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Eight WASA workers die waiting for release of salaries

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El aniversario de Ali Enterprises pone de relieve la necesidad urgente de lugares de trabajo seguros 2023-09-18 [IndustriALL]

Eight WASA workers die waiting for release of salaries 2023-09-18 [The Tribune]

Two journalists face charges by district authorities 2023-09-13 [IFJ]

Ali Enterprises anniversary underlines dire need for safe workplaces 2023-09-13 [IndustriALL]

Clean Clothes Campaign calls out missing brands from Pakistan Accord 2023-09-12 [Just Style]

L'anniversaire d'Ali Enterprises met en lumière un besoin criant de lieux de travail sûrs 2023-09-11 [IndustriALL]

Годовщина пожара на фабрике Ali Enterprises подчеркивает острую необходимость обеспечения безопасных рабочих мест 2023-09-11 [IndustriALL]

No lesson learnt from Baldia factory fire, memorial told 2023-09-11 [Dawn]

Government urged to ratify ILO mine safety convention 2023-09-03 [Dawn]

ILO workshop reviews state of 300k mine workers 2023-09-03 [The Tribune]

Family of killed Sukkur journalist link brutal murder to his work 2023-08-18 [IFJ]

Workers take out I-Day rally 2023-08-15 [The News]

Senior journalist assassinated after leaving work in Sukkur 2023-08-14 [IFJ]

Wapda CBA vows to foil ‘clandestine’ privatisation plan 2023-08-13 [Dawn]

Azerbaijan Two solidarity centres for Afghan journalists opened in Islamabad 2023-08-11 [IFJ]

Alert: Journalist killed in Khairpur by unknown actors 2023-08-09 [IFJ]

Fundamentals of Trade Union Organizing Training in Pakistan 2023-08-09 [UNI Global Union]

UNI APRO meeting with Pakistan’s banking sector unions 2023-08-01 [UNI Global Union]

Amended media bill contradicts on labour rights and dangerously defines disinformation 2023-07-25 [IFJ]

Electricity workers observe martyrs day 2023-07-14 [Dawn]

Major fashion brands called out for not signing Pakistan Safety Accord 2023-07-14 [Just Fashion]

Pakistan’s flailing economy hit by drop in foreign worker remittances 2023-07-10 [Al Jazeera]

Railway workers in Pakistan show victory is possible even in times of crisis 2023-07-05 [ITF]

A broken workforce 2023-07-03 [The News]

Afghanistan Exiled Afghan journalist detained 2023-06-28 [IFJ]

�No democratic movement without vibrant labour movement� 2023-06-26 [The News]

Call to honour all forms of labour as dignified work 2023-06-26 [Dawn]

Rally calls for lifting ban on recruitment 2023-06-23 [Dawn]

Four journalists accused of inciting unrest 2023-06-23 [IFJ]

Salary delay sparks uproar among PR employees 2023-06-19 [The Express Tribune]

Women rally on 'International Domestic Workers Day' 2023-06-19 [The Nation]

Asia آب و ہوا کا بحران، ہنگامی حالات اور جمہوریت کی فرسودگی 2023-06-19 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

  JOB   Field Representative 2023-06-17 [WRC]

Minister for OP&HRD collaborates with IndustriALL Global Union to address mine accidents in Pakistan 2023-06-13 [Geo News]

Victory in Pakistan: Union reinstates 200 dismissed workers 2023-06-02 [BWI]

Workers protest against wage theft by int’l company 2023-06-01 [The News]

Pakistan Международное соглашение об охране труда и технике безопасности в текстильной и швейной отраслях 2023-05-31 [IndustriALL]

Victory as union reinstates 200 dismissed workers 2023-05-30 [BWI]

CDA labour union holds a rally to express solidarity with armed forces 2023-05-26 [The Nation]

Pakistan: Class 4 employees in Swat stage demonstration, demand 200 pc salary hike 2023-05-25 [ANI]

New 'contempt' law threatens press freedom 2023-05-25 [IFJ]

Journalists face tracking, arrests, and harassment amid PTI rallies 2023-05-25 [IFJ]

Measures to eradicate bonded labour stressed 2023-05-21 [The News]

Global Fast Retailing latest signatory to Pakistan Accord 2023-05-17 [Just Style]

Demo against international brand for workers’ rights 2023-05-12 [Dawn]

Journalists under fire amid PTI protests 2023-05-12 [IFJ]

Pakistan: APFUTUcampaignfor the implementation of the democratic and trade union rights and freedoms 2023-05-12 [WFTU]

Violent attacks increase as journalists abducted and tortured 2023-05-08 [IFJ]

‘Behind The Mask’ is Pakistan’s first online interactive documentary on lady health workers 2023-04-30 [The Daily Times]

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