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Befolkningen har fått nok [Dagbladet] 2021-05-09

Blodig oppstand mot myndighetene [NRK] 2021-05-07

Nye kraftige sammenstøt [VG] 2021-05-06

Generalstreiken fortsetter [VG] 2021-05-03

Dødstrugslar mot lærarkollegaer [Utdanningsforbundet]  ActNOW!  2020-11-17

Drapene på lokale fagforeningsledere og menneskerettighetsaktivister øker [LO] 2020-10-27

Over 200 sosiale ledere drept hittil i år [Bistandsaktuelt] 2020-09-11


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Talks Between Colombia's Government, Strike Committee Fail To Bring Results - CNP Member 2021-05-18 [Urdu Point]

Strike Committee Explains Conditions For Start of Dialogue With Government 2021-05-18 [Sputnik]

Letter of support for Colombia 2021-05-16 [CUPW]

Canadian unions condemn violence in Colombia 2021-05-12 [CLC]

Cali is the cockpit of chaos as Colombia protests threaten to spiral out of control 2021-05-11 [The Guardian]

Global unions to UN: Condemn violence in Colombia 2021-05-10 [BWI]

Solidarity with Columbian workers on general strike from Unite's Mike Treen 2021-05-10 [Youtube]

Befolkningen har fått nok 2021-05-09 [Dagbladet]

Global unions call for an end to violence in Colombia 2021-05-08 [UNI]

Shocking police violence and repression in Colombia must stop 2021-05-08 [ITF]

Global education movement condemns abuses of basic human rights 2021-05-08 [EI]

National strike defeats tax reform for now, repression and militarisation continue 2021-05-07 [Green Left Weekly]

Blodig oppstand mot myndighetene 2021-05-07 [NRK]

IndustriALL condemns violence in Colombia 2021-05-06 [IndustriALL]

Duque government must end violence against protestors 2021-05-06 [ITUC]

Nye kraftige sammenstøt 2021-05-06 [VG]

Workers’ strike defeats tax measure 2021-05-05 [BWI]

GUFs request immediate OAS and UN interventions to stop the brutal repression of protests in Colombia 2021-05-05 [PSI]

Workers’ strike defeats tax measure 2021-05-05 [BWI]

Generalstreiken fortsetter 2021-05-03 [VG]

Multiple police human rights abuses reported during National Strike protests 2021-04-30 [Justice for Colombia]

Justice for Colombia solidarity with National Strike in Colombia 2021-04-30 [Justice for Colombia]

Clashes Erupt as Colombians Protest Tax Hikes 2021-04-30 [VoA]

Trade Unions To Participate In Nationwide Protests Against Tax Bill Wednesday 2021-04-30 [UrduPoint]

National strike in Colombia: How it unfolded 2021-04-30 [The Bogota Post]

More subdued second day of Colombia tax reform protests 2021-04-30 [Saltwire]

Feminist Political Movement Organizes for Change in Colombia 2021-04-20 [Nacla]

Worker perspectives from Cerrejón coal mine 2021-04-14 [IndustriALL]

Celebrating Colombian Workers' Clean Energy, Good Jobs Coaltion For more info 2021-04-08 [Solidarity Center]

AB InBev forces layoffs and outsourcing 2021-03-31 [IUF]

Peace for Indigenous and Black Communities in Colombia? Women Daring to Build a Dignified Future 2021-03-10 [Our Times]

Sintracarbón fights for 450 jobs at Cerrejón, Colombia 2021-03-04 [IndustriALL]

Bogota teachers demand safety guarantees for schools to reopen 2021-03-01 [Justice for Colombia]

Margarita López: 'Today my life is in danger and the Colombian state has cut off my protection'. 2021-02-24 [PSI]

Union documents sharp deterioration of journalists' human rights 2021-02-12 [IFJ]

Threats at Clínica Medellin - Quironsalud / Fresenius 2021-02-08 [UNI Global Union]

COSATU extends condolences to CGT Colombia on passing of President Julio Roberto Gómez 2021-01-28 [COSATU]

'It is a very defining moment for those of us who are closely following the vaccines and the pandemic' 2021-01-21 [IFJ]

Interview: Despite Escalating Assassinations, Colombian Farmworker Union Fights for the Right to the Land 2021-01-08 [Labor Notes]

At least 18 trade unionists killed in 2020, many others threatened and attacked 2020-12-20 [Justice for Colombia]

Global Education Union condemns threats, harassment, and killings of unionists  ActNOW!  2020-12-11 [Education International]

Sintracarbón signs agreement with Cerrejón to end historic strike  ActNOW!  2020-12-10 [IndustriALL]

A renewed call for international solidarity in Colombia 2020-12-01 [CUPE]

Cerrejon, union to hold technical talks on proposed work schedule  ActNOW!  2020-11-25 [Nasdaq]

Solidarity with Colombian education union leaders  ActNOW!  2020-11-23 [NUPGE]

Colombians Embark on a Fresh National Strike Against Ivan Duque 2020-11-21 [Newsclick]

Solidarity message to Colombian workers and people 2020-11-20 [ITUC]

Dødstrugslar mot lærarkollegaer  ActNOW!  2020-11-17 [Utdanningsforbundet]

Cerrejon requests arbitration to end strike 2020-11-14 [Reuters]

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