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Venezuela Workers Protest Alleged Privatization of State Fishing Company 2016-10-13 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela Worker Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory Produces 2 Million Sanitary Pads 2016-08-20 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela Maduro Commits Funds to Seized Factory 2016-07-29 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela Government Backs Worker Takeover of Kimberley Clark as Citibank Moves to Close BCV Account 2016-07-18 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela Workers Reach Agreement with Coca-Cola 2016-06-04 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela President Threatens Seizure of Factories After Production Halts 2016-05-15 [VoA]

Venezuela Workers to benefit from stronger unions in Venezuela 2016-04-08 [ITF]

Venezuela So long to Hugo Chavez posters in Venezuela assembly 2016-01-09 [CNN]

Venezuela Pepsi-Cola factory workers arrested over slow production 2015-12-24 [Latin Correspondent]

Venezuela Workers In Venezuela Freed After Being Held By Government For Not Meeting Production Output Goals 2015-12-23 [Value Walk]

Venezuela Workers Protest Amid Privatization Fears 2015-12-18 [TeleSUR]

Venezuela Socialist dissenters urge Venezuela reform after vote loss 2015-12-13 [Reuters]

Venezuela Gvt TV workers condemn Opposition 'threats' 2015-12-09 [teleSUR]

Venezuela National Press Workers' Union Demands Respect for Free Speech 2015-12-06 [PanAm Post]

Venezuela Country May Run Out of Beer 2015-07-11 [Breitbart]

Venezuela Strike threatens to leave Venezuela with a beer shortage 2015-07-06 [El Pais]

Venezuela Country faces national beer drought 2015-07-04 [The Telegraph]

Venezuela Thousands Protests Against Venezuelan Food Giant Polar for Low Wages, Political Hoarding 2015-07-03 [teleSUR]