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Lonsdale Street hospitality businesses fail to commit to stamping out sexual harassment and wage theft 2019-11-13 [UWU]

Hundreds of Canberra teachers and nurses work as casuals — a number 'far beyond what is acceptable' 2019-11-07 [ABC]

UnionsACT welcomes new independent WorkSafe ACT, must now focus on worker safety and compliance 2019-10-27 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT proudly joins large community coalition against nuclear energy 2019-09-20 [UnionsACT]

UnionsACT endorses “Students Climate Strike” 2019-09-16 [UnionsACT]

Government Climate Strategy Misses “Just Transition” 2019-09-16 [UnionsACT]

Security guards win in pay and roster row 2019-09-12 [United Voice]

UnionsACT supports ACT Govt’s anti wage-theft laws 2019-08-22 [UnionsACT]

ACT report: Young workers facing wage-theft crisis 2019-08-21 [UnionsACT]

UnionsACT welcomes introduction of Worksafe reform Bill 2019-08-21 [UnionsACT]

UnionsACT acknowledges achievements of Nadine Flood in advancing and defending public sector workers 2019-08-21 [Unions ACT]

Union pushes for service cuts as Libs call for free weekend travel 2019-08-04 [Riot Act]

UnionsACT to launch Young Workers Centre to tackle the wage-theft crisis 2019-07-30 [Unions ACT]

Fair Work Ombudsman sushi-shop fine shows wage-theft is at crisis levels 2019-07-06 [Unions ACT]

Privatization by stealth: Hospital workers penalty rates to be cut 2019-07-02 [Canberra Times]

Minimum-wage workers to suffer $4m in penalty rates cuts 2019-06-27 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT to launch Women In Trades program 2019-06-25 [Unions ACT]

Young workers facing wage-theft crisis 2019-06-04 [Unions ACT]

Change the Rules: Canberra Call Nights 2019-04-13 [CPSU]

Sham Federal Liberal health funding boost is actually $550m cut to ACT hospitals and health 2019-04-02 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT urges Government to take more time to consult with unions on new motor injury compensation laws 2019-03-30 [Unions ACT]

Call to Action: March & April 2019-03-20 [Unions ACT]

Win for exploited Canberra workers 2019-03-16 [United Voice]

Michaelia Cash's former advisor won't reveal who tipped him off on AWU raids 2019-02-12 [Guardian Australia]

UnionsACT campaign to encourage Canberrans to Dump Zed this Valentines 2019-02-11 [Unions ACT]

Union calls for action to increase safety after concrete slab falls 2019-01-31 [The Times]

Illegal brothels targeted in Canberra as police express concern for trafficked workers 2019-01-10 [ABC]

ACT executives must now encourage public servants to join a union 2018-12-24 [The Times]

Cleaners Winning in Canberra 2018-12-16 [United Voice]

LNP-favoured building company Geocon forced to pay $21,600 in penalties for breaking right of entry laws 2018-12-14 [CFMMEU]

NTEU ACT Division President Bernie Fisher's reflection on NTEU National Council 2018 2018-12-09 [NTEU]

How much more than you does the average CEO get paid? 2018-11-29 [Unions ACT]

Ambulance service scraps minimum crewing requirement 2018-11-28 [The Times]

UnionsACT to welcomes release of Secure Local Jobs Code 2018-11-23 [Unions ACT]

Workers in Canberra hit the streets calling for a fair go 2018-11-20 [ACTU]

UnionsACT to campaign to raise awareness of motor injury law changes 2018-11-08 [Unions ACT]

Canberra Uber drivers face racist comments, poor pay and requests for sexual favours 2018-11-05 [Riot Act]

Response to Work safety review 2018-10-31 [Unions ACT]

University of Canberra union members to strike on Thursday 2018-10-31 [Riot Act]

UnionsACT presents the 2018 Labour Day Festival & Union Picnic 2018-09-26 [Unions ACT]

Seven in ten working women aged under 25 have experienced wage theft: UnionsACT report 2018-09-24 [Unions ACT]

Vigil for victims of gender-based violence 2018-09-24 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT congratulates ACT Government for supporting the nuclear prohibition treaty and ICAN 2018-09-21 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT Statement to ‘Secure Local Jobs Bill’ Assembly Inquiry 2018-09-14 [Unions ACT]

 VIDEO Food delivery riders have taken to streets in the CBD 2018-08-30 [TWU]

ACT Labor passes solidarity motion for charged union boss 2018-08-26 [The Times]

Labor rejects calls to cut ties with unions 2018-08-23 [The Morning Herald]

UnionsACT Submission to the Inquiry into Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018 2018-08-22 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT urges ACT Labor to reverse ‘unprecedented’ $5m gift to corporate charity 2018-08-22 [Unions ACT]

ACT Government reveals local jobs regime around union rights after CFMEU campaign 2018-08-02 [ABC]

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