State agrees to increase EDL contract wages: union head

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Freedom of speech under threat ahead of parliamentary elections in Lebanon 2018-03-26 [Equal Times]

Unions highlight importance of Quality Education for All via development cooperation 2018-03-19 [Education International]

Unions highlight importance of Quality Education for All via development cooperation 2018-03-17 [EI]

5 Steps to Improve Women’s Rights 2018-03-09 [HRW]

Can matchmaking create happy homes for employers and migrants in Lebanon? 2018-03-02 [Reuter]

Syrian refugees in Lebanon face a tough choice 2018-02-06 [Equal Times]

State agrees to increase EDL contract wages: union head 2018-01-07 [The Daily Star]

EDL per diem workers block roads as protests continue 2018-01-04 [Lebanon Daily Star ]

EDL Contract Workers Block Road in Salary Protest 2017-12-28 [Naharnet]

Israeli Delegation Storms Out of Trade Summit After Lebanese Union Leader Criticizes Occupation 2017-12-13 [Al Bawaba]

Tyre Electricity Company workers protest conditions 2017-11-28 [Daily Star]

Asmar Says Efforts Outset to Ask Private Sector for Pay Raise 2017-10-11 [Naharnet]

Tax hikes to fund public sector pay rise 2017-10-10 [Zawya]

Cabinet mulls temporary salary fix 2017-09-29 [Zawya]

Cabinet vows road map to resolve salary scale crisis 2017-09-29 [Zawya]

Government moves to increase teachers’ salaries 2017-07-27 [Education International]

Divisions Over Taxes Delaying Salary Hikes for Public Sector 2017-07-04 [albawaba]

Website helps Lebanon's domestic migrant workers expose abuse 2017-06-18 [Al-Monitor]

Slave labour? Death rate doubles for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon 2017-06-10 [IRIN]

In Jordan and Lebanon, hundreds of migrant domestic workers are being held in detention 2017-06-10 [News Deeply]

Migrant Domestic Workers With Children Deported 2017-04-25 [Human Rights Watch]

Hundreds protest Lebanese parliament's proposed tax hikes 2017-03-26 [Reuters]

Positive spirit' absent as Lebanese protesters force PM into retreat 2017-03-26 [Albawaba]

Thousands protest proposed tax hikes in Beirut 2017-03-20 [Arabnews]

Wage hike debate hinders a new electoral law: Berri 2017-03-19 [Daily Star]

Calm before Labor Confederation elections 2017-03-13 [Lebanon Daily Star]

The illegal adoptions of the Lebanese War 2017-01-26 [Equal Times]

Bank Union renews employment contract agreement 2016-12-28 [Lebanon Daily Star]

“No one knows the sites of all the mass graves in Lebanon” 2016-12-15 [Equal Times]

Lebanon Deports Domestic Worker Rights Organizer 2016-12-14 [Human Rights Watch]

Migrant worker union members are being arrested in Lebanon 2016-12-14 [PRI]

Hezbollah and the Workers: Its record shows that the party’s interests are more aligned with elites than with workers 2016-12-03 [Jacobin]

Delivering hope to Syrian refugees in Lebanon this Christmas 2016-11-12 [CWU]

Syrian refugees in Lebanon: “If we could go back, we would’ve gone already” 2016-11-01 [Equal Times]

Waste crisis in Lebanon inspires ecological initiatives 2016-10-24 [Equal Times]

Lebanese activists fight to save Beirut’s architectural heritage 2016-10-05 [Equal Times]

Labor Ministry warns against verbal sackings 2016-09-11 [Lebanon Daily Star]

As hard times bite, over 2,000 laid off 2016-09-11 [Lebanon Daily Star]

EDL contract workers end strike 2016-09-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Labor Ministry raises fine for sacking Lebanese wrongfully 2016-09-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Energy provider threatens protesting contract workers with legal action 2016-09-01 [Lebanon Daily Star]

EDL asks police to end workers' blockade 2016-07-23 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Hazards of construction workers, in the hands of God 2016-07-23 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Refugees from Syria change the Lebanese labor scene 2016-07-09 [Al Arabiya]

Helping Syrian refugees formalize their work status through cooperatives 2016-06-28 [ILO]

Save the Children calls out Labor Ministry claim 2016-06-18 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Hezbollah supports wage scale debate in Parliament 2016-05-13 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Migrant domestic workers march in Beirut in protest against human rights abuses 2016-05-08 [IB Times]

Communists mark Labor Day with call for secular state 2016-05-03 [Lebanon Daily Star]

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