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Why don’t we take climate change seriously? Racism is the answer 2020-07-02 [Opendemocracy]

ITUC Global Covid-19 Survey: democratic rights and freedoms under threat 2020-07-02 [ITUC]

Can COVID-19 provide an incentive for companies to create better supply chains? 2020-07-02 [Equal Times]

Ireland fails to tackle exploitation of fishermen - ITF 2020-07-02 [Irish Examiner]

Facing challenges in the ICT, electrical and electronics sector 2020-07-01 [IndustriALL]

Job security, social dialogue and subjective health of working people during the pandemic 2020-07-01 [GLU]

Global Day of Action with Trade Unions in Ukraine 2020-06-30 [BWI]

Oljeselskap sammen mot brudd på menneskerettigheter 2020-06-30 [E24]

'I Will Kill You': Health Care Workers Face Rising Attacks Amid COVID-19 Outbreak 2020-06-30 [NPR]

International Fashion Houses Are Leaving Millions of Asians Jobless. The Workers Are Now Protesting 2020-06-29 [VICE]

Inside China’s strategy to influence the world’s media 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

2020 Global Education Monitoring Report: essential findings for inclusive education 2020-06-29 [Education International]

Education International and Public Services International convene high-profile online conference 2020-06-29 [Education International]

ILO Violence and Harassment Convention will enter into force in June 2021 2020-06-29 [ILO]

Workers of the world: it’s bad out there 2020-06-27 [NPQ]

For a Sustainable Future, we must Climate and Employment Proof our Work Today 2020-06-27 [UNI]

Cities versus multinationals: who will win our post-COVID future? 2020-06-26 [Opendemocracy]

Garment workers are facing a humanitarian crisis – but don’t blame COVID-19 2020-06-25 [Opendemocracy]

International tax reform – OECD negotiations must continue 2020-06-24 [TUAC]

Paying the price of failed policies: New OECD report looks at a suffering long-term care sector 2020-06-24 [TUAC]

After the applause, it's time to rebuild global public services 2020-06-24 [PSI]

PSI and UCLG call for stronger public services to build a post-Covid19 resilient world 2020-06-24 [PSI]

Whistleblowers are essential in the Covid-19 crisis 2020-06-24 [PSI]

Workers rights rolled back as Covid-19 strikes 2020-06-23 [Mail & Guardian]

Increasing global strength 2020-06-23 [IndustriALL]

Slår alarm om utslitte sjøfolk: De er fastlåste på 'flytende fengsler' 2020-06-23 [abc nyheter]

World Refugee Day 2020 2020-06-23 [Education International]

5th ITUC World Congress to be held in Melbourne, July 2022 2020-06-23 [ITUC]

Secure the Right to Health of Refugees and IDPs and their Inclusion in Public Health Care Systems 2020-06-23 [PSI]

May the Covid Recovery Plans deliver a new era of public services for all 2020-06-23 [PSI]

IMF tells countries facing critical health worker shortages to cut public employment funding 2020-06-23 [PSI]

Unions - key to regulating telework and protecting our right to disconnect 2020-06-23 [UNI Global Union]

ITUC report sets out framework for legislation to protect workers across supply chains 2020-06-23 [Scoop World]

ITUC calls out ten worst countries for workers 2020-06-22 [IndustriALL]

Oppose India's suspension of labour laws - sign the petition  ActNOW!  2020-06-22 [BWI]

First anniversary of landmark ILO Convention 190 2020-06-22 [UNI Global Union]

C190 and R206: tools for reshaping the world of work 2020-06-20 [IUF]

Seven-year low for rights of world's workforce 2020-06-20 [Morning Star]

ITUCs rapport om faglige rettigheter 2020-06-19 [LO]

Global Trade Union Movement: Unified in Support of Black Lives Matter 2020-06-19 [UNI Global Union]

ITUC bares 10 worst countries for workers in 2020 2020-06-19 [BWI]

Quality journalism supports diversity and equality 2020-06-19 [IFJ]

Trade Union Messages at the OECD Forum on Responsible Business – II 2020-06-19 [TUAC]

2020 ITUC Global Rights Index: Several OECD countries amongst the worst for workers 2020-06-19 [TUAC]

EFJ and IFJ demand stronger support for the creative industries 2020-06-19 [EFJ]

Workers' rights seen crumbling as coronavirus threatens further setbacks 2020-06-19 [Reuters]

 VIDEO  End Violence, Harassment at Work - Speed Ratification of Global Standards Adopted a Year Ago 2020-06-18 [Human Rights Watch]

Strengthening global solidarity to protect health and safety, jobs and income of our members 2020-06-18 [IndustriALL]

The ITUC Global Rights Index exposes the failings of the world’s economic model – a New Social Contract can help us build a new one 2020-06-18 [Equal Times]

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