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CESI Presidium condemns envisaged changes to national legislation on trade unions

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CESI Presidium condemns envisaged changes to national legislation on trade unions 2023-09-02 [CESI]

Court rejects claims against referendum on new controversial education law in Hungary 2023-07-29 [ETUCE]

Masiva renuncia de docentes 2023-07-22 [La Vanguardia]

VIDEO  Thousands of teachers set to quit 2023-06-29 [Deutsche Welle]

VR styður verkfallsaðgerðir BSRB 2023-05-20 [VR]

Europe WeEP24 in Budapest- Bringing workers at the heart of #EUelections24 2023-04-15 [CESI]

Students rally in Budapest protesting against teachers' dismissals 2022-12-10 [Head Topics]

Strikes, sackings and surging prices: Teacher anger rages in Hungary 2022-12-10 [Yahoo]

Court Rejects Appeal for Review of Rules Governing Teacher Strikes in Hungary 2022-12-10 [XpatLoop]

Hungary Éxito en la colaboración entre sindicatos de Alemania y Hungría 2022-11-05 [IE]

Hungary Coopération syndicale fructueuse entre l’Allemagne et la Hongrie 2022-11-05 [IE]

Civil society movement demands change in the education system 2022-11-05 [EI]

Hungary Successful trade union cooperation between German and Hungarian unions 2022-10-29 [EI]

Estudiantes apoyan las exigencias salariales de los docentes húngaros 2022-09-03 [SwissInfo]

Teachers’ unions win court case on strike 2022-08-04 [EI]

Alea iacta est – Revision of Hungarian KATA tax law may bring adverse effects for young entrepreneurs in the country 2022-07-25 [CESI]

We welcome EU court referral over Klubrádió frequency 2022-07-20 [EFJ]

En Hongrie, le droit de grève sacrifié par Viktor Orbán 2022-06-27 [Equal Times]

In Hungary, the right to strike has been curtailed by Viktor Orbán 2022-06-27 [Equal Times]

Viktor Orbán sacrifica el derecho de huelga en Hungría 2022-06-27 [Equal Times]

Budapest Airport workers may go on strike?! 2022-06-16 [The Daily News]

Ukraine Hungría: Un sindicato defiende los derechos de sus miembros al tiempo que acoge a refugiados y refugiadas ucranianos/as 2022-05-04 [IE]

Ukraine Union defending the rights of members while welcoming Ukrainian refugees 2022-05-02 [EI]

Teachers strike for pay 2022-04-05 [Workers' Liberty]

C'è un voto in cui Orbàn ha perso: senza quorum il referendum sulla legge anti-Lgbt 2022-04-04 [Il fatto quotidiano]

Elezioni Ungheria, Orban trionfa ancora e sfida la Ue: “Vittoria contro i media mainstream europei e il presidente ucraino” 2022-04-04 [Il fatto quotidiano]

Una renovación sindical de calidad gracias a la solidaridad internacional 2022-03-26 [IE]

Quality trade union renewal with international solidarity 2022-03-26 [EI]

Huelga indefinida de profesores en Hungría 2022-03-21 [Euronews]

Miles de profesores en Hungría se unen a la huelga en plena campaña de reelección de Orbán 2022-01-31 [Europa Press]

Shocking number of Hungarian women go to the West to care for the elderly 2021-12-27 [The Daily News]

Stop denying air traffic workers their right to strike  ActNOW!  2021-08-06 [ETF]

Health care workers protest for higher wages 2021-08-01 [ThinkPol]

Spyware Pegasus helped target investigative journalists 2021-07-21 [EFJ]

UK Translators and authors condemn Hungary's ‘retrograde law' on LGBT rights 2021-07-15 [Society of Authors]

Hungary La legislación homófoba aprobada en Hungría es un atentado a los Derechos Humanos 2021-06-25 [CCOO]

Hungary La legislación homófoba aprobada en Hungría es un atentado a los Derechos Humanos 2021-06-21 [CCOO]

Deterioration of press freedom under the pretext of COVID-19 2021-06-18 [IFJ]

Human Rights Commissioner: “It is high time for Hungary to restore journalistic and media freedoms” 2021-04-05 [EFJ]

В Венгрии профсоюз борется за повышение зарплат 2021-03-22 [IndustriALL]

Sindicato húngaro lucha por el aumento de salarios 2021-03-22 [IndustriALL]

Union in Hungary fights for increased salaries Add to favourites Read this article in: English 22 March, 2021Hungarian union Vasas is renegotiating the collective agreement at German-owned B Braun, demanding a wage increase for its members who wor 2021-03-22 [IndustriALL]

Europe European Commission must urgently address media market distortion in Hungary 2021-02-26 [EFJ]

MFRR calls for EU action as Hungary's last independent radio is silenced 2021-02-05 [EFJ]

La riforma schiavista del Codice del lavoro 2021-02-05 [Collettiva]

Hungarian restaurant workers protest lockdown restrictions 2021-02-01 [AP]

Ungheria, il nemico del Recovery e i suoi guai 2020-11-26 [Collettiva]

La rivoluzione ungherese 2020-11-04 [Collettiva]

Hungary Wizz Air-lønna: Slik er pilotens kontrakt 2020-10-27 [Fri fagbevegelse]

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