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Lebanon “No one knows the sites of all the mass graves in Lebanon” 2016-12-15 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Hezbollah and the Workers: Its record shows that the party’s interests are more aligned with elites than with workers 2016-12-03 [Jacobin]

UK Delivering hope to Syrian refugees in Lebanon this Christmas 2016-11-12 [CWU]

Lebanon Syrian refugees in Lebanon: “If we could go back, we would’ve gone already” 2016-11-01 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Waste crisis in Lebanon inspires ecological initiatives 2016-10-24 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Lebanese activists fight to save Beirut’s architectural heritage 2016-10-05 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Labor Ministry warns against verbal sackings 2016-09-11 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon As hard times bite, over 2,000 laid off 2016-09-11 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon EDL contract workers end strike 2016-09-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Labor Ministry raises fine for sacking Lebanese wrongfully 2016-09-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Energy provider threatens protesting contract workers with legal action 2016-09-01 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Hazards of construction workers, in the hands of God 2016-07-23 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Syria Helping Syrian refugees formalize their work status through cooperatives 2016-06-28 [ILO]

Lebanon Save the Children calls out Labor Ministry claim 2016-06-18 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Hezbollah supports wage scale debate in Parliament 2016-05-13 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Communists mark Labor Day with call for secular state 2016-05-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Foreign worker limits needed to protect local staff 2016-04-30 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon An Ethiopian housemaid stabs Lebanese employer 2016-04-30 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Ministry warns companies against arbitrary layoffs 2016-04-25 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Minister convinces NSSF workers to suspend strike 2016-04-17 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Syria Women’s sex slavery jolts Lebanon 2016-04-15 [Arab News]

Lebanon Workers’ union comes out against WTO membership 2016-03-15 [The Daily Star]

Lebanon IFJ and UNESCO launch new curriculum on journalism safety 2016-02-16 [IFJ]

Lebanon Holiday revelry contrasts with the difficult daily lives of hotel and household workers from the Philippines 2016-01-02 [National Catholic Register]

Lebanon As Christmas looms, cheer proves elusive for domestic migrant workers 2015-12-25 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Middle East Arab union leaders committed to fight privatisation of education 2015-12-16 [Education International]

Lebanon Tripoli attorneys begin open-ended strike 2015-12-11 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Ogero staff stage sit-in brush off corruption charges against Youssef 2015-12-06 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon WFTU in Solidarity with the Working Class 2015-11-13 [WFTU]

Lebanon Lebanon’s prisons: beyond the pale of the law 2015-11-10 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Public sector strike, protests over salaries shut schools 2015-11-04 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon UCC threatens civil disobedience over wage hike 2015-11-04 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon UCC calls for public sector strike in demand of wage hike 2015-11-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Staff protest Batroun hospital-NSSF breakup 2015-11-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Teachers’ union singles out politicians for country’s woes 2015-10-10 [EI]

Lebanon The unions strike again! Lebanese workers plan protest for better wages 2015-10-06 [al Bawaba]

Lebanon THE SMELL OF CHANGE IN LEBANON 2015-09-04 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Inside the fight to unionize Lebanon's domestic workers 2015-09-02 [Good Magazine]

Lebanon How a sanitation worker strike triggered demands for a Gvt cleanout 2015-08-24 [Albawaba]

Lebanon Beirut port workers strike over garbage dumping 2015-08-19 [albawaba]

Lebanon NGO to ‘protect housewives’ from their domestic workers 2015-07-25 [Step Feed]

Lebanon Private sector unions, business, civil society come together to talk general strike 2015-06-29 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Lebanon Immigrant domestic workers remain vulnerable to abuse 2015-06-27 [al Jazeera]

Lebanon Launch of Hotline for Women Domestic Workers to Report Abuse 2015-06-24 [Ya Libnan]

Lebanon Country launches hotline for women domestic workers to report abuse 2015-06-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Lebanon Lebanon Launches Hotline for Women Domestic Workers to Report Abuse 2015-06-23 [VOA]

Lebanon Labor Ministry inspections find over 400 violations this week 2015-05-30 [Lebanon Daily Star]


Lebanon Beirut public hospital staff end 2-week salary strike 2015-05-08 [Lebanon Daily Star]

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