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McDonald's denies Dubbo staff worked in 50 degree heat 2020-01-05 [The Daily Liberal]

Volunteer firefighters approaching 100 days away from jobs ask for more financial help 2019-12-27 [ABC]

Rising above harassment – Joel shares his story 2019-12-24 [HSA]

Miners battle NSW fires 2019-12-24 [CFMMEU]

Great win at Boggabri Coal sets new standard for Gunnedah Basin 2019-12-24 [CFMMEU]

'Act of bastardry': Wharfies Christmas bonus cancelled after smoke haze stopped work 2019-12-22 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Maritime Union of Australia Newcastle Branch Gives Christmas Gift to Starlight Foundation 2019-12-20 [CFMMEU]

Reveal air hazard levels for outdoor workers, union says 2019-12-19 [The Mercury]

Where there's fire, there's smoke! 2019-12-10 [CFMMEU]

TAFE NSW to cull 70 IT staff, contractors before Christmas 2019-12-04 [IT News]

NZ construction worker Michael Murphy killed on Sydney's IMAX Theatre site 2019-11-30 [The Herald]

Locked out Boggabri workers to return on Wednesday 2019-11-26 [Mining]

Over the past 150 years, Hunter Workers has been a voice for regional needs and a broader social vision 2019-11-20 [The Herald]

McDonald’s staff claim they were ordered to keep working despite emergency bushfire texts 2019-11-18 [Yahoo]

Firefighters union chief lashes government over secret cladding list 2019-11-05 [The Australian]

Sydney airport worker gouged in eye by falcon living in Qantas hangar 2019-10-31 [The Guardian]

Truckies Aldi protest in Wollongong 2019-10-30 [TWU]

Ausgrid, Newcastle council and unions poles apart on how to roll out roadworks safely 2019-10-29 [ABC]

SafeWork NSW in unsafe building 2019-10-28 [The Australian]

Union leader says NSW ALP 'rotting from its core' 2019-10-25 [The Morning Herald]

Anger as Syd ferries to be built overseas 2019-10-23 [7 News]

Hunter unions rally in Newcastle's Civic Park to join Anti-Poverty Week fight 2019-10-18 [The Herald]

NTEU and AIT settle underpayment case 2019-10-17 [NTEU]

Labor Right’s might in balance 2019-10-15 [The Australian]

Blitz finds almost half of NSW building sites have dodgy scaffolding 2019-10-13 [The New Daily]

Safety concerns for workers at school construction sites over holidays 2019-10-10 [The Morning Herald]

Uber Eats drivers say pay has been slashed 2019-10-08 [7 News]

Wharfies Refuse to Unload New Crane 2019-10-01 [Maritime Executive]

Sam Oram – CPSU Recognition Award 2019-09-30 [CPSU]

Newcastle: Wharfies stop work to protest loss of crane work 2019-09-30 [MUA]

Newcastle: Wharfies refuse to operate new crane in fight for job security 2019-09-30 [MUA]

'We want the job': Wollongong unions demand action on climate change 2019-09-30 [The Mercury]

NRMA wastes more on failed Federal Court bid than it would cost to pay Manly ferry workers properly 2019-09-12 [MUA]

Bega's workers demand pay rise 2019-09-12 [Food Processing]

Union's safety concern for ANSTO workers following malfunction 2019-09-12 [The Leader]

Our kids strike for climate deserves our support 2019-09-08 [NSWNMA]

Government and PSA reach pay rise deal for school workers 2019-09-04 [The Mandarin]

School support staff set for pay rise 2019-09-04 [Education HQ]

'Make life more comfortable': Pay rise on the horizon for school workers 2019-09-03 [The Morning Herald]

Sydney FC apologises amid furore over ‘volunteer’ job advertisement 2019-08-28 [The New Daily]

Wages agreement terminated for airport workers who slept at terminal between shifts 2019-08-06 [The Morning Herald]

Union pleads for increased security as hospital and prison staffers are brutalised 2019-08-06 [7 News]

Business Chamber: there’s big money in fighting unions … for charity 2019-07-31 [MW]

New Sydney train fleet plagued by ‘dangerous’ design flaw 2019-07-30 [Government News]

Crane in major safety incident at DP World Port Botany container terminal 2019-07-23 [MUA]

Union accuses GoFarm of worker underpayment 2019-07-23 [The Weekly Times]

Closure of Big W stores in Sydney 2019-07-19 [SDA]

Builders’ battles belittle betterment 2019-07-17 [Alt Media]

Thousands of hospital workers to strike in NSW over safety concerns 2019-07-16 [7News]

This month in labour history

2-01-1879 Sacked Austrialian seamen return to work after a six week strike, with the promise of re-employment over the next two years. [more]

3-01-1974 Forty four Victoria Street squatters, including BLF activist Joe Owens, are arrested as property developers try to clear the area for the construction of three skyscrapers. [more]

14-01-1929 600 union dock workers rushed the scab-filled Mareeba steamship in Port Adelaide. Scabs and police fought the workers, who retaliated with stones, injuring 30 scabs. One scab began shooting into the crowd but was not arrested. [more]

18-01-1929 800 women - mostly the wives of striking Port Adelaide workers - began a march in support of their husbands. The women, many with their children marched to the port to confront scabs, and fought back when attacked by police. [more]

31-01-1912 A general strike begins in Brisbane in support of thousands of tramworkers sacked for wearing union badges. [more]