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Norad inngår nye avtaler om bekjempelse av moderne slaveri


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Norad inngår nye avtaler om bekjempelse av moderne slaveri [Norad] 2021-06-09

Fagorganisasjoner trekker seg fra avtalen som skulle sikre liv og helse for tekstilarbeiderne [Fri fagbevegelse] 2021-06-02

Coronapandemien har økt forskjellene mellom fattig og rik [VG] 2021-05-06

Kvinner rammes hardest under pandemien [Fri fagbevegelse] 2021-03-16

8 mars og fagbevegelsen verden rundt [LO] 2021-03-08

Vil ha sterkere verktøy i kampen mot moderne slaveri [Industri Energi] 2021-01-28

Tekstilarbeidere rammes hardt av pandemien [abc nyheter/NTB] 2021-01-14

LO krever at Oljefondet selger seg ut av selskaper som ikke ivaretar de ansattes rettigheter [NRK Vestfold og Telemark] 2020-10-20

ILO: Pandemien har gjort stort innhogg i jobbmarkedet [abc nyheter/NTB] 2020-09-24

Koronaviruset har ført til 400 millioner færre jobber [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-07-03


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Universal and Equal Access to Covid-19 Vaccines for Refugees 2021-06-19 [PSI]

ITF wins freedom for hunger-striking seafarers after two years trapped on the ULA 2021-06-19 [ITF]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday June 18, 2021 - Child labour in the world increases by 8 million 2021-06-19 [RadioLabour]

New Report: Winning The Argument for Universal Quality Public Services 2021-06-18 [PSI]

ILO: Stop treating thugs and outlaws as legitimate 2021-06-18 [BWI]

World Refugee Day: Education unions stand with refugee students and educators 2021-06-18 [Education International]

OECD Skills Outlook 2021 rings alarm bells on adult learning uptake 2021-06-18 [TUAC]

World leaders to address ILO’s World of Work Summit 2021-06-17 [ILO]

UNI welcomes new UPU Guide to Postal Social Services 2021-06-17 [UNI Global Union]

Celebrating Pride Month 2021-06-17 [UNI Global Union]

12:00 GMT today: Independent unions to receive global award 2021-06-17 [Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights]

Olympics: Call to stamp out sexism and harassment 2021-06-16 [IFJ]

Teacher unionists’ continuous advocacy for inclusive education and LGBTI rights 2021-06-16 [EI]

No one is safe until everyone is safe 2021-06-16 [EI]

 VIDEO  From child labourers to teachers 2021-06-16 [BWI]

BWI joins the Global Deal partnership 2021-06-16 [BWI]

Ten years on, domestic workers still fight for equality and decent work 2021-06-16 [ILO]

The unstoppable domestic workers movement: powerful, resilient and determined until all are free! 2021-06-16 [Equal Times]

Domestic work – Convention C189: 10 years on, domestic workers still fight for equality and decent work 2021-06-16 [ILO]

The Silver Lining: Domestic Workers Organizing One Decade On - IDWF Statement on June 16, 2021 2021-06-16 [IDWF]

Pandemic fallout has exacerbated modern slavery in ‘every region’, report warns 2021-06-16 [The Telegraph]

Lives over profit: European Commission must support intellectual property waiver for COVID-19 vaccines and medical products 2021-06-15 [Education International]

G7 leaders commit to support girls’ education but fall short on financing the promise 2021-06-15 [Education International]

 VIDEO  International Domestic Workers' Day: Making decent work a reality for domestic workers 2021-06-15 [ILO]

EU’s new financial instrument for external action finally adopted: we need a ‘Global Europe’ based on solidarity 2021-06-15 [ITUC]

LabourStart's 2021 Fundraising Appeal - Please Give Generously 2021-06-15 [LabourStart]

In the United States, the digital giants are baring their claws against emerging support for trade unions 2021-06-14 [Equal Times]

Build Back Better: Inclusive Recovery and Labour Markets fit for 2030 – Joint B7-l7 Statement 2021-06-14 [TUAC]

ILO to launch global report on domestic workers 2021-06-14 [ILO]

New global commission launched to create ‘blueprint for survival’ in new age of world instability 2021-06-14 [ITUC]

The Domestic Workers Convention (C189) celebrates its 10th anniversary but Social Protection is not yet part of our reality 2021-06-14 [IDWF]

NUPGE backs call for a 21% global minimum corporate tax rate 2021-06-13 [NUPGE]

June 12th-International Day against child labour 2021-06-12 [WFTU]

Home-based workers launch their global network 2021-06-12 [GLU]

'We need a u-turn before we reach a point of no return.' 2021-06-12 [PSI]

‘Tip of the iceberg’: ITF inspectors recover $45m in seafarers’ wages amidst record-high abandonments 2021-06-12 [ITF]

Research to inform teaching in times of climate and public health emergencies 2021-06-12 [EI]

The Alternatives Project: Education Justice for Societal Transformation 2021-06-12 [EI]

Alarming new child labour numbers reiterate the need for quality public education 2021-06-12 [EI]

Statement ATUC-EI | World Day Against Child Labour 2021-06-12 [EI]

 VIDEO  Global progress to end child labour has stalled 2021-06-11 [ILO]

Scandalous child labour figures shame the world 2021-06-11 [ITUC]

Speech of the WFTU President Mzwandile Michael Makwayiba 2021-06-10 [WFTU]

Child labour worldwide increases for first time in 20 years 2021-06-10 [The Guardian]

Education research in the spotlight: COVID-19 recovery and the status of teachers in 2021 2021-06-10 [Education International]

Child labour rises to 160 million – first increase in two decades 2021-06-10 [ILO]

G7: More urgent action needed to make a fair corporate minimum tax a reality 2021-06-09 [PSI]

Trade unions ask: Is EU becoming the New Gulf region? 2021-06-09 [BWI]

International Transport Workers urge Trudeau to support TRIPs waiver 2021-06-09 [NUPGE]

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