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Iran Haft Tappeh: Day fifteen of widespread strike and protest For more info 2021-07-28 [SZAC]

Iran Sciopero lavoratori appalti petroliferi Iran 2021-07-19 [Pungolo rosso, HOPOI]

Iran Oil workers strike for better wages as economy suffers 2021-07-19 [The Independent]

USA Iran-based spies targeted US, European defense workers 2021-07-16 [Times of Israel]

Iran Striking Workers In Iran Appeal To Population For Support 2021-07-11 [IranIntl]

Canada Iranian Workers Unite in Huge Protest 2021-07-10 [The Bullet / Yassamine Mather]

Iran Iran oil workers strike for better wages as economy suffers 2021-06-30 [AP]

Iran Oil and petrochemical workers’ strikes spread despite 700 dismissals For more info 2021-06-26 [SZAC]

Iran Sham election and Haft Tappeh’s economic-political-security siege and sanctions For more info 2021-06-25 [SZAC]

Iran Tehran journalists’ association expands to become national association 2021-06-23 [IFJ]

Iran Arrested Haft Tappeh workers released For more info 2021-06-07 [SZAC]

Iran Haft Tappeh workers: Threats of assassination and murder For more info 2021-06-06 [SZAC]

Iran Growing harassment of journalists as presidential election campaign begins 2021-05-26 [IFJ]

Iran State Covid vaccination center guard attacks journalist 2021-05-20 [IFJ]

UK NUJ wins recognition at Iran International 2021-05-12 [NUJ]

Iran Fifth nationwide pensioners’ protest in a month against poverty! For more info 2021-04-21 [SZAC]

Iran Haft Tappeh workers: We condemn the court summons of Ali Nejati, our retired colleague! For more info 2021-02-20 [SZAC]

Iran Almost 100 Kurdish activists and citizens arrested For more info 2021-02-07 [SZAC]

Iran Corona vaccination: Immediate – Free – Universal For more info 2021-01-26 [SZAC]

Iran Pensioners, educators, medical staff and university lecturers protest in Tehran For more info 2021-01-11 [SZAC]

Iran Tehran protest in support of Haft Tappeh workers For more info 2020-12-23 [SZAC]

UK UN urgent appeal about threats to BBC journalists 2020-12-20 [NUJ]

Iran Haft Tappeh workers: No to privatisation! For more info 2020-12-16 [SZAC]

Iran Labor protests continue in cities, officials warn of another uprising 2020-12-15 []

Iran Workers and pensioners demand economic rights in several cities across Iran 2020-12-13 []

Iran Keyvan Samimi, 72-year-old journalist, jailed for three years! For more info 2020-12-11 [SZAC]

Iran Medicine import official denies sanctions hinder Iran’s COVID-19 vaccine transactions 2020-12-10 []

Iran Security forces shoot and kill two Kurd border porters in NW and SE Iran 2020-12-08 []

Iran Protests are inevitable – Iran economic analyst 2020-12-08 []

Iran Iranians pay for bread in installments in southern Iran – Report 2020-12-08 []

Iran The effects of rampant inflation on Iranians’ lives 2020-12-06 [The Levant]

Iran Worker lashed 74 times without prior notice or judicial sentence 2020-11-29 []

Iran Davoud Rafii, auto worker, flogged 74 times for “insulting” Labour Minister For more info 2020-11-28 [SZAC]

Iran IITUC condemns Iran’s mass killing of protesters in November 2019 2020-11-27 []

Iran IUF calls on ILO to help secure wage arrears for hungry sugar workers in Iran 2020-11-15 []

Iran One third of Iran’s healthcare workers infected with COVID-19 – health official 2020-11-13 []

Iran Laid off north Iran mine worker self-immolates in protest 2020-11-05 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Four Haft Tappeh reps still under arrest For more info 2020-11-01 [SZAC]

Iran Hundreds of Haft Tappeh workers protest against arrests of four reps For more info 2020-10-31 [SZAC]

Iran Navid Afkari’s brother: I heard the hanging platform opening under him 2020-10-30 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Comparison of food prices rising over past 8 years 2020-10-29 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Protesting retired employees of oil sector were attacked by the police 2020-10-27 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Iranians gather at the grave of Navid Afkari in Shiraz 2020-10-22 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Locals report shortage of bread in 7 Iran provinces, regime denies it 2020-10-21 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Iranians hold over 9 protests to express economic woes 2020-10-21 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Homeless “cardboard sleepers” on the rise in Iran 2020-10-21 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Lamerd’s Parsian refinery workers go on strike over unpaid wages For more info 2020-10-18 [SZAC]

Iran child students commit suicide from poverty, lack of access to smartphones 2020-10-15 [Iran News Wire]

Iran Tired of combatting COVID-19 without pay and support, Iranian nurses are leaving the country 2020-10-15 [Iran News Wire]

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