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Bangladesh Study: Female members of coastal fishing households lack empowerment 2020-11-17 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh Solidarity with Dragon Group workers spreads across the globe 2020-10-13 [ICL]

Bangladesh Dragon Group workers assaulted by company thugs! Stop union busting and repression! 2020-10-13 [ICL]

Bangladesh Coronavirus pandemic led to an estimated 70,000 garment workers losing their factory jobs 2020-10-11 [Thomson Reuters]

Bangladesh Union win to reinstate pregnant garment workers 2020-09-28 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh Prime mover-trailer workers suspend work abstention 2020-09-13 [The New Age]

Bangladesh Container truck drivers postpone strike in Chittagong 2020-09-13 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh For Bangladesh’s Beleaguered Garment Workers, a Glimmer of Hope 2020-09-05 [Sourcing Journal]

Bangladesh International month of solidarity with the workers at Dragon Sweater Factory 2020-09-01 [ICL]

Bangladesh Returnee Bangladeshi migrants suffering due to stigma and lack of support, study says 2020-08-21 [Dhaka Tribune]

Bangladesh University turning women garment workers into leaders 2020-08-01 [al Jazeera]

Bangladesh Laid-off Bangladesh Garment Workers Rally, Win Wages, Bonus For more info 2020-07-30 [Solidarity Center]

Bangladesh Blogger Asaduzzaman Noor charged under Digital Security Act 2020-07-30 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Garment workers to graduates: Bangladeshi women aim to shake up textile sector 2020-07-27 [Reuters]

Bangladesh 34 Bangladeshi shipbreaking workers reinstated 2020-07-16 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh Bangladesh braced to receive hundreds of thousands of returnee migrant workers 2020-06-30 [Arab News]

Bangladesh Bangladesh arrests dozens after migrant workers murdered in Libya 2020-06-25 [Thomson Reuters]

Bangladesh Journalists in Dhaka protest sackings during pandemic 2020-05-26 [Dhaka Tribune]

Bangladesh Women and Youths lead online May Day Commemoration amidst pandemic lockdown 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Bangladesh Missing journalist found near border and re-arrested 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Five Journalists arrested within five days 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Accidents continue at Bangladesh shipbreaking yards 2020-05-01 [IndustriALL]

Indonesia May Day marks pain, not celebration for 2020-05-01 [570News]

Bangladesh Politician charges media under Digital Security Act 2020-04-22 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Editors and Reporters sued under Digital Security Act 2020-04-21 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Countries dealing with Covid-19 ask Bangladesh to take back its undocumented workers 2020-04-10 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh ‘Our Situation is Apocalyptic’: Bangladesh Garment Workers Face Ruin 2020-04-01 [NYTimes]

Bangladesh Bangladesh minister appeals to garment importers 2020-04-01 [CNBC]

Bangladesh Sylhet tea workers go on work abstention amid Covid-19 fear 2020-03-30 [Dhaka Tribune]

Bangladesh Most factories close gates in Bangladesh 2020-03-30 [ecotextile]

Bangladesh Fashion Brands Risk Destroying Factory “Partners”–and Their Own Goodwill 2020-03-27 [Sourcing Journal]

Bangladesh We must fight the scourge of child domestic labour 2020-03-17 [Mail & Guardian]

Bangladesh Bangladesh urged to stop worker abuse in garment industry 2020-03-13 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Bangladesh Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus Apologises for Labour Laws Violation 2020-03-12 [PTI]

Bangladesh Bangladesh' shipbreaking yards continue to claim lives 2020-02-17 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh Journalists attacked during Dhaka City elections 2020-02-17 [IFJ]

Bangladesh The human faces behind ‘fast fashion’ 2020-01-29 [Green Left Weekly]

Bangladesh Accord transition agreement signed in Bangladesh 2020-01-15 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh Jute mills workers continue hunger strike for third day 2019-12-31 [Prothom Alo]

Bangladesh 45pc tannery workers undocumented 2019-11-24 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Workers condemn Sanofi decision to leave Bangladesh 2019-10-22 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh India tour under threat after cricketers go on strike 2019-10-22 [The Hindu]

Bangladesh Death toll rises as accidents continue at Bangladesh shipbreaking yards 2019-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh The state of the unions 2019-09-20 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh 'Made in Bangladesh': Film Review 2019-09-07 [The Hollywood Reporter]

Bangladesh Bangladesh: 701 garment workers fired after Eid 2019-08-29 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh Bangaladesh accord gets life while workers organize wildcat strikes 2019-08-18 [Labor Notes]

Bangladesh Domestic workers rights in Bangladesh 2019-08-08 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Bangladesh young unionists demand greater role 2019-07-15 [IndustriALL]

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