Labor Dispute in Central Iran Heats Up

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Reza Shahabi released on five days’ medical leave For more info 2018-02-08 [SZAC]

Labor Dispute in Central Iran Heats Up 2018-02-07 [Radio Farda]

 VIDEO  Andrew Casey speaking for solidarity with Iranian unions 2018-02-06 [Tony Brown]

Haft Tappeh strikers stop sugar distribution! For more info 2018-02-06 [SZAC]

Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane workers on strike again For more info 2018-02-03 [SZAC]

An International Workers' Union Organizing Protests Against Iran  ActNOW!  2018-02-02 [Radio Farda]

The Iranian regime is playing cat and mouse with trade unionists – take action  ActNOW!  2018-01-29 [TUC]

Haft Tapeh sugar workers in Iran now over 6 months without wages  ActNOW!  2018-01-29 [IUF]

Campaign to release the recent arrestees in Iran 2018-01-26 [CFPPI]

ITF urges Iran to release union leader Davood Razavi 2018-01-24 [ITF]

Teacher unionist Esmail Abdi sent back to prison  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [Education International ]

Pay Rise Unlikely To Improve Living Conditions In Iran 2018-01-19 [Radio Farda]

Esmail Bakhshi, Haft Tappeh workers’ representative, attacked! For more info 2018-01-18 [SZAC]

Haft Tappeh workers threaten to take over management of sugar cane complex For more info 2018-01-17 [SZAC]

Teachers Union Blames Protests On State 'Mismanagement' 2018-01-16 [RFE/RL]

Teachers Union and Independent Trade Unions Blame Regime for Nationwide Protests 2018-01-16 [Iran News Update]

Don’t believe anyone who tells you these working class protests ,’are not political ‘ 2018-01-13 [Al Jazeera]

‘Free protesters and trade unionists,’ UNISON urges Iran 2018-01-12 [UNISON]

Teachers Union Lambastes Endemic Mismanagement In Iran 2018-01-12 [Radio Farda]

AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Protests in Iran 2018-01-12 [AFT]

The New Resistance in Iran: An Interview With Frieda Afary 2018-01-12 [Truth-Out]

Warship Crashes At Caspian Port, Two Crew Missing 2018-01-11 [RFE/RL]

Education union leader Esmail Abdi released on furlough from Evin prison 2018-01-11 [Education International]

Still Hope Some Crew Members Alive On Burning Iranian Oil Tanker, Official Says 2018-01-10 [RFE/RL]

ITF urges release of ill Iranian union leader 2018-01-10 [ITF Global Union]

ITF urges release of ill Iranian union leader 2018-01-09 [ITF]

Statement on protests in Iran 2018-01-09 [ACTU]

32 Crew Still Missing On Oil Tanker at Risk of Exploding 2018-01-09 [RFE/RL]

Bus Workers Union and Sugar Workers Union put out joint statement supporting worker protests 2018-01-09 [The Iranian]

Sugar Cane Factory Workers Launch Collective Strike 2018-01-08 [Radio Farda]

Solidarity in the face of repression 2018-01-08 [IUF]

Haft Tappeh workers protest again For more info 2018-01-08 [SZAC]

What lies beneath the protests 2018-01-08 [Radio Zamaneh]

Workers demand democracy and freedom against poverty, corruption and repression 2018-01-08 [IndustriALL]

Call for demonstrations from the striking workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Co. 2018-01-07 []

Protests took many by surprise, but not labor activists 2018-01-07 [Intercept]

Statement by a number of independent labor organizations about recent protests 2018-01-07 [HRANA]

Protests from the peripheries 2018-01-07 [Radio Zamaneh]

Why the reformists haven’t joined the protests 2018-01-06 [Washington Post.]

'Bread, jobs and freedom': What is driving the protests in Iran? 2018-01-06 [Middle East Eye]

University trade unionists and student activist arrested over last few days 2018-01-06 [CHRI]

Reformists side with hard-liners – and doomed their cause 2018-01-06 [The Conversation ]

More Students Arrested In Iran As Protests Continue 2018-01-05 [Radio Farda]

Dispatch From the Uprising: Bread. Jobs. Freedom. 2018-01-05 []

Working-class protests present unique challenge to Iranian regime 2018-01-05 [The Hill]

Protests Enter Second Week As Iran Accuses U.S. Of Meddling In Its Affairs 2018-01-05 [Radio Farda]

Working-class anger in Iran shows government’s vulnerability 2018-01-05 [Washington Post]

Running under the howling bullets 2018-01-05 [Radio Zamaneh]

Revolutionary Guards use crowdsourcing techniques to get social media help to identify protestors 2018-01-05 [RFE]

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