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Korona-effekten rammer millioner av tekstilarbeidere


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Korona-effekten rammer millioner av tekstilarbeidere [Bistandsaktuelt] 2020-12-08

Grufulle arbeidsforhold på IKEA-fabrikker [Framtiden i våre hender] 2020-09-08

Motebransjen nekter å overholde kontrakter. Millioner av tekstilarbeidere mister jobben [Vårt land] 2020-04-13


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May Day today 2021-05-01 [Daily Star]

May Day evokes plight of Bangladeshi hotel workers 2021-05-01 []

The WFTU forum to commemorate the victims of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh concluded with massive participation 2021-04-26 [WFTU]

Global unions demand new international agreement with brands on anniversary of Rana Plaza 2021-04-24 [UNI]

Police arrest NTV bureau chief under Digital Security Act 2021-04-24 [IFJ]

Remembering the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster 2021-04-24 [CLC]

Unions demand safety, respect for Bangladesh garment workers 2021-04-24 [CUPE]

We can help Bangladeshi garment workers, who still struggle eight years after factory collapse 2021-04-23 [Toronto Star]

Journalist from Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha assaulted and tortured 2021-04-21 [IFJ]

Promoting Safe Migration for the Women of Bangladesh 2021-04-20 [The Daily Star]

5 dead as police open fire on coal power plant workers in Chattogram 2021-04-20 [The Daily Star]

Grameen Telecom Sramik Karmachari Union Members Wins Court Judgement to Get Jobs Back 2021-04-20 [UNI Global Union]

Five people killed as police fire at protesting workers in Bangladesh 2021-04-20 [Guardian]

'This industry creates work, but it is not dignified as we don't have a living wage. If my Mum had received a wage we could live on, I wouldn't have had to toil in a factory from the age of 12' 2021-04-13 [The Circle]

RadioLabour's Canada Report for the week of March 28 to April 2, 2021: 'How do they go to bed with a clear conscience?' 2021-04-03 [RadioLabour]

Report: Not Even the Bare Minimum For more info 2021-03-31 [USW]

Trade unionists urge Canadian brands to support RMG workers 2021-03-28 [The Financial Express]

New Report Links Canadian Retailers to Never-Ending Hardships of Bangladeshi Garment Workers 2021-03-23 [USW]

Bangladesh shipbreakers win right to sue UK owners in landmark ruling 2021-03-11 [The Guardian]

Youth league member arrested for role in journalist’s murder 2021-03-10 [IFJ]

Death in destination countries 2021-03-03 [The Daily Star]

Writer Mushtaq Ahmed dies in police custody 2021-03-03 [IFJ]

Journalist killed in shoot-out between Awami League factions 2021-02-23 [IFJ]

Students, transport workers block Barishal roads after attack, arrests 2021-02-21 [BDNews]

H&M factory in India set to rehire hundreds of fired garment workers 2021-02-18 [Thomson Reuters]

Government crackdown on media has increased during pandemic 2021-02-18 [IFJ]

Three journalists charged under Digital Security Act 2021-02-12 [IFJ]

'Back empty-handed': Bangladeshis cut off from jobs abroad face rising poverty 2021-02-04 [The Guardian]

Barishal water vessel strike called off 2021-01-26 [UNB]

Journalist killers given life imprisonment 2021-01-24 [IFJ]

Apparel workers are getting rehired but at lower pay 2021-01-11 [Dhaka Tribune]

Bangladesh Factories Sliding Back to Cash 2021-01-04 [Sourcing Journal]

Transport strike set to begin in Pabna 2020-12-31 [Daily Star]

Global Garment Industry Suffers from Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-12-11 [Borgen]

Solidarity Center Workers' Empowerment Project in Bangladesh Pivots in COVID-19 Crisis For more info 2020-12-10 [Solidarity Center]

In Bangladesh, “workers are not responsible for climate change but we are the ones losing everything because of it” 2020-12-09 [Equal Times]

Korona-effekten rammer millioner av tekstilarbeidere 2020-12-08 [Bistandsaktuelt]

It’s long past time to increase real minimum wages for workers 2020-12-05 [The New Age]

UNI Apro Executive Committee Adopts Motion Calling for Bro. Mia Masud’s Reinstatement 2020-12-04 [UNI Global Union]

Photos of workers and activists protesting Amazon on Black Friday 2020-11-29 [Mashable]

A new Oxfam report slams major retailers in Australia for dodgy buying practices which keep wages low for manufacturing workers. Here are the worst offenders. 2020-11-25 [Business Insider]

Study: Female members of coastal fishing households lack empowerment 2020-11-17 [The Tribune]

Different exposure, similar reality? The pandemic and the ready-made garment sector in Bangladesh and Vietnam 2020-10-22 [Global Labour University]

‘Vulnerable’ garment workers in Bangladesh bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic 2020-10-19 [CNBC]

Journalist fatally stabbed for exposing crimes 2020-10-14 [IFJ]

Solidarity with Dragon Group workers spreads across the globe 2020-10-13 [ICL]

Dragon Group workers assaulted by company thugs! Stop union busting and repression! 2020-10-13 [ICL]

Coronavirus pandemic led to an estimated 70,000 garment workers losing their factory jobs 2020-10-11 [Thomson Reuters]

Union win to reinstate pregnant garment workers 2020-09-28 [IndustriALL]

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