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Iran Abadan refinery workers go on strike! For more info 2022-10-08 [SZAC]

Iran Oil industry’s official workforce supports Iran’s mass protests and threatens to go on strike For more info 2022-09-29 [SZAC]

Iran Iran’s oil workers support the mass protests and threaten to go on strike For more info 2022-09-28 [SZAC]

Iran Anti-hijab protest in Iran: Death toll tops 75 2022-09-28 [The Daily Star]

Iran Anti-hijab protest in Iran: Death toll tops 75 2022-09-28 [The Daily Star]

Iran Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell calls for a general strike in Iran For more info 2022-09-26 [SZAC]

Iran People want to get rid of rule of oppression and crimes 2022-09-24 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Journalists arrested amid protests 2022-09-24 [NUJ]

Iran Unrest spreads to nearly every province of Iran 2022-09-23 [BBC]

Iran Photos: Iran protests spread as Internet curbed 2022-09-22 [Al-Jazeerah]

Iran Live Updates: Protests Ongoing in Iran as Police Chief Denies Responsibility for Mahsa Amini's Death 2022-09-21 [Iran Wire]

Iran Official oil employees are preparing for a nationwide strike 2022-09-05 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Valeh Zamani a labor activist, was released 2022-08-28 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Khuzestan Pipe Factory: closed down and sold as scrap metal! For more info 2022-08-23 [SZAC]

Iran Imprisoned teachers must be released 2022-08-21 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran A worker’s life is in immediate danger! 2022-08-05 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Ahvaz steelworkers’ protests continue For more info 2022-08-01 [SZAC]

Iran We strongly condemn the arrest of protesting pensioners 2022-07-30 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Sungun Mine workers must be released immediately! 2022-07-23 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran The woeker activist Valeh Zamani's life is in danger! 2022-07-17 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Great retirees' gatherings and marches in several cities 2022-07-16 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Conviction of one of the Islamic perpetrators to life imprisonment 2022-07-14 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran July 12th: Gatherings of telecommunications workers, strike of Tabriz petrochemical workers and other news 2022-07-13 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran July 2: Social Security Retirees Rally and march in several cities 2022-07-02 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Reza Shahabi and Hassan Saeedi: on hunger strike and in solitary! For more info 2022-07-01 [SZAC]

Iran Widespread Protests and strikes in the oil centres 2022-06-29 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran The second day of a massive nationwide strike by scaffolding workers in oil industry 2022-06-24 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Valeh Zamani a popular worker-activist is arrested 2022-06-15 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Statement: Teachers and trade unionists in Iran must be immediately and unconditionally released! 2022-06-10 [Education International]

Iran An open letter to 110th annual conference of ILO 2022-06-09 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran We will take part in the protest action in front of the ILO conference in Geneva 2022-05-30 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Condemn the arrests and security cases against two French citizens and several teachers and labour activists 2022-05-21 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Tehran bus drivers' strike and popular uprising continues 2022-05-17 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Filmmaker: Officials arrest Iran movie industry workers 2022-05-16 [AP]

Iran To all workers unions around the world 2022-05-15 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran May 12: Teachers gathered and protested in 40 cities 2022-05-13 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Imprisoned teachers and all May Day detainees must be released! 2022-05-10 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran May 14th: the International Day of Protest to save Ahmad Reza Jalali's life 2022-05-09 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Ismail Abdi's life is in danger 2022-05-07 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran May Day, nationwide teachers' protests and arrests in Iran For more info 2022-05-07 [SZAC]

Iran May Day detainees must be released unconditionally! 2022-05-03 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Extensive May Day celebrations in Iran despite arrests 2022-05-02 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran The Special online conference by Free Them Now for preparation of May Day, was held 2022-04-30 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Happy May Day, International Workers' Day! 2022-04-23 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran We condemn the rulings issued against the teacher, Rasool Bodaghi 2022-04-20 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Truck drivers strike in several provinces 2022-04-05 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran Oil project workers are on strike 2022-03-07 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Iran The war in Ukraine is a war against workers For more info 2022-03-04 [SZAC]

Iran Sepideh Gholian's life is in danger! For more info 2022-03-01 [SZAC]

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