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Global solidarity for migrants in Qatar on Workers Day 2020-05-07 [BWI]

Government sticks to its guns on Covid-19 mining safety guidelines 2020-05-05 [The Peninsula]

BWI engages with Supreme Committee on COVID-19 2020-04-22 [BWI]

FES interview: BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson on Qatar and COVID-19 2020-04-18 [BWI]

Coronavirus Fears Terrify and Impoverish Migrants in the Persian Gulf 2020-04-16 [NY Times]

Workers address lockdown woes 2020-04-04 [BWI]

BWI, other trade unions raise Qatar’s migrant workers’ vulnerabilities to COVID-19 2020-04-04 [BWI]

End of Kafala in Qatar is just the beginning for major labour reforms 2020-02-20 [UNI]

Qatar: End of Abusive Exit Permits for Most Migrant Workers 2020-01-20 [Human Rights Watch]

End of Abusive Exit Permits for Migrant Workers 2020-01-20 [Human Rights Watch]

Cuba’s secret deal with Qatar to take up to 90% of doctors' wages 2019-11-19 [Freedom United]

BWI issues two major reports on Qatar 2019-11-10 [BWI]

Labour laws and procedures in Qatar reviewed at ILO meeting 2019-11-07 [The Gulf Times]

Online petition: End Forced Labor 2019-11-07 []

Qatar moves to announce abolishment of kafala system 2019-10-19 [Al Jazeerah]

Qatar dismantles kafala system of modern slavery 2019-10-19 [Svenssonstifelsen]

Qatar to end controversial migrant worker restrictions 2019-10-18 [France 24]

UN Labor Body: Qatar Pledges to End 'Kafala' Employment Laws 2019-10-18 [NY Times]

ITUC: 'Qatar is changing' with the abolition of the kafala system 2019-10-18 [Morning Star]

Qatar dismantles kafala system of modern slavery 2019-10-17 [ITUC]

Human Rights Watch calls on Qatar to urgently Investigate Migrant Worker Deaths 2019-10-11 [Human Rights Watch]

Hundrevis av gjestearbeidere dør mens de sover – årsaken blir ikke undersøkt 2019-10-08 [NRK]

 VIDEO  Video focuses on the election of Workers’ Committee Representatives at QDVC/VINCI 2019-10-06 [BWI]

Alle mesterskap i Qatar burde vært boikottet 2019-10-01 [NRK]

Despite reform promises, migrant workers still return home without wages or justice 2019-09-20 [Amnesty International]

Gjestearbeidere dør og får ikke lønn 2019-09-19 [Dagsavisen]

Officials of two companies arrested over non-payment of salaries after peaceful strike by workers: GCO 2019-08-17 [The Peninsula]

Defying the law, migrant workers launch strike 2019-08-09 [Human Rights Watch]

BWI welcomes the FIFA’s decision to remain with 32 teams for the FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar 2019-05-28 [BWI]

BWI Connect: Migrant Workers from Qatar joins unions in New Zealand 2019-02-27 [BWI]

BWI and SC publish second workers’ welfare progress report 2019-02-26 [BWI]

New Report Released on Qatar and UAE 2019-02-07 [BWI]

Fellesforbundet forferdet etter VM-besøk 2019-01-08 [NRK]

Presset må fortsette 2019-01-08 [LO]

Government 'has modified' controversial labour laws after World Cup outcry 2018-12-06 [Euronews]

Four years to go but little World Cup joy for Qatar workers 2018-11-21 [The Digital Journal]

ILO praises Qatar's steps to protect workers' rights 2018-11-08 [The Times]

Human rights in Qatar – Progress and challenges 2018-10-31 [BWI]

Vil VM-arbeiderne få det bedre? 2018-10-21 [Bistandsaktuelt]

Migrantarbeidere som bygger anlegg til fotball-VM får styrket sine rettigheter 2018-10-15 [Fri fagbevegelse]

World Cup 2022 Qatar death statistics of workers revealed by trade union leader 2018-10-15 [The Mirror]

ITF, ADLSA and ILO agree to work towards safeguarding transport workers’ rights 2018-10-09 [ITF]

Workers in Qatar World Cup Final city unpaid for months: Amnesty 2018-09-26 [AFP]

Fortsatt elendige forhold for fremmedarbeiderne 2018-09-13 [Morgenbladet]

Nepali workers to benefit as Qatar lifts ‘exit permit’ system 2018-09-10 []

ITUC, BWI and ITF Welcome End of Exit Permits for 1.5 Million Migrant Workers 2018-09-08 [ITUC]

AUDIO: Migrant workers in Qatar can now leave employer 2018-09-06 [RadioLabour]

Law change hailed as milestone for migrant workers in World Cup run-up 2018-09-06 [The Guardian]

End All Migrant Worker Exit Visas - New Law Falls Short of Labor Reform Pledges 2018-09-06 [Human Rights Watch]

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