KCTU and HKCTU Release Joint Statement to Defend Labour Rights under COVID-19 Pandemic

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KCTU and HKCTU Release Joint Statement to Defend Labour Rights under COVID-19 Pandemic For more info 2020-03-17 [HKCTU]

Police continue to abuse and obstruct journalists 2020-03-15 [IFJ]

The Bubble Revolution in Chinese Football: Lives at the Bottom of the League 2020-03-09 [HKCTU]

My Arrest on February 28 2020 for Protest/March On August 31 2019 2020-03-07 [HKCTU]

Persistence under the Political Winter: Xiangzi and Heart Sanitation 2020-03-05 [HKCTU]

A new strain of resistance? How the coronavirus crisis is changing Hong Kong’s protest movement 2020-03-04 [The South China Morning Post]

BWI condemns arrest of Hong Kong union leader 2020-03-03 [BWI]

ITUC calls for withdrawal of unfounded charges against union leader Lee & others 2020-03-03 [Scoop World]

Independent Hong Kong union leader Lee Cheuk Yan charged in new crackdown 2020-03-02 [IUF]

Respect Rights to Freedom of Assembly Drop All Charges Against Lee Cheuk Yan Now 2020-02-29 [HKCTU]

Construction industry grinds to halt, and union says coronavirus has left 50,000 workers jobless 2020-02-24 [The South China Morning Post]

Hong Kong fights the coronavirus by… scrapping domestic workers’ day off? 2020-02-18 [The Free Press]

Coronavirus: Unions urges medics to halt work if Hong Kong Hospital Authority cannot provide adequate protective gear 2020-02-15 [The Free Press]

Unions urges medics to halt work if Hospital Authority cannot provide adequate protective gear 2020-02-13 [HKFP]

'We have been silent for so many years': Interview with a Hong Kong nurse on strike 2020-02-12 [Organizing work]

Hong Kong hotel workers denounce plans to quarantine mainland visitors and tourists at hotels 2020-02-10 [IUF]

Medical workers’ union sets up fund to support striking employees in the face of possible punishment 2020-02-09 [The South China Morning Post]

Coronavirus: Cathay Dragon cabin crew vote to strike but will hold off for ‘maximum impact’ 2020-02-09 [The South China Morning Post]

The Transformation of Traditional Trade Unions: From 'Wage-Claiming Machine' to Combining Strength for Three-Front Strike 2020-02-08 [HKCTU]

How Hong Kong’s protests are shaping the response to the coronavirus 2020-02-08 [Vox]

Coronavirus: Hong Kong medical workers vote down plans to extend their strike having earlier escalated their action by occupying key floors of Hospital Authority headquarters 2020-02-07 [SCMP]

Hong Kong medical workers continue to strike for border closure 2020-02-07 [France 24]

 VIDEO  Medical Workers Stage Protest at Hospital Authority Offices 2020-02-07 [VOA]

Hong Kong’s Reinvigorated Labor Movement 2020-02-06 [The Atlantic]

Striking Health Workers Pose New Threat to Beijing 2020-02-04 [Bloomberg]

Medical workers strike to demand total border closure 2020-02-04 [al Jazeera]

Protests birthed a new hospital worker union. The coronavirus has prompted its first strike 2020-02-04 [Fortune]

Coronavirus: Hong Kong shuts most China crossings over virus as medics strike 2020-02-04 [The Free Press]

HK hospital strike calls to close China border 2020-02-04 [MENAFN]

15th person tests positive for Wuhan coronavirus as hospital workers go on strike 2020-02-03 [Coconuts Hong Kong]

Medical professionals to begin strike tomorrow after last minute negotiations fail to materialize 2020-02-02 [The Standard]

Calls for street cleaners to get better protective gear, as rest of Hong Kong hunkers down for coronavirus storm 2020-02-02 [The South China Morning Post]

Coronavirus Fears Lead Nurses To Threaten Strike In Hong Kong If Borders Aren't Shut 2020-02-02 [NPR]

‘We have no choice’: Hong Kong medical workers agree strike over mainland border closures 2020-02-02 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong union calls strike to demand China border closure 2020-02-01 [Associated Press]

Hong Kong hospital workers to strike in bid for closure of China borders 2020-02-01 [New York Post]

Hong Kong Health Care Workers Threaten To Strike Over Coronavirus Concerns 2020-02-01 [NPR]

Unions threaten strikes in push for border closure to curb coronavirus 2020-01-30 [The Globe and Mail]

Hong Kong health care workers vow to strike against government handling of coronavirus 2020-01-30 [So China Morning Post]

China coronavirus: Hong Kong nurses call in sick in protest at government refusal to close borders 2020-01-30 [The Star]

Hong Kong Unions Threaten Strikes in Push for Border Closure to Curb Virus 2020-01-30 [US News and World Report]

Education Bureau finds protest-related breaches by teachers in 60 per cent of complaints 2020-01-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Workers in the Battle 2020-01-11 [HKCTU]

Report on food delivery rider unrest 2020-01-11 [HKCTU]

Protests: 31 arrested civil servants suspended from posts 2020-01-11 [The South China Morning Post]

Workers flock to labour unions as new protest tactic 2020-01-10 [The Financial Post]

Hong Kong transport groups step up unionization efforts 2020-01-07 [JOC]

Anti-government protesters believe being part of a union to be an effective way of protecting themselves during future strikes 2020-01-06 [The South China Morning Post]

From two-star Michelin restaurant to union organiser, Hong Kong chef’s career path is not what he had in mind 2019-12-26 [South China Morning Post]

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