Guaidó respalda propuesta de huelga

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 VIDEO  Venezuelan ex-oil workers go on hunger strike as desperation increases 2019-06-04 [NBC]

“In Venezuela, Union Organising is Illegal” 2019-04-30 [IPS]

International Trade Unions Condemn Recognition of Guaidó 2019-04-02 [360]

From Middle Power to Regime Change Specialist: Canada and the Venezuela Crisis 2019-03-29 [NACLA ]

Untangling the Gordian Knot: Negotiating Shared Power in Venezuela 2019-03-27 [NACLA ]

International Trade Unions Condemn Recognition of Guaidó 2019-03-22 [IPS]

NUMSA threatens to boycott all American products 2019-03-17 [SABC]

National sectorial Collective Bargaining Agreement extension and salaries updates 2019-03-13 [BWI]

Trade Unions Ratify Anti-Imperialist Stance 2019-03-09 [Venezuelanalysis]

Guaidó respalda propuesta de huelga 2019-03-06 [El Universal]

Guaido Calls Public Worker Strike against Maduro 2019-03-06 [The Times]

PdV oil unions to attend Guaido labor meeting 2019-03-05 [The Argus]

Elections, coups and people's power in Venezuela 2019-02-17 [Mike Treen]

Peace, dialogue and respect for human rights - not military intervention 2019-02-15 [PSI]

CUPW Condemns Canada for Supporting US-Backed Coup in Venezuela 2019-02-10 [CUPW]

SAFTU condemns Trump’s plan for coup in Venezuela 2019-02-08 [SAFTU]

Canada is on thin ice joining the call for a coup in Venezuela 2019-02-07 [The Spectator]

Organized labour lines up against Canada's stance on Venezuela 2019-02-05 [CBC]

Canada's largest union sides with maligned Venezuelan president over Canadian governemnt 2019-02-05 [National Post]

CLC urges federal government to help restore peace in Venezuela 2019-02-03 [CLC]

Canada's largest union sides with maligned Venezuela president over Canadian government 2019-02-02 [The Sun]

IndustriALL urges respect for the self-determination and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people 2019-02-01 [IndustriALL]

Cosatu condemns the coup attempt in Venezuela 2019-01-29 [COSATU]

CUPE Statement on the situation in Venezuela 2019-01-27 [CUPE website]

Labour group blasts Ottawa’s ‘provocative’ stance on Venezuela 2019-01-25 [RCI]

Goodyear Shutters Venezuela Operations, Blames Sanctions 2018-12-15 [Venezuelanalysis]

Laid-off workers get 10 tires each, plus pay, as Goodyear quits Venezuela for good 2018-12-11 []

Workers Rally to Demand ‘Revolutionary Exit from Crisis’ 2018-11-16 [Venezuelanalysis]

Caracas Metro Workers Protest Labor Conditions amid Private Transport Fare Hikes 2018-11-10 [Venezuelanalysis]

Campesino Leaders Assassinated as Land Struggles Continue 2018-11-04 [Venezuelanalysis]

‘Government Not Responding to Workers’ & Campesinos’ Demands’ 2018-10-18 [Venezuelanalysis]

Public Sector Workers Continue Protests for New Pay Scales as Reforms Take Effect 2018-10-15 [Venezuelanalysis]

The Real Impact of the Recent Wage Increase 2018-09-30 [Venezuelanalysis]

Public Sector Workers Protest in Defense of Labor Rights 2018-09-23 [Venezuelanalysis]

Venezuela: where a crisis and a “gold rush” are creating an environmental disaster 2018-09-12 [Equal Times]

Smurfit Kappa workers' unions express support for the group in Venezuela 2018-08-24 [RTÉ]

Opposition’s call for strike does little against Venezuela President Maduro’s new economic measures 2018-08-22 [The Globe and Mail]

Revive the construction industry by working together 2018-07-30 [BWI]

Electrical Workers Launch Workplace Slowdown Joining Other Industries’ Laborers in Protesting Low Wages 2018-07-25 [Venezuelanalysis]

Strikes to plunge Venezuela into darkness 2018-07-24 [The Times]

Nurses’ Strike for Better Salaries and Work Conditions 2018-07-14 [Venezuelanalysis]

Unity of action trade union agreement 2018-05-30 [BWI]

The Venezuelan exodus is already structural: migration agencies are appealing for more funding to assist the receiving countries 2018-05-28 [Equal Times]

Labour delegation to observe presidential elections 2018-05-17 [rabble]

Educational Workers Sign New Collective Contract with Government 2018-04-21 [Venezuelanalysis]

Education Workers, Government Sign Agreement for New Salaries, Benefits 2018-04-13 [TeleSUR]

Construction Collective Bargaining Agreement extended 2018-04-11 [BWI]

Government Raises the Minimum Wage. “It’s an Offense” Says the ILO, It Goes against the Rights of Corporations 2018-04-01 [Global Research]

Constituent Assembly Approves Workers' Councils Law 2018-02-04 [Venezuelanalysis]

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