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IFJ calls on Yemeni President and Prime Minister to safeguard journalists’ unity and independence

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IFJ calls on Yemeni President and Prime Minister to safeguard journalists’ unity and independence 2023-09-13 [IFJ]

Journalist brutally assaulted in Sana’a 2023-08-30 [IFJ]

YJS reports 40 media violations in the first half of 2023 2023-07-13 [IFJ]

Arrest warrants issued against journalists for investigating alleged corruption 2023-06-14 [IFJ]

New study raises concerns over media independence and journalists’ rights 2023-05-16 [IFJ]

Four journalists on death row released in prisoner exchange 2023-04-19 [IFJ]

Journalism students trained on safety in conflict reporting 2023-03-29 [IFJ]

'My role involves a great deal of accuracy and impartiality and the need to preserve the safety of my team' 2023-03-06 [IFJ]

IFJ condemns the assault on the Yemeni Journalists’ Syndicate headquarters 2023-03-02 [IFJ]

Journalist Hala Badawy released from prison 2022-12-15 [IFJ]

YJS reports 21 media violations against media in the third quarter of 2022 2022-10-29 [IFJ]

International organisations supporting independent journalism must respect journalists’ social and professional rights 2022-09-28 [IFJ]

Aid workers face ‘alarming’ levels of incitement, violence in Yemen: UN humanitarian envoy 2022-08-20 [The Arab News]

Fears over health of a journalist on death row 2022-08-02 [IFJ]

Journalist killed in a car bomb 2022-06-22 [IFJ]

YJS reports 20 media violations in the first quarter of 2022 2022-04-15 [IFJ]

Government must do all it can to save the lives of four journalists on death row 2022-02-22 [IFJ]

Help us save the lives of four journalists on death row for their reporting 2022-02-07 [IFJ]

Profile: Who are the four Yemeni journalists sentenced to death for their reporting? 2022-02-07 [IFJ]

Journalist killed on her way to maternity clinic 2021-11-10 [IFJ]

Education union takes the lead in ensuring freedom and quality education despite war 2021-10-09 [EI]

Yemen Yemeni Workers at Risk of Mass Forced Returns 2021-09-01 [Human Rights Watch]

Union reports systematic media violations in the first half of 2021 2021-07-13 [IFJ]

Authorities violating union rights 2021-07-07 [ITUC]

Yemen Yemeni journalist subjected to violence during his detention in Turkey 2021-06-04 [IFJ]

Houthi authorities seize Yemen Digital Media offices and deny journalists access 2021-04-28 [IFJ]

Teachers' union slams Houthi militia's curriculum takeover 2021-04-16 [Arab News]

YJS reports 24 media freedom violations in first quarter of 2021 2021-04-09 [IFJ]

IFJ calls on appeal court to reject death sentence against 4 journalists 2021-02-26 [IFJ]

Norway IFJ and NJ call for release of producer detained for more than six months 2021-02-16 [IFJ]

Yemen Exclusive: Air NZ has been secretly helping Saudi Arabian military despite its role in Yemen humanitarian crisis 2021-02-08 [TVNZ]

112 media freedom violations during 2020 2021-01-09 [IFJ]

BelqeesTV correspondent killed in attack at Aden Airport 2021-01-06 [IFJ]

The WFTU extends solidarity to Yemeni workers 2021-01-01 [WFTU]

IFJ calls on Yemeni authorities to end impunity for crimes against journalists 2020-11-17 [IFJ]

Five journalists released as part of a prisoner exchange 2020-10-17 [IFJ]

Journalists continue facing harsh conditions 2020-07-08 [IFJ]

Journalist repeatedly receives threatening phone calls 2020-06-30 [IFJ]

AFP Photojournalist murdered by unidentified men in Aden city 2020-06-04 [IFJ]

IFJ letter to UN General Secretary condemns death sentence against 4 journalists 2020-04-18 [IFJ]

The COVID 19 pandemic threatens the war torn country 2020-03-27 [Opendemocracy]

Yemen Italian dockworkers refuse to resupply Saudi 'weapons' ship 2020-02-19 [Middle East Monitor]

Yemen's hopes and expectations - Part 3: living conditions and humanitarian aid 2020-02-07 [Opendemocracy]

Union reports 134 rights violations in 2019 2020-01-11 [IFJ]

Stop targeting the press, says IFJ 2019-08-22 [IFJ]

Journalist Yahya al-Sawari must be released immediately 2019-07-19 [IFJ]

Yemen 'We Will Not Be Complicit': Protesting Assault on Yemen, Italian Dock Workers Refuse to Load Saudi Weapons Vessel 2019-05-22 [Common Dreams]

Yemen Italian dock strike blocks deadly cargo 2019-05-22 [Morninh Star on line]

Yemen Italian dock workers refuse to load cargo onto Saudi Arabian ship headed to Yemen 2019-05-21 [Daily Sabah]

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