PSI lobbies for the rights of public sector unions and workers in Liberia

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Liberia Workers Win Large Pay Raise For more info 2019-01-08 [Solidarity Center]

PSI lobbies for the rights of public sector unions and workers in Liberia 2018-11-28 [PSI]

Unfair dismissal of union officials by Firestone Liberia condemned 2018-11-09 [IndustriALL]

EI condemns crimes against girls at the US charity operated school More than Me 2018-10-18 [Education International]

Nurses removed from the payroll system 2018-10-02 [PSI]

FAWUL Elects New Leaders 2018-09-17 [The Daily Observer]

Liberian unions demand better working conditions at Firestone rubber plantations 2018-08-23 [IndustriALL]

Firestone Condemns Workers’ Strike Action as “Misconduct” 2018-08-13 [The Daily Observer]

Firestone Workers Conditionally End Strike 2018-08-11 [The Bush Chicken]

Striking Firestone Workers Demand Increased Wages 2018-08-10 [The Daily Observer]

ArcelorMittal Mine Workers Resume Strike 2018-08-03 [The Daily Observer]

Arcelormittal Mine Workers Resume Strike 2018-08-03 [Liberia Observer]

Arcelormittal Begs Workers to Abandon Strike Action 2018-07-25 [The Daily Observer]

PSI meets with Liberian Minister of Labour @ ILC2018 2018-06-11 [PSI]

Martha was on the forefront of the fight against Ebola. Now she is worried if Liberia will be able to handle another outbreak 2018-06-11 [PSI]

Former Prez Sirleaf, Gov. Weeks, K.Y. Best, Others Honored for Contributions to Tailors Union 2018-05-28 [The Daily Observer]

REINSTATED! Health Unionists Dismissed During Ebola Crisis Return to Work 2018-05-21 [PSI]

Radio and TV journalist Tyron Brown murdered 2018-04-23 [IFJ]

Ministry of Labor Resolves APM Terminals Impasse 2018-03-23 [Front Page]

BWI Worker Union Defends Principal Amid Allegations of Nepotism 2018-02-28 [Front Page]

President salutes health workers for their sacrifices 2018-02-15 [PSI]

Health Workers Craves For Improved Health sector 2018-01-12 [GNN]

LBS Workers Union Elects New Leaders Tomorrow 2017-12-20 [The Observer]

Workers get out the vote, monitor elections 2017-10-20 [Solidarity Center]

30 Hospitalized from Gold Mine Chemical Leakage 2017-10-06 [Daily Observer]

National Health Workers Union Unveils New Leadership 2017-09-27 [Daily Observer]

Appalling Living Conditions in Rural Liberia to Greatly Affect Election Results 2017-09-19 [FPA]

Government's school privatisation program exposed 2017-09-08 [Education International]

NAHWUL to Hold National Convention in Gbarnga 2017-09-01 [The Observer]

AAIWUL Questions Legitimacy of Firestone Workers Union to Pull out of Merger 2017-08-02 [The Bush Chicken]

Civil society rejects privatisation project 2017-08-01 [Education International]

Firestone Union Leaders Pull Out of Historic Merger 2017-07-26 [The Bush Chicken]

As Liberia outsources its education, teachers’ rights are under siege 2017-06-28 [Equal Times]

War-Affected Youths Acquire Skills 2017-06-23 [allAfrica]

Resilience of Liberia trade unions: Attacks on workers, right to organise 2017-04-08 [The News]

Reinstatement of Public Service Workers Unions Leaders Fall on Deaf Ears 2017-03-28 [Front Page Africa]

Political activity by workers on rubber plantations banned 2017-03-28 [New Dawn ]

Onside: The Drivers’ Union of Liberia 2017-03-22 [liberianobserver]

Child Labor At Christopher Duncan's Mines 2017-03-14 [New Dawn]

Ebola fighter, Times 2014 Person of the Year, dies in child birth 2017-03-03 [Time]

Trade union rights in Liberia: PSI meets the Ambassador to the UN in Geneva 2017-02-20 [PSI]

Solidarity with Liberian Health Workers For more info  ActNOW!  2017-02-14 [PSI]

GVL, Workers Union Sign Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-02-06 [Front Page]

Two Labour Laws Affecting Public Service Workers 2017-01-20 [Front Page]

Burnt rubber: Firestone cuts hundreds of jobs 2016-11-24 [AFP]

RadioLabour interview with NAHWAL leaders For more info  ActNOW!  2016-11-21 [RadioLabour]

UNISON Petitions Liberian Government: Demands Reinstatement of Tamba and Poe Williams For more info  ActNOW!  2016-11-21 [PSI]

Workers Unions Continue To Demand Leaders Reinstatement 2016-10-19 [Front Page]

Respect the right to organise - Reinstate Liberian trade union leaders NOW! 2016-10-06 [PSI]

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