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BMWU troubled by impending job losses


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BMWU troubled by impending job losses [The Monitor] 2022-04-28

BOPEU calls on government to engage Labour movements in restructuring Ministries [Mmengi] 2022-02-15

Mupane miners threaten strike action [The Monitor] 2021-12-20

Back at the helm President Mogwera returns [The Voice] 2021-06-22

Precarious working conditions of diamond cutting and polishing workers in Botswana expose jewellery brands [IndustriALL] 2020-06-27

Politician ridicules female journalist on social media [IFJ] 2019-06-28

Trade Union Movement Under Siege [Mmegi] 2016-12-13


Today's labour news

Manual workers cry foul over low salary increment 2022-05-16 [The Monitor]

Education ministry ducking BOSETU 2022-05-16 [The Monitor]

BOSETU rallies teachers to abandon extra workload 2022-05-16 [The Monitor]

The brutal assault of neo-liberalism on trade unions 2022-05-14 [The Monitor]

Mineworkers draw line in the sand over Mupane 2022-05-04 [The Monitor]

BOFEPUSU, BFTU: All weather friends 2022-05-02 [The Monitor]

BMWU troubled by impending job losses 2022-04-28 [The Monitor]

Unions urge govt to guard against job losses 2022-04-27 [The Monitor]

Trying times at BMWU 2022-04-26 [The Monitor]

BMWU says no to GBV 2022-04-23 [The Monitor]

A Constitutional review or a joke? 2022-03-11 [Mmegi]

Unions push for 5% wage increase as talks start 2022-03-04 [Mmegi]

BOPEU celebrates the first female Finance Minister since Independence 2022-02-23 [Mmengi]

BOPEU calls on government to engage Labour movements in restructuring Ministries 2022-02-15 [Mmengi]

  JOB   PSI Vacancy: National Coordinator Botswana 2022-02-14 [Public Services International]

Constitutional review: Birth of political crisis-BOFEPUSU 2022-02-14 [The Monitor]

Controversial eavesdropping bill irks unions 2022-02-01 [The Monitor]

Former Mowana workers to get P23m payout 2022-01-20 [The Monitor]

Mupane miners threaten strike action 2021-12-20 [The Monitor]

  JOB   PSI - Projects Officer - Union Development 2021-12-15 [PSI]

BOPEU recovers P11 million-Mogwera 2021-12-12 [The Monitor]

Five in BOPEU presidential race 2021-12-07 [The Monitor]

Teachers struggle under heavy debt 2021-11-10 [The Monitor]

BMWU wants talks on mine mechanization 2021-11-07 [The Monitor]

Labour's take on constitutional review 2021-10-17 [The Monitor]

PPC aggregates, BMWU, dispute goes to trial 2021-10-04 [The Monitor]

Education ministry withdraws funds 2021-08-31 [The Monitor]

SADTU statement on passing of former Secretary General of Botswana Teachers Union, Comrade Ibo Nana Kenosi 2021-08-20 [COSATU]

About 105 succumb to Covid-19 2021-08-15 [The Monitor]

PPE in short supply as Covid-19 worsens 2021-08-03 [The Monitor]

Unions encourage use of different languages in Covid-19 fight 2021-07-24 [The Monitor]

BTU,BOSETU to drag govt to court 2021-07-06 [The Monitor]

What about our spouses?-ask nurses 2021-07-06 [The Monitor]

BTU spurns sexual-violence accused members 2021-06-30 [The Monitor]

Back at the helm President Mogwera returns 2021-06-22 [The Voice]

Teacher unions send Molao demand letter 2021-06-22 [The Monitor]

BOFEPUSU with UB workers against Norris 2021-06-22 [The Monitor]

BFTU raises Covid-19 vaccine concerns 2021-06-12 [The Monitor]

Schools not ready to re-open 2021-05-14 [The Monitor]

‘Vaccinate us first’ – Teachers 2021-03-18 [The Patriot ]

BOSETU, Govt to thrash COVID issues out 2021-02-04 [The Monitor]

BMWU endorses BONU concerns over the presidential Covid-19 task team and De Beers front-liners iniative 2021-01-20 [The Monitor]

DPSM, frontline workers union talks resume 2020-11-09 [The Monitor]

Assault, rape fears haunt terrified nurses 2020-10-20 [The Monitor]

DPSM, civil servants lock horns on Covid-19 risk allowance 2020-10-20 [The Monitor]

BIUST students injured as police quell riot 2020-10-02 [The Monitor]

BOFEPUSU concerned remote work could spell job losses 2020-09-21 [The Monitor]

Unions demand safer classrooms 2020-09-14 [The Monitor]

Unions, MoBE to dradt Covid-19 strategy for schools 2020-09-14 [The Monitor]

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