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Tekstilarbeidere rammes hardt av pandemien


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Tekstilarbeidere rammes hardt av pandemien [abc nyheter/NTB] 2021-01-14

LO krever at Oljefondet selger seg ut av selskaper som ikke ivaretar de ansattes rettigheter [NRK Vestfold og Telemark] 2020-10-20

ILO: Pandemien har gjort stort innhogg i jobbmarkedet [abc nyheter/NTB] 2020-09-24

Koronaviruset har ført til 400 millioner færre jobber [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-07-03

Slår alarm om utslitte sjøfolk: De er fastlåste på 'flytende fengsler' [abc nyheter] 2020-06-23

ITUCs rapport om faglige rettigheter [LO] 2020-06-19

Facebook har testet ut funksjon for å hindre fagorganisering [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-06-15

Korona-krisen skaper flere barnarbeidere [Bistandsaktuelt] 2020-06-12

Annerledes tildeling av Arthur Svensson-prisen [Industri Energi] 2020-06-10

FNs arbeidslivsorganisasjon slår alarm [LO] 2020-04-23


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Google Workers Launch New Union 2021-01-14 [The Bullet / Alphabet Workers Union]

Tekstilarbeidere rammes hardt av pandemien 2021-01-14 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Homeworkers need to be better protected, says the ILO 2021-01-14 [ILO]

Metal Workers Register Labour Relations Concerns at Systemair AB 2021-01-13 [TUAC]

International trade union solidarity 2021-01-13 [Education International]

EFJ/IMS open letter to International Ice Hockey Federation President René Fasel 2021-01-13 [EFJ]

All at sea: half a million seafarers stranded by the pandemic – in pictures 2021-01-13 [The Guardian]

Third of oil and gas workers faced pay cut in 2020 due to pandemic, survey shows 2021-01-12 [Reuters]

Trade and industrial policy: implications for development and international labour standards 2021-01-12 [IndustriALL]

Google is reportedly monitoring staff emails for 'disruptive' language after 400 employees set up a union 2021-01-11 [Business Insider]

ILO launches 'Voices' - a new window on the world of work 2021-01-11 [ILO]

1000 days of fighting for union rights at #Cargill Turkey 2021-01-11 [IUF]

Unresolved Labour Cases Pileup at Indian Embassies 2021-01-09 [Leaflet]

Energy companies failing to invest in Just Transition 2021-01-09 [IndustriALL]

RadioLabour's World Report for the week ending Friday January 8, 2021 2021-01-09 [RadioLabour]

Big Changes As Employers Prepare To Hire Foreign Workers 2021-01-09 [JDSupra]

The bad old days of union-busting are alive and well at Amazon 2021-01-07 [CLI]

Here’s how we make 2021, the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, count 2021-01-07 [Equal Times]

Attack on political transition in the US is a disgrace 2021-01-07 [ITUC]

ILO to release report on home workers 2021-01-07 [ILO]

Around the world, platform food couriers are mobilising for basic workers’ rights 2021-01-06 [Equal Times]

PSI mourns death of SAMWU General Secretary, Koena Ramotlou 2021-01-05 [PSI]

BWI General Secretary’s New Year Message 2021-01-05 [BWI]

Best wishes for 2021! 2021-01-05 [Education International]

New multimedia platform 'Voices': Real people, true stories from the world of work 2021-01-05 [ILO]

Brands are weathering the pandemic. Garment workers are not 2021-01-04 [Thomson Reuters]

Free Julian Assange and the 234 other journalists in prison 2021-01-04 [IFJ]

The year the unions kept us strong 2021-01-02 [NewsClick]

Why the pandemic is so costly for women 2020-12-31 [The Daily News]

60 journalists were killed in 2020 2020-12-31 [IFJ]

60 journalists killed in 2020, including two in Europe 2020-12-31 [EFJ]

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Year End Messages of 2020 - From the President, Vice President and the General Secretary 2020-12-28 [IDWF]

The year in images: from war in the Caucasus to US street protests 2020-12-25 [Opendemocracy]

 VIDEO  Ricetta da Nobel 2020-12-25 [Collettiva]

Minister Mutsvangwa mourns veteran journalist Dongozi 2020-12-25 [The Herald]

UNI launches first trade union network for car dealers 2020-12-24 [UNI Global Union]

BWI General Secretary: Realising Rights on the Ground 2020-12-24 [BWI]

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