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Liberia Plantation Workers Demand Salary Arears 2015-12-23 [The News]

Liberia 900 Beach Workers Commend for Timely Payments 2015-12-23 [Daily Observer]

Liberia Arcelor Mittal-Liberia Workers Union Inducts New Leadership 2015-12-05 [FrontPage Africa]

Liberia Faceoff - Mittal Steel Workers Union Rejects Planned Job Cuts 2015-11-24 [FrontPage Africa]

Liberia Faceoff: Mittal Steel Workers Union Rejects Planned Job Cuts 2015-11-23 [FrontPageAfrica]

Liberia Two Journalists Brutalized By President's Security 2015-08-20 [The New Republic]

Liberia China Union Investment Concedes - Pays Workers Dependent Education Benefit 2015-08-19 [FrontPageAfrica]

Liberia Employees Demand Legal Status At Chinese Hotel 2015-08-16 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Ebola workers in hazard pay strike 2015-08-12 [New Republic]

Liberia Workers Demand Food, Salary At Ben Garnet's Farm 2015-07-29 [allAfrica]

Liberia Pay Cut Cruelty Puts Low-Level Workers At Risk 2015-07-21 [FrontPage Africa]

Liberia Political Parties Slam Gov't Over Civil Service Salary Cuts 2015-07-16 [FrontPage Africa]

Liberia Public officials get salary cut 2015-07-11 [FrontPage Africa]

Liberia 2nd Ebola case declared in Liberia as health workers protest 2015-07-05 [USA Today]

Liberia Law Boosts Rights of Informal-Economy Workers 2015-06-27 [Solidarity Center]

Liberia Ebola Workers Plan Strike 2015-06-13 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Mine Workers Return to Job in Cape Mount 2015-05-22 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Chinese company to lay off more workers 2015-05-22 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Employees go-slow at China Union 2015-05-08 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Several Teachers Abandon Classes in Search of Pay 2015-04-30 [Liberian Observer]

Liberia 'Mass Dismissal' at Liberia Revenue Authority 2015-04-30 [The News]

Liberia Lot of bad blood between Health Ministry and Health Union 2015-04-30 [Liberian Observer]

Liberia Parl't C'ttee to investigate reports Arcelor Mittal on verge of sacking hundreds 2015-04-26 [Liberia News Agency]

Liberia Ebola Workers' Demonstration Forces MSF to Postpone Handing Over Ceremony 2015-04-21 [Liberian Observer]

Liberia 700 Liberian Ebola workers protest for hazard pay 2015-04-19 [AFP]

Liberia Please Pay Our ETU Workers At Once! 2015-04-17 [Liberian Observer]

Australia Australian Capital Territory Health care worker tests negative for deadly Ebola virus 2015-04-14 [ABC]

Liberia Labor Launches Five-Year Action Plan Against Human Trafficking 2015-04-10 [Liberia News Agency]

Liberia Health Minister-Designate Vows to Absorb Health Workers On GOL Payroll 2015-04-10 [Liberian Observer]

Liberia 'Hire or Fire All,' Liberian Workers Tell Arcelormittal 2015-04-03 [allAfrica]

Liberia NPA Management, Workers Union Sign CBA, As Labor Congress Expresses Satisfaction 2015-03-28 [GNN]

Liberia Effort Against Child Labor Gains Momentum 2015-03-27 [The News]

Liberia 'Mobile Money' Teachers Want Salary Arrears 2015-03-27 [The Inquirer]

Liberia Catholic Teachers End Strike Action 2015-03-19 [The Inquirer]

Liberia Ebola blamed for rise in unemployment in Liberia 2015-02-17 [Liberian Dialogue/ Sierra Leone Times]

Liberia Gaawul Consoles LAC Victims 2015-02-10 [allAfrica]

Liberia NTA, Workers Union Sign Pact 2015-02-06 [allAfrica]

Liberia Health Workers In Ebola Fight Demand Risk Benefits 2015-01-29 [The New Dawn]

Liberia Thousands of Ebola workers paid 2015-01-16 [The News]

Liberia Ebola Contact Tracers Protest for Wages 2014-12-27 [The Inquirer]

Liberia 10,000 health workers to get salaries, allowances - including back pay 2014-12-13 [The Inquirier]

Australia G20: Australian nurses join Liberian Ebola workers on frontline 2014-11-13 [PSI Global Union]

Australia Call for international assistance statement: Volunteer Liberian Ebola ambulance officer Gorden Kamara speals to QNU #G20 conference 2014-11-13 [QNU]

Liberia Empty Ebola beds in Liberia pose riddle for health workers 2014-11-08 [Reuters]

Liberia Spend a day with Liberia's ambulance workers facing Ebola 2014-10-22 [ABC 7.30]

Liberia Ambassador says US$10 mill to pay salaries to health workers directly enrolled in Ebola fight 2014-10-18 [Liberian Observer]

Liberia Health workers end strike 2014-10-16 [iafrica]

Liberia Ebola nurses and doctors go back to work after 2 day strike delivers pay win 2014-10-16 [AFP ]

Liberia America donates $US5 mill to improve pay of health workers on Ebola epidemic front line 2014-10-16 [AFP]

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