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Amazon-ansatte streiker på travel shoppingdag

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Trade unions take the lead 2023-12-01 [ITUC]

Global Health and safety on the job discussed at international conference 2023-12-01 [Green Left Weekly]

Global NUPGE at COP28 2023-12-01 [NUPGE]

IndustriALL Exco adopts new policy on GBVH, misogyny and sexism 2023-11-30 [IndustriALL]

IndustriALL Executive Committee elects female president 2023-11-30 [IndustriALL]

Nurse union leaders from around the world demand governments address health impacts of the climate crisis 2023-11-30 [NNU]

Global New international and local workplace data should cause a reassessment of national OHS strategies 2023-11-29 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Position on the Impact of ATM related strikes 2023-11-29 [IFATCA]

Decent and sustainable work in the inland waterways sector 2023-11-29 [ITF]

Transport companies and unions sign sustainability and just transition pact 2023-11-29 [ITF]

Unions at ArcelorMittal demand that company puts workers first 2023-11-29 [IndustriALL]

Too hot to work--What record heat means for construction migrant workers 2023-11-29 [BWI]

Unionists push for more worker participation to secure safer and healthier workplaces 2023-11-29 [BWI]

Investors with more than US$2.2 tn in assets launch global network focused on workers’ rights 2023-11-29 [UNI Global Union]

New research analyses how trade and labour market polices can support decent work 2023-11-29 [ILO]

Global Rory O’Neill provides a spark 2023-11-28 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

BWI lauds progress of ILO C 190 ratification in the time of climate change 2023-11-28 [BWI]

Trade unions demand a stronger role for workers in development cooperation policies at the OECD-DAC High Level Meeting 2023-11-28 [TUAC]

Social Media Action kit for #PandemicTreaty negotiations 2023-11-28 [PSI]

Nearly 3 million people die of work-related accidents and diseases 2023-11-28 [ILO]

Global The 23rd OHS World Congress opens ….. curiously 2023-11-28 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Behind every swipe: the workers toiling to keep dating apps safe 2023-11-28 [BIJ]

Global ILO sets the OHS picture at the 23rd World Congress 2023-11-27 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Israel Dockworkers and Labor Activists Can Block the Transport of Arms to Israel 2023-11-27 [Jacobin]

Global Is press freedom stifled by the travel restrictions faced by African journalists? 2023-11-27 [Equal Times]

COP28: Trade unions call for a labour-inclusive Just Transition 2023-11-27 [ITUC]

Social dialogue institutions pledge to tackle inequalities in the world of work 2023-11-27 [ILO]

FIA policy and practical guide with respect to Artificial Intelligence 2023-11-25 [FIA]

ITF supporting global 16 days of activism 2023-11-25 [ITF]

Investing in public transport is investing in our future 2023-11-25 [ITF]

A just transition for transport workers: The foundation for sustainable and decarbonised transport pathways 2023-11-25 [ITF]

Global “Online abuse is not part of the job,” says IFJ 2023-11-25 [IFJ]

Education Trade Unions Leading the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence and Harassment 2023-11-25 [EI]

Education and schools are key to end gender-based violence 2023-11-25 [EI]

16 Days of Activism: Heat Up Women’s Rights, Not the Planet! End Gender Based Violence 2023-11-25 [BWI]

International day for the elimination of violence against women: Uniting for a safer world in 2023 2023-11-25 [CESI]

RadioLabour World Report - Labour at UN's COP 28 climate conference 2023-11-25 [RadioLabour]

South Africa FIFPRO and member unions engage in constructive dialogue at General Assembly 2023-11-25 [FIFPRO]

Amazon-ansatte streiker på travel shoppingdag 2023-11-24 []

IndustriALL calls for proactive prevention to eliminate violence against women 2023-11-24 [IndustriALL]

New wave of Black Friday “Make Amazon Pay” strikes and protests in 30+ countries 2023-11-24 [The Sqawkbox]

Worldwide strikes, protests—making Amazon pay 2023-11-24 [Social Europe]

New wave of “Make Amazon Pay” strikes and protests on Black Friday in over 30 countries 2023-11-24 [UNI Global Union]

#16Days – UNI unions rising together against gender-based violence 2023-11-24 [UNI Global Union]

PSI Applauds Historic UN Decision on Global Tax Convention Talks 2023-11-24 [PSI]

Ending Feminicides: the Transformative Power of Public Services 2023-11-24 [PSI]

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: Ratify ILO Convention 190 NOW! 2023-11-24 [IUF]

Violence and harassment at work: Unions in action for C190 2023-11-24 [ITUC]

ILO Director-General Message for the elimination of gender-based violence 2023-11-24 [ILO]

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