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Microsoft økte produktiviteten med firedagersuke 2019-11-06 [Dagbladet]

Workplace bullying and harassment are driving women to seek mental health treatment 2019-10-28 [The South China Morning Post]

Union to seek hike in minimum hourly wage next year 2019-10-24 [Today]

Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan form labor union 2019-10-09 [Japan Today]

Labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers 2019-10-09 [Kyodo News]

Union to step up support for foreigners, freelancers 2019-10-09 [Today]

BWI Warns Tokyo 2020 of Increased OHS Violations 2019-10-06 [BWI]

Uber Eats staff forms union, wants security delivered hot 2019-10-05 [Asahi Shimbun]

Labor union wants inspections at Tokyo Olympic venues 2019-10-04 [StarTribune]

Japan Uber Eats deliverers form labor union 2019-10-03 [NHK]

Tokyo Games: Union wants venue inspection, worker interviews 2019-10-02 [CTV]

Labor groups condemn Japan over wartime forced labor issue in report to ILO 2019-09-20 [Yonhap]

Global union still concerned over Tokyo 2020 working conditions 2019-09-20 [BWI]

Parental leave case puts spotlight on workers' rights 2019-09-10 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Vietnamese trainees sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work 2019-09-05 [Today]

Ramaphosa to meet Nissan bosses to woo Japanese investors 2019-08-28 [Business Day]

International union: Workers still in danger at Olympic sites 2019-08-26 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Japanese students bring message of peace, nuclear disarmament, and hope to UNI 2019-08-20 [UNI Global Union]

Third fatality in Tokyo 2020 construction process highlights dangers of heat stress 2019-08-16 [BWI]

Zenroren joins KCTU against Abe 2019-08-16 [JoongAng Ilbo]

60% of flight attendants suffer from sneaky filming on duty 2019-08-10 [Japan News]

Japan's civil servants get nod for sixth consecutive wage hike 2019-08-09 [Japan Times]

On 74th anniversary of Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing, UNI remembers victims, calls for abolition of nuclear arms 2019-08-09 [UNI Global Union]

New labor policy puts labor-short Taiwan on notice 2019-08-04 [The Times]

Unions of Couriers, Market Workers Join Boycott of Japanese Products 2019-07-24 [Korea Bizwire]

Logistics, supermarket unions join 'Boycott Japan' campaign 2019-07-24 [Korea Times]

Japan's Sumitomo under fire over labor dispute in Philippines 2019-06-18 [Kyodo News]

Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan to launch labor union as they dispute their 'contractor' status 2019-06-13 [Japan Times]

Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan to launch labor union as they dispute their 'contractor' status 2019-06-13 [The Times]

Government inches toward easing foreign workers' culture shock 2019-06-11 [Asian Review]

Human rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympic venues 2019-06-09 [Today]

Rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympics 2019-06-07 [The Post]

IndustriALL files complaint against Tokyo 2020 Olympic partner, Mitsubishi Electric 2019-06-05 [IndustriALL]

A Letter from UID-DER Women’s Committee to Akiko Hoshino 2019-06-04 []

Grief following the attack on schoolchildren in Kawasaki 2019-05-30 [Education International]

Theatre for Fukushima: voices from the silence 2019-05-20 [Equal Times]

New Retirement Age 65, for Postal Workers 2019-05-16 [UNI Global Union]

BWI Report demands active trade union role in Tokyo 2020 Olympics 2019-05-16 [BWI]

England Honda accused of ‘betrayal’ after carmaker confirms Swindon closure 2019-05-14 [Unite the union]

Foreign workers call for better work conditions at Tokyo rally 2019-04-28 [The Asahi Shimbun]

TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system 2019-04-19 [The Times]

Standing up for downtrodden foreign interns working in Japan 2019-04-16 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Hong Kong Convention on ship recycling boosted by Japanese ratification 2019-04-02 [IndustriALL]

Survey finds that 50% of Japan's home care workers experienced harassment in 2018 2019-03-25 [The Times]

Vietnamese workers, streaming to Japan, face risks as labor system opens up 2019-03-21 [Today]

Government warns firms not to fire pregnant foreign trainees, as interns fear impact on work status 2019-03-14 [The Times]

At the University of Tokyo, there is power in a union 2019-03-11 [The Times]

Nepal and Japan to finalise labour migration mechanisms within March 2019-03-06 []

Gov't under fire for watered-down sexual harassment countermeasures 2019-02-10 [Today]

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