Some very brief updates …

I haven’t been updating this blog often enough — but LabourStart has been keeping us very busy these days …

Labour Video of the Year competition – voting began yesterday.  Over 800 votes cast in the first 24 hours.  Click here to watch the voting as it happens.

Global campaigns – We launched a campaign in support of Mexican miners last week.  3,112 supporters so far and the campaign is available in 7 languages.  Our campaign in support of imprisoned Turkish trade unionist Seher Tümer also has over 3,000 messages sent — in 7 languages as well.  The campaign we launched in support of hunger striking Irish workers ended with an agreement and was closed down within 6 days of launch. We will shortly be launching a campaign in support of workers in Guyana, at the request of the ICEM.

National campaigns – We have been asked both by the British TUC and the New Zealand union PSA to launch campaigns targetting only people in those countries.  The TUC campaign has been very slow to take off, but the New Zealand one has brought in well over 400 responses — adding many New Zealand trade unionists to our list. In addition, we did our first mailing to our thousands of Australian subscribers in support of a campaign there.

Travels – I continue to be invited to speak at union events around the world.  My upcoming travel schedule includes visits to Egypt, Turkey, Canada and Brazil — all within the next two months.  The last of these (not yet confirmed) is to speak at the SIGTUR congress for trade unionists from throughout the global south.  They are particularly keen on UnionBook.

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