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No Sweat

Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird logo.

Most of us -- in fact, over 90% of us -- use the web browsing software that came with our computers. It's called Microsoft Internet Explorer and we use it because, well, it's right there. In our computers. It's part of the Windows operating system. And it seems to work.

A better choice

But there's a better choice out there -- a much-improved web browser full of features you're going to love. It's called Mozilla Firebird. It is modern, fast and easy to use. And it's completely free of charge.

Why are we telling you about his? Why not just keep using Internet Explorer to read all the union news on LabourStart? No problem, really. LabourStart can be seen with any browser you like.

An added feature

But -- there had to be a 'but' -- with Mozilla Firebird you can make better use of LabourStart. In Mozilla Firebird the Google search engine is a part of the Navigation Toolbar. (You don't have to go to every time you want to search for something.) And in addition to Google, you can add other search engines, like the Internet Movie Database or online encyclopedia Wikipedia or . . . LabourStart! That's right: using Mozilla Firebird as your web browser, you can search LabourStart's news database directly, without having to key in

What this means in practice is, say, you're reading an article online about, say, Wal-Mart. And you're curious to know more. You want to know if Wal-Mart is a good, unionized employer (it isn't). So instead of going to LabourStart, you use the built-in search bar in your navigation bar and key in 'Wal-Mart' right there.

Here's what it would look like -- look closely at the upper right corner of the page.

Of course it's not a question of either-or. You can keep Internet Explorer (or Opera) and use Mozilla Firebird as well. You can try it out and if you don't like it, don't use it. (Though we are absolutely convinced that you're going to love this browser.)

For a comprehensive of the reasons why Mozilla is the best browser, go here.

Now, download Mozilla Firebird ...

You do that here.

Later, after downloading and installing Mozilla Firebird, you can add LabouStart to the search field in the top right corner of the browser in two easy steps.

  1. Using MozillaFirebird, click here
  2. You'll see LabourStart on the search result page. Now just click on the link "L LabourStart"

This will only take a few minutes. After that you can always search in the LabourStart database, directly from the toolbar of the Mozilla Firebird browser.