Journalist Union rejects claim that its members visited Israel

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Tunisian and Arab teachers unions have lost a outstanding activist 2017-07-15 [Education International]

47 arrested during clashes in front of UGTT office 2017-07-05 [Middle East Momitor]

Embattled Qaaswa crew safely home 2017-06-28 [ITF]

Sick Tunisia: Austerity and vested interests destroying health services 2017-04-13 [Middle East Eye]

Nobel peace prize winner Abassi endorses UNI Declaration against Slavery 2017-03-29 [UNI Global Union ]

Comparative study on criteria for union representation 2017-03-25 [TAP]

Suspension of classes: no agreement between Prime Ministry and UGTT 2017-03-24 [TAP]

Labour union calls for teachers not to strike 2017-03-23 [Middle East Monitor]

Police Union leader jailed for defamation 2017-03-22 [HRW]

Journalist Union rejects claim that its members visited Israel 2017-03-20 [Middle East Monitor]

General Union of Secondary Education goes against UGTT national union centre and re-affirms planned stoppages 2017-03-20 [TAP]

UGTT rejects decision on suspension of classes in secondary schools 2017-03-19 [TAP]

UGTT and UTICA at war after BCE-Ghannouchi break-up 2017-03-19 [Africa Intelligence]

Tunisair uniform row leaves passengers stranded 2017-03-19 [AFP]

Powerful union, industry agree wage hike in private sector 2017-03-16 [Reuters]

Tunisair suspends flights over worker row 2017-03-14 [AFP]

Hundreds of doctors, medical workers protest over jailing of colleagues 2017-03-09 [LAHT]

Minister resigns in response to union anger 2017-03-09 [News24]

IMF suspension of funding pushes Tunisia to the brink 2017-03-07 [UNI Global Union]

IMF Stranglehold Pushing Tunisia to the Brink 2017-03-02 [ITUC]

Working days lost in private sector drop by 75% in December 2016 2017-02-09 [TAP]

Companies in difficulty: 736 layoffs in December 2016 2017-02-09 [TAP]

Doctors strike. Hundreds take to the streets 2017-02-09 [TAP]

60,000 construction workers to go on hunger strike, February 9 2017-02-08 [TAP]

Head of State reiterates support for UGTT 2017-02-08 [TAP]

UGTT calls for urgent measures to control prices 2017-02-04 [TAP]

Negotiations on wage increases in private sector will resume soon (Minister) 2017-02-01 [TAP]

Powerful UGTT union elects new leader 2017-01-28 [AFP]

Trade unionist Habib Guiza withdraws his case from IVD 2017-01-28 [TAP]

UGTT: new Executive Board officially takes office 2017-01-28 [TAP]

UGTT: 'Negotiations in private sector and crisis of social funds to top priorities' (Taboubi) 2017-01-28 [TAP]

Distribution of responsibilities within UGTT Executive Bureau 2017-01-27 [TAP]

UGTT: Abassi officially announces win of Taboubi’s list 2017-01-27 [TAP]

UGTT: Nouredine Taboubi set to become new secretary-general 2017-01-27 [TAP]

UGTT Congress: civil society supports female candidates for executive board 2017-01-26 [TAP]

Article 3 strengthening presence of women in executive positions adopted by UGTT 23rd Congress 2017-01-25 [TAP]

UGTT: two new posts of deputy S-G in charge of private sector to be created 2017-01-24 [TAP]

Election of UGTT 23rd Congress’ Bureau 2017-01-24 [TAP]

Abassi at opening of UGTT 23rd Congress: preserving national unity against political polarisation and ideological divisions [Upd 1] 2017-01-23 [TAP]

Nobel Prize winning UGTT meets to elect new chief 2017-01-23 [News24]

UGTT’s 23rd Congress opens 2017-01-22 [TAP]

UGTT pays tribute to Palestinian prisoners Marouene Barghouthi and Ahmed Saade 2017-01-22 [TAP]

Detained Islamic State suspect says Tunisian journalists were executed 2017-01-09 [Middle East Eye]

Presence of Israeli journalist in Tunisia condemned By UGTT affiliate 2016-12-21 [MEMO]

UGTT union reaches wage deal with government, cancels strike 2016-12-19 [Reuters]

Tunisian Public Employees Win Wage Gains, Call off Strike For more info 2016-12-07 [Solidarity Center]

UGTT union threatens public sector general strike for Dec. 8 2016-12-07 [Reuters]

Thousands of Tunisian lawyers join protest against new taxes 2016-12-07 [MEMO]

Textile and garment union sees strong growth 2016-12-07 [IndustriALL Global Union]

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