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Japanese students bring message of peace, nuclear disarmament, and hope to UNI 2019-08-20 [UNI Global Union]

Tell Chicken of the Sea to take action on human rights violations in its supply chain!  ActNOW!  2019-08-13 [IUF]

There is no Healthy Democracy without Quality Public Education 2019-08-13 [PSI]

Youth is Ready to Lead a Revolutionary Change 2019-08-13 [BWU]

Kazakh union leader freed 2019-08-12 [IndustriALL]

International Youth Day – Transforming education for and with young people 2019-08-12 [Education International]

International Youth Day 2019 2019-08-12 [ITF]

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: Preserving, revitalising and promoting indigenous languages 2019-08-09 [Education International]

On 74th anniversary of Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing, UNI remembers victims, calls for abolition of nuclear arms 2019-08-09 [UNI Global Union]

Caution. Misery (and Enlightenment) Ahead. 2019-08-08 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

A Green New Deal could stop the carbon bootprint of the military-industrial complex in its tracks 2019-08-08 [Equal Times]

UNI mourns the passing of former CWA President Morty Bahr 2019-08-07 [UNI Global Union]

'Youth and Workers Uniting Behind This Crisis': German Labor Union Urges 2 Million Members to Join Global Climate Strike 2019-08-07 [Common Dreams]

Making technology work for workers 2019-08-07 [Daily Maverick]

Crédit Agricole committed to trade union rights and freedoms in new international agreement signed today with UNI Global 2019-08-05 [UNI Global Union]

Educators’ unions in Australia and the EU call for education to be carved out of trade negotiations 2019-08-04 [Education International]

International unions throw support behind Australian wharfies as dispute with DP World escalates 2019-08-02 [ITF]

Congress ends, but the fight is not over 2019-08-01 [Education International]

ITUC / TUAC Assessment of the G20 Summit in Osaka 2019-08-01 [TUAC]

International Solidarity with Dismissed Municipal Workers in Aliaga  ActNOW!  2019-08-01 [DISK]

Lessons of the last century: Friedrich Ebert and the ILO 2019-08-01 [Equal Times]

SADTU Statement On The 8th Education International World Congress 2019-07-31 [Polity]

Can YouTubers really unionize? 2019-07-31 [Vox]

Companies must use buying power to root out slavery, says UK official 2019-07-29 [TRF]

Retraining and upskilling: solutions for the future of (human) work? 2019-07-29 [Equal Times]

Congress welcomes new EI Executive Board 2019-07-29 [Education International]

2021 declared International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour 2019-07-29 [ILO]

Countries with higher levels of unionization have lower per-capita carbon footprints 2019-07-26 [Boing Boing]

IFJ Gender council chair elected to GAMAG board 2019-07-26 [IFJ]

Social partners engage in dialogue over Strait of Hormuz 2019-07-26 [ITF]

Educators come together to share lessons on democracy 2019-07-26 [Education International]

Congress takes action to achieve universal free quality education 2019-07-26 [Education International]

EI celebrates education champions 2019-07-26 [Education International]

Wouldn't you like 30 mandated days off? Here are the countries with the most vacation day 2019-07-26 [USA Today]

First Young Advocates Round Table at the EI World Congress 2019-07-25 [Education International]

Educators come together to share lessons on democracy 2019-07-25 [Education International]

The cybernetics of effective organisation: trade unions and technological change 2019-07-25 [Common Dreams]

Advancing the teaching profession today for tomorrow’s educators 2019-07-25 [Education International]

Second day of the 8th EI World Congress in pictures 2019-07-25 [Education International]

First Young Delegate Caucus at the EI World Congress 2019-07-25 [Education International]

World’s Teachers Condemn Donald Trump over Racist Attacks on U.S. Congresswomen 2019-07-25 [Education International]

Millions across the world prepare to take part in largest protest against climate change inaction 2019-07-25 [Morning Star]

IndustriALL calls for release of Kazakh trade union leader  ActNOW!  2019-07-24 [IndustriALL]

Release of Going for Growth 2019: Going faster – at what cost? 2019-07-24 [TUAC]

8th World Congress of Education International Education must safeguard democracy, promote the common good 2019-07-24 [ILO]

Nissan plans to shed 10,000 jobs worldwide, reports claim 2019-07-24 [The Guardian]

A Pioneer for Domestic Workers Worldwide 2019-07-23 [Inequality]

Is fair trade finished? 2019-07-23 [The Guardian]

CSFEF meeting underscores importance of Francophone trade union voices on climate change 2019-07-22 [Education International]

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