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Tunisia Tunisia's powerful union calls new national strike to press wage demands 2018-11-25 [EuroNews]

Tunisia Union calls national strike to press wage demands 2018-11-24 [Reuters]

Tunisia State workers strike as pay rise rejected under pressure from IMF 2018-11-23 [Middle East Eye]

Tunisia Union agrees public sector wage deal to avert nationwide strike 2018-10-22 [Zawya]

Tunisia Airport Workers Threaten Strike To Disrupt Tourist Trade 2018-07-31 [Channels]

Tunisia Airport workers call off strike 2018-07-31 [MEM]

Tunisia Tunisian airport workers call off strike 2018-07-31 [reuters]

Tunisia Naziha Kdimi: Women Must Persist in Breaking Gender Molds For more info 2018-06-01 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisia FGTBB Tunisia elected Al Taieb Al Bahri as new General Secretary 2018-05-13 [BWI]

Tunisia Solidarity Center's Barkallah Receives Top Union Award For more info 2018-05-09 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisia Tunisian Workers Celebrate May Day & Their Union For more info 2018-05-01 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisia New law to stop violence against women supported by teachers 2018-03-26 [Education international]

Tunisia UGTT threatens protests if privatizations go ahead 2018-03-26 [Reuters]

Tunisia Tunisair attempt to lay off workers or cut benefits are opposed by powerful unions 2018-03-21 [Reuters]

Morocco Women in Morocco, Tunisia Highlight GBV at Work For more info 2018-03-12 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisia Which way now for Tunisia? 2018-01-24 [Equal Times]

Tunisia Tensions, protests mark Tunisia's 7th revolutionary anniversary 2017-12-24 [The New Arab]

Tunisia Nobel prize-winning trade unions are holding the country back 2017-12-15 [The Economist]

Tunisia UGTT says Trump's Jerusalem decision a declaration of war, calls for protests 2017-12-07 [Reuters ]

Tunisia Union and government reach agreement on Tunisia food prices 2017-12-02 [MEMO]

Tunisia Surveys Show Challenges of Workers with Disabilities For more info 2017-07-31 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisia Tunisian and Arab teachers unions have lost a outstanding activist 2017-07-15 [Education International]

Tunisia 47 arrested during clashes in front of UGTT office 2017-07-05 [Middle East Momitor]

Tunisia Comparative study on criteria for union representation 2017-03-25 [TAP]

Tunisia Suspension of classes: no agreement between Prime Ministry and UGTT 2017-03-24 [TAP]

Tunisia Labour union calls for teachers not to strike 2017-03-23 [Middle East Monitor]

Tunisia Police Union leader jailed for defamation 2017-03-22 [HRW]

Tunisia General Union of Secondary Education goes against UGTT national union centre and re-affirms planned stoppages 2017-03-20 [TAP]

Tunisia UGTT and UTICA at war after BCE-Ghannouchi break-up 2017-03-19 [Africa Intelligence]

Tunisia Presence of Israeli journalist in Tunisia condemned By UGTT affiliate 2016-12-21 [MEMO]