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Nepal Nepali migrants in S Korea to get orientation on stress management, repatriation 2018-11-23 []

Nepal Leaders vow zero cost jobs for migrant workers 2018-11-23 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Interaction with Delegates from Bangladesh 2018-11-05 [GEFONT]

Nepal Temporary civil servants stage demonstration 2018-11-01 []

Nepal Free jobs in Malaysia for Nepali workers 2018-10-30 []

Nepal Nepal and Malaysia sign labour pact 2018-10-30 []

Nepal Nepal, Malaysia to sign MoU on labour pact 2018-10-29 []

Nepal Malaysia to scrap hiring of foreign workers through agents 2018-10-26 []

Nepal Workers start returning to India after Dashain 2018-10-26 []

Nepal Govt reaches 8-point pact with transport workers 2018-09-23 []

Nepal Government employees threaten protest 2018-09-21 []

Nepal Minimum wage for Saudi-bound workers set at 1,300 riyals 2018-09-17 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal DoFE to open labour offices in all provinces 2018-09-14 []

Nepal Nepali workers to benefit as Qatar lifts ‘exit permit’ system 2018-09-10 []

Nepal No social security for foreign job pensioners 2018-09-06 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Officials still in the dark about a Nepali worker’s death in Qatar 2018-09-05 []

Nepal Jhapa tea plantation workers deprived of minimum wage 2018-09-04 []

Nepal Teachers protest against govt's negligence toward education sector 2018-09-04 []

Nepal Right to Employment Bill tabled at HoR for deliberations 2018-09-04 []

Nepal Labour pact with Malaysia by September-end 2018-09-03 []

Nepal Nepali worker fell to his death in Qatar WC stadium: Contractor 2018-08-31 []

Nepal Nepal-Malaysia labor agreement reaches final stage 2018-08-30 []

Nepal Stranded Nepali workers could rejoin jobs in Saudi 2018-08-29 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Nepali workers prefer Qatar and Malaysia 2018-08-29 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Comprehensive Job Portal App launched 2018-08-28 []

Nepal Nepali workers’ GCC forums discuss key issues in Dubai 2018-08-26 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal More than 3,300 workers apply for second stint in South Korea 2018-08-26 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Jobless citizens to get sustenance allowance 2018-08-24 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal New bill seeks to guarantee employment 2018-08-24 []

Nepal Nepal receiving two dead migrant workers every day for past seven years: Report 2018-08-24 []

Nepal Fifteen thousand transport employees jobless 2018-08-21 []

Nepal Malaysia wants ban lifted 2018-08-21 []

Nepal Labour Ministry active on formulating policies 2018-08-21 []

Nepal NTUC representatives meet UNI-APRO aasistant General Secretary 2018-08-20 []

Nepal Migrant workers holding valid Malaysia visa allowed to travel 2018-08-20 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Women workers in entertainment sector continue to be exploited 2018-08-17 []

Nepal Government preparing to send trained, skilled workers abroad for jobs 2018-08-17 []

Nepal Airfare for Employment Permit System workers down by 21% 2018-08-09 []

Nepal ​GEFONT President Declares GEFONT and ANTUF's Joint Statement 2018-08-02 [GEFONT]

Nepal ​The Trade Union Movement of Nepal has gain remarkable achievement: PM Oli 2018-08-02 [GEFONT]

Nepal Women in agriculture 2018-08-02 [The Post]

Nepal Workers will get minimum wage: Minister Bista 2018-08-02 []

Nepal Job opportunity: Project Organiser: Nepal 2018-08-01 [PSI]

Nepal Malaysian cabinet to discuss Nepali workers’ issue on Friday 2018-08-01 []

Nepal Govt mulls two options for temporary workers 2018-07-28 [The Post]

Nepal Government to sign labour agreement with Malaysia 2018-07-27 []

Nepal Nepal mulls migrant worker agreement with Mauritius 2018-07-27 [The kathmandu post]

Nepal Discussion on amendment in labour agreement 2018-07-25 []

Nepal Govt to give salaries to unemployed 2018-07-24 []

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