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Over 200 sosiale ledere drept hittil i år


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Over 200 sosiale ledere drept hittil i år [Bistandsaktuelt] 2020-09-11

Befolkningen har fått nok [Dagbladet] 2021-05-09

Drapene på lokale fagforeningsledere og menneskerettighetsaktivister øker [LO] 2020-10-27

Dødstrugslar mot lærarkollegaer [Utdanningsforbundet]  ActNOW!  2020-11-17

Nye kraftige sammenstøt [VG] 2021-05-06

Regjeringen setter inn militæret mot demonstrasjoner [VG] 2021-05-29

145 aktivister drept i fjor [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-01-18

Blodig oppstand mot myndighetene [NRK] 2021-05-07

Generalstreiken fortsetter [VG] 2021-05-03


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PSI affiliates celebrate the inauguration of Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez in Colombia 2022-08-16 [PSI]

Colombia Union leaders send letter to new Colombian government 2022-08-09 [ASLEF]

Colombia 2022: Hope and cautious optimism 2022-07-29 [CUPE]

Repsol Plant In Cartagena Calls Three-day Strike 2022-07-15 [Today]

A New Colombia: The Rise of the Left 2022-07-03 [Nacla]

How Diaspora Voters Rallied to Support Colombia's Francia Márquez 2022-06-19 [Nacla]

Teachers are facing death threats 2022-06-14 [rabble]

UNI calls on Itaú bank to stop ‘forced resignations' in Colombia 2022-06-11 [UNI]

ITUC demands free and fair presidential elections 2022-05-25 [ITUC]

Colombia rabble joins the Colombian electoral accompaniment delegation 2022-05-12 [rabble]

What labour and trade union agenda should the new Colombian government and Congress pursue? Here are some proposals 2022-05-12 [Equal Times]

‘Workers get the thorns': the moral ugliness of rose factories 2022-05-09 [The Guardian]

With murder of a trade union leader, peace continues to cost the lives of Colombians 2022-05-02 [UNI]

Colombia Women's involvement needed to stop gender-based violence in mining 2022-04-21 [IndustriALL]

Report of the High-Level Trade Union Commission for Electoral Observation for the 2022 Congressional Elections and Presidential Primaries 2022-04-02 [UNI]

Colombia Congress letter to Tanaiste in advance of his visit to Columbia 2022-03-10 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Take Action: End the death threats against Colombian union representatives  ActNOW!  2022-02-24 [NUPGE]

Global union campaign: Fresenius must denounce death threats in Colombia  ActNOW!  2022-02-23 [UNI]

Fresenius Global Union Alliance - GLOBAL SOLIDARITY DAY  ActNOW!  2022-02-23 [People Over Profit]


145 aktivister drept i fjor 2022-01-18 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Oppsagte piloter får tilbake jobben 2021-12-23 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Colombia CUPE stands up for human rights in Colombia 2021-11-23 [CUPE]

After 30 years on Bogotá buses, I fear that just transition is slipping out of our hands 2021-11-18 [Equal Times]

Protected journalist under surveillance without her consent 2021-11-01 [IFJ]

Coal unions in Colombia, Spain and South Africa meet to exchange ideas 2021-10-29 [IndustriALL]

There is a peace agreement, so why are trade unionists still being threatened and murdered? 2021-10-25 [Equal Times]

Colombia has signed a peace agreement, so why are trade unionists still being threatened and murdered? 2021-10-25 [Equal Times]

Colombia has signed a peace agreement, so why are trade unionists still being threatened and murdered? 2021-10-25 [Equal Times]

Government must honour human rights, demands for justice 2021-10-10 [NUPGE]

Podcast: Colombia Workers Risk Lives for Better Future 2021-09-15 [Solidarity Center]

Latin America TUC calls for review of British arms sales to Colombia and justice for state abuses 2021-09-13 [Justice for Colombia]

South America Colombian banana workers negotiate above inflation pay rise 2021-08-31 [Banana Link]

 VIDEO  Spotlight on Colombian Women Activists #2: trade unionist Ruby Castaño 2021-08-17 [Justice for Colombia]

Another teacher trade unionist murdered in Colombia 2021-08-17 [Justice for Colombia]

Big tech call centre workers at Teleperformance in Colombia demand bargaining over wages, monitoring, health and safety 2021-08-09 [UNI Global Union]

New death threat against a worker at a Fresenius clinic 2021-08-01 [UNI Global Union]

A teachers' union tries to keep Colombia's schools closed 2021-07-25 [The Economist]

#WomenSpeak: Unions make us strong 2021-07-13 [BWI]

#WomenSpeak: Unions make us strong 2021-07-10 [BWI]

The national strike in Colombia: a trade union perspective  ActNOW!  2021-07-07 [GLU]

Union leader vows bigger antigovernment protests if demands not met  ActNOW!  2021-06-25 [Saltwire]

National Strike To Adopt New Fighting Strategies 2021-06-20 [teleSUR]

Concerns over violence in Colombia raised at ILC 2021-06-19 [IndustriALL]

The strike won't stop  ActNOW!  2021-06-13 [Red Pepper]

Global TUAC Plenary adopts resolution on Colombia 2021-06-09 [TUAC]

Take action: End the violent attacks on demonstrators in Colombia  ActNOW!  2021-06-06 [NUPGE]

National strike committee calls for more protests in Colombia 2021-06-06 [IndustriALL]

Colombia La red mundial de BHP se mantiene fuerte en la unidad 2021-06-04 [IndustriALL]

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