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Union wins 33% pay rise for Schiphol baggage handlers

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Union wins 33% pay rise for Schiphol baggage handlers 2023-11-22 [Dutch News]

Demonstration against Delhaize franchising to take place in Amsterdam 2023-11-14 [BT]

Vexatious lawsuit against Het Financieele Dagblad condemned 2023-11-14 [EFJ]

'Bestaanszekerheid' — the buzzword of the Dutch election 2023-11-13 [The Observer]

New collective agreement at Cargill 2023-11-03 [IUF]

Dutch trade unions keep losing members 2023-11-02 [NL Times]

FNV wants mandatory code of conduct against transgressive behavior in the workplace 2023-10-22 [NL Times]

CNV: longest continuous strike ever at Cargill comes to an end 2023-10-22 [NL Times]

FNV strikes across five Cargill sites 2023-10-10 [IUF]

DC negotiations at Dutch company schemes in deadloc 2023-09-01 [IPE]

Netherlands Fashion Organizations Lobby for Bangladesh Minimum Wage Increase 2023-09-01 [The Source Journal]

Global OECD Dutch National Contact Point: IKEA Agreed to Global Principles on Neutrality & Union Access 2023-07-06 [UNI Global Union]

Thanks to an age-dependent minimum wage, young Dutch workers are both over the hill and barely keeping their heads above water 2023-07-03 [Equal Times]

Uber and Dutch union back in court over worker rights 2023-06-13 [Dutch News]

Supermarket workers offered 10% pay rise to match inflation 2023-06-07 [Dutch News]

Strike by union staff for higher pay results in a 12% rise 2023-05-09 [Dutch News]

Albert Heijn workers to continue strikes next week as talks of no use, says union 2023-04-30 [NL Times]

FNV union staff threatens strike against their own union over salary negotiations 2023-04-30 [NL Times]

Albert Heijn store shelves emptying out as distribution center strike continues 2023-04-25 [NL Times]

Global Unions to Ahold Delhaize shareholders: Don’t throw workers to the lions 2023-04-14 [UNI Global Union]

Sex workers and angry locals team up against plan to move Amsterdam’s Red Light District to suburb Access to the comments 2023-04-13 [Euronews]

Fokker Elmo staff on strike for 48 hours 2023-04-05 [The News]

Urgent action needed to protect civic space against SLAPPs and other forms of legal intimidation 2023-03-31 [EFJ]

Quick commerce is making slow progress towards decent work in the Netherlands 2023-03-31 [Equal Times]

A year of strikes in three months as unions press for better pay deals 2023-03-30 [Dutch News]

EPSU stands with public sector unions taking action 2023-03-23 [EPSU]

Dutch hospitals hold 24-hour strike for better pay, conditions 2023-03-16 [Reuters]

Lidl Netherlands ordered to reduce employee workload 2023-03-10 [UNI Global Union]

Trade union warns of strike storm; Bijenkorf and regional transport employees will strike next week 2023-02-09 [NL Times]

UNI backs workers in the Netherlands fighting for living wages at luxury department store 2023-02-03 [UNI Global Union]

One-week garbage strike planned for Utrecht 2023-01-26 [NL Times]

Labour Minister signs up for Zero Death At Work 2022-12-15 [ETUC]

Dutch cement workers strike for new agreement 2022-12-13 [IndustriALL]

Next week’s four day regional rail strike off the table for now 2022-12-11 [The Times]

Workers at BP refinery will not help with restart unless wage demands met -union 2022-11-21 [Yahoo]

Netherlands Dutch World Cup players to meet migrant workers in Qatar 2022-11-12 [CTV]

BP unions in Rotterdam vow strike if wage demands not met 2022-11-10 [Yahoo]

Netherlands Dutch FA demands 'convincing answer' from FIFA on Qatar's migrant workers 2022-11-06 [Inside the Games]

Busy roads expected as holidays start for more schools, bus drivers strike 2022-10-21 [NL Times]

Public transport to be affected by another strike this week 2022-10-18 [IamExpat]

Many bus drivers to go on 3-day strike from Wednesday 2022-10-18 [The Times]

Workers could strike at ABN AMRO for the first time in decades 2022-09-18 [NL Times]

Regional public transport workers striking throughout Netherlands 2022-09-16 [NL Times]

Dutch rail stoppage ends with bumper 8%-plus pay deal 2022-09-11 [Saltwire]

Ongoing labour dispute brings Dutch trains to a halt again 2022-09-09 [Reuters]

Successful fight to close pay gap between primary and secondary teachers 2022-09-06 [Education International]

Nearly entire train network shuts down in Netherlands over strike 2022-08-31 [Al Jazeera]

Dutch rail strike halts trains to and from Amsterdam 2022-08-29 [The Hour]

Dutch rail strike halts trains to and from Amsterdam 2022-08-29 [ABC]

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