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Kenya Governor Arati in trouble for delaying doctors’ pay in Kisii 2022-12-26 [Capital FM]

Kenya Proposal on Education Reforms 2022-12-10 [COTU]

Kenya Dr. Atwoli meets H.E President William Ruto 2022-12-03 [COTU]

Kenya Atwoli re-elected to International Trade Union Confederation 2022-11-21 [KBC]

Kenya Statement on the ongoing Pilot Strike 2022-11-19 [COTU]

Kenya Secretary General address the 5th ITUC Congress. 2022-11-19 [COTU]

Kenya SG meets with COTU (K) Women Committee. 2022-10-29 [COTU]

Kenya Dinner with Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. 2022-10-22 [COTU]

Kenya Governor Mwandime meets union officials over salary delays 2022-09-03 [The Star]

Kenya Teachers suffer blow as unions deal without pay increase 2022-07-16 [The Standard]

Kenya Young Workers Union Training 2022-07-09 [PSI]

Kenya National Strategic Organising Workshop 2022-07-09 [PSI]

Kenya Minimum Wage Gazette Notice 2022. 2022-07-09 [COTU]

Kenya Dr. Francis Atwoli addressing the Plenary Sitting of the 110th ILC in Geneva 2022-06-11 [COTU]

Kenya Dr. Damaris Presentation on the Role of Trade Unions in Protecting Migrant Workers. 2022-06-04 [COTU]

Kenya Awareness Raising Workshop for Protection of Migrant Workers 2022-05-28 [COTU]

Kenya Unions seek review of flower workers' terms 2022-05-04 [The Standard]

Kenya President increases country's minimum wage by 12% 2022-05-03 [Al Jazeera]

Kenya Labour Day Theme 2022-04-08 [COTU]

Kenya Union calls for improved safety standards as worker dies in furnace accident 2022-04-02 [IndustriALL]

Kenya Railways retirees suffer big blow in 5.4 billion World Bank payout case 2022-03-29 [The Standard]

Kenya Dr. Francis Atwoli at the 344th Session of the ILO Governing Body 2022-03-19 [COTU]

Kenya Medics oppose SRC's move to abolish call allowance for members under state 2022-03-08 [The Star]

Kenya Health workers' unions vow strike action over SRC proposal to scrap allowances 2022-03-07 [Capital News]

Kenya Amendment of recognition agreements bodes ill for trade unions 2022-02-28 [The Standard]

Kenya Health workers unions' officials to sensitise voters on choice of leaders 2022-02-23 [The Standard]

Kenya City Hall employees down tools over delayed salaries 2022-02-22 [Kahawa Tungu]

Kenya Nairobi County workers protest poor services at City Hall 2022-02-22 [The Standard]

Kenya City Hall operations paralysed as staff lock gates over malfunctioning lifts, toilets 2022-02-22 [Capital FM]

Kenya Services grounded at City Hall as workers protest poor working conditions 2022-02-22 [The Star]

Kenya Government to replace recruitment agencies in Qatar 2022-02-22 [Doha News]

Kenya Inside Facebook's African sweatshop 2022-02-17 [Time]

Qatar Qatar: Kenyan workers at Al Jazira Cleaning report poor accommodation, withheld passports & delayed salaries 2022-02-17 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Kenya Doctors' Union Wants CS Kagwe Jailed Over Kemsa Bosses Forced Leave 2022-02-15 [Kahawa Tungu]

Kenya Mombasa Healthcare Workers Suspend Planned Strike 2022-01-11 [Kahawa Tungu]

Kenya World Disability Day 2021 2021-12-04 [COTU]

Kenya Launch of the Third Generation Decent Work Country Program (2021 – 2024) 2021-11-19 [COTU]

Kenya CBK and Parliament must Crackdown on Digital Microfinance 2021-11-13 [COTU]

Kenya Capacity Building on Just Transition. 2021-11-06 [COTU]

Kenya Capacity Building on Disability Inclusion. 2021-11-06 [COTU]

Kenya SG Remarks During the Launch of the ILO-All Hands Project. 2021-10-16 [COTU]

Kenya In the midst of the Covid crisis, Kenyan unions are attempting to tackle the climate emergency head on 2021-10-13 [Equal Times]

Kenya SG's Speech at the General Congress of GTUWA in Egypt. 2021-10-02 [COTU]

Kenya Fallen unionist Peter Lubale mourned 2021-09-19 [Daily Nation]

Guinea Appeal For The Restoration of Civilian Rule in Guinea-Conakry 2021-09-11 [COTU]

Kenya COTU (K) SG meeting with the Swedish Ambassador 2021-08-28 [COTU]

Qatar Kenyan labour rights activist leaves Qatar after paying hefty fine for publishing 'false news' 2021-08-25 []

Kenya Stop frequent meetings and work, Meru health union officials told 2021-08-24 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Atwoli hosts Egyptian unionists for dinner 2021-08-14 [COTU]

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