian]

'The party of workers is abandoning us': Labor Right helps kill sex work legislation 2019-11-13 [In Daily]

3,000 postcards to the delivered to South Australian Premier 2019-11-13 [RTBU]

Disability workforce must have their voices heard in Royal Commission 2019-11-13 [UWU]

Building business forced to lay off workers amid pay dispute 2019-10-17 [ABC]

‘Holla for a Marshall’ - because you won’t find a security guard 2019-09-30 [RTBU]

SA Unions Submission to Wage Theft Inquiry 2019-09-25 [SA Unions]

Australian bus driver refuses to take Aboriginal students to school 2019-09-25 [Welcome to Country ]

Train and tram workers to take privatisation fight to SANFL Grand Final 2019-09-20 [RTBU]

TWU protest at port Adelaide Aldi store over road safety & attacks on free speech 2019-09-11 [TWU]

Union encouraged that Collins Class to remain in SA 2019-09-11 [Manufacturers]

Toxic safety culture putting workers at risk 2019-09-05 [CFMMEU]

50 Days of Secrecy: Will Knoll Finally Release Privatisation Details? 2019-08-22 [RTBU]

No-Show Knoll leaves Adelaide stranded and confused 2019-08-22 [RTBU]

Union says local workers will miss out on Mortal Kombat jobs boost 2019-08-21 [ABC]

Adelaide train network shuts down for privatisation meeting 2019-08-20 [News.com]

Government’s privatisation argument shredded by industry figures 2019-08-08 [RTBU]

ITF union RTBU starts campaign to keep #OurPublicTransport for the people 2019-08-02 [ITF]

RTBU Legal Win on Disciplinary Process and Natural Justice 2019-07-28 [RTBU]

Public transport workers launch campaign to keep our trains and trams in public hands 2019-07-28 [RTBU]

Rail, Tram and Bus Union SA launches campaign against privatisation plans 2019-07-28 [The Advertiser]

Construction site supervisor who set fire to apprentice pleads guilty in tribunal 2019-07-21 [ABC]

Train and tram workers demand meeting with Stephan Knoll 2019-07-12 [RTBU]

Stephan Knoll hiding behind spin and lies 2019-07-09 [RTBU]

Union backlash as trains, tram service to be privatized 2019-07-02 [AdelaideNow]

CFMEU battles developer of Adelaide's tallest tower 2019-07-01 [The Financial Review]

Public school teachers vote to go on strike for better pay and conditions 2019-06-25 [ABC]

Disability Members Stop Privatisation 2019-06-12 [United Voice]

Wage caps for South Australia’s public servants 2019-06-03 [The Australian]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

3-07-1892 A 6,000 strong meeting calls for immediate strike action at Broken Hill as miners' previous agreements with employers expire. [more]

16-07-1986 The mining community of Moura was hit with disaster when a massive explosion at No. 4 mine claimed 12 lives. [more]

27-07-1917 A mass meeting of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Sydney votes to strike against the introduction of a time card system. [more]