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Papirstreiken forlenga igjen, men partene skal møtes til forhandlinger


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Papirstreiken forlenga igjen, men partene skal møtes til forhandlinger [Grafkom] 2022-02-09

Papirstreiken fortsetter [Sign&Print] 2022-04-21

25 000 sykepleiere i streik [Sykepleien] 2022-04-06

Vind i seilene for redusert arbeidstid [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-09-03


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Employers' determined coordination widely scuppering collective bargaining 2022-12-09 [Trade Union News from Finland]

ITUC elects Antti Palola to Executive Bureau 2022-11-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

No take-off for Finnair as cabin crew strikes 2022-11-21 [EURACTIV]

Finnair Cancels Flights As Workers Go On ‘Illegal’ Strike 2022-11-21 [Simple Flying]

Finnair innstiller flygninger på grunn av streik 2022-11-20 [VG]

Maria Löfgren elected Akava President by clear majority 2022-11-16 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Exciting and even race for Akava presidency 2022-11-04 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Employers' television commercial attacks public sector employees 2022-10-19 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Negotiations for pay rise in technology and chemical industry come to nothing and have now been terminated 2022-10-17 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Nurses’ unions accept the new pay deal 2022-10-05 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The new controversial Patient Security Act limits the right to strike 2022-09-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

ICU workers plan strikes over 'coercive' Patient Safety Act 2022-09-13 [YLE]

Nurses' Autumn of discontent 2022-09-09 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Survey: UPM do not treat salaried employees even-handedly 2022-09-01 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Akava President Sture Fjäder moves on to politics 2022-08-26 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Labour market parties shoot down the Minister's proposal of income tax cuts to partly replace pay rise 2022-08-12 [Trade Union News from Finland]

New union website helps to deal with racism in multicultural workplaces 2022-08-05 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Anu Sajavaara appointed National Conciliator 2022-06-27 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Akava President Sture Fjäder to step down prematurely 2022-06-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finally, a pay deal for the municipal sector – excluding nurses' unions 2022-06-10 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Municipal sector negotiations deadlocked 2022-06-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finland Ønsker å vite mer om EIs dialog med russisk lærerorganisasjon 2022-05-18 [Utdanningsnytt]

Nurses' unions say no to the conciliation committee pay deal proposal 2022-05-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Welfare sector says Finland wants more foreign labour 2022-05-10 [YLE]

Local government strike closes schools, daycare centres, museums, public libraries 2022-05-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Paper workers end historic UPM strike in settlement 2022-05-02 [IndustriALL]

UPM strike over - paper machines up and running again 2022-04-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM strike over, workers head back to make paper 2022-04-27 [Print 21]

UPM paper strike ends: 1900 workers return to work 2022-04-26 [Wide Format]

Papirstreik avsluttet med historisk avtale 2022-04-25 [Sign&Print]

Papirstreiken fortsetter 2022-04-21 [Sign&Print]

25,000 health care workers end 14-day strike 2022-04-16 [PSI]

Strike pay varies a lot from union to union 2022-04-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Nurses take to streets, paperworkers' strike continues 2022-04-10 [YLE]

25 000 sykepleiere i streik 2022-04-06 [Sykepleien]

Healthcare workers' strike postponed by two weeks 2022-03-29 [YLE]

Unions ask UPM shareholders to act over strike 2022-03-29 [Printweek]

25,000 nurses to go on strike from beginning of April 2022-03-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Industrial Union to support paper workers' strike at UPM to the tune of 2.2 million euro 2022-03-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finland Lærerorganisasjon har brutt med den russiske fagforeningen 2022-03-09 [Utdanningsnytt]

UPM frames paper mill strike as a force majeure 2022-03-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Russia Stora Enso suspends Russia operations 2022-03-07 [BWI]

UPM paper strike extended into April as talks stall 2022-03-04 [Print 21]

Tehy and Super issue a five-year rescue programme for social and health care 2022-02-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM framing strike as force majeure 2022-02-18 [Print 21]

Unions put pressure on UPM customers as Europe faces paper shortage 2022-02-17 [IndustriALL]

Unilever's Sipoo ice cream site faces possible closure 2022-02-16 [IUF]

Europe European printing industry appeals to UPM to settle the strike quickly 2022-02-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM finally to sit down at the negotiation table, perhaps 2022-02-14 [Trade Union News from Finland]

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