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Bangladesh Murder of labour leader sparks protests in Gazipur 2023-06-27 [Business Post]

Bangladesh Labour leader killed returning from speaking for protesting workers in Gazipur 2023-06-26 [Dhaka Tribune]

Bangladesh Indefinite transport strike in Sunamganj postponed 2023-05-29 [The Observer]

Bangladesh Sunamganj transport workers to go on indefinite strike from 29 May 2023-05-21 [The Standard]

Bangladesh Activism, Photography and Workers’ Collective Leadership: A Conversation with Taslima Akhter 2023-05-04 [Asian Labour Review]

Bangladesh Ten years on from Rana Plaza, how much have conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry improved? 2023-04-24 [Equal Times]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza Collapse at 10 Years: Brands, Bangladesh Government Must Do More For more info 2023-04-20 [Solidarity Center]

Bangladesh Upcoming Report Details Impact of Climate Crisis, Pollution on Tannery Workers 2023-04-19 [Solidarity Center]

Bangladesh Journalist attacked and thrown off building for reporting on hill-cutting 2023-04-19 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Commuters suffer as Habiganj transport workers call indefinite strike 2023-03-19 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh Lets talk about it 2023-03-07 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Labour law to be of global standard in line with ILO advice: Law minister 2023-02-21 [TBS]

Bangladesh No justice in paying tea workers’ arrears 2023-01-29 [thedailystar]

Bangladesh Bangladesh may overtake China to be EU's biggest apparel source 2023-01-25 [aninews]

Bangladesh Police investigation underway into alleged ‘suicide’ of female journalist 2023-01-06 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Youth and women in Bangladesh vow to build more inclusive unions 2022-11-28 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh WFTU condemns the mass lay-offs of workers at Bay Textiles LTD in Bangladesh 2022-11-02 [WFTU]

Bangladesh IndustriALL calls on Bangladesh government to implement roadmap 2022-11-02 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh No sign of Danone’s “social enterprise” in Bangladesh – management hides company name instead of resolving rights abuse 2022-10-03 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Bangladesh Journalists assaulted while reporting on illegal occupation allegations 2022-09-20 [IFJ]

Bangladesh ATN News reporter and cameraperson assaulted 2022-09-08 [IFJ]

Bangladesh WFTU solidarity statement with the workers of tea gardens in Bangladesh 2022-08-26 [WFTU]

Bangladesh Demo for tk300 daily wage : Tea workers vow not to back down 2022-08-25 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Journalists assaulted by lawyers at Chittagong court 2022-08-19 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Why are the tea workers on strike? 2022-08-14 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Tea Workers on Indefinite Strike as They Await Wage Revision 2022-08-14 [Newsclick]

Bangladesh Worker dies at Bangladesh shipbreaking yard 2022-06-11 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh DBC News journalist killed in suspected stabbing 2022-06-10 [IFJ]

Bangladesh Bangladesh fire: Nearly 50 killed, hundreds injured in depot blast 2022-06-06 [BBC]

Bangladesh 'The Factory Is Green, the Job Is Not'—Garment Worker For more info 2022-04-27 [Solidarity Center]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza nine years on – A time for reflection 2022-04-24 [Just Style]

Bangladesh Nine years since Rana Plaza, it's time for NZ to stand up against modern slavery 2022-04-24 [The Spinoff]

Bangladesh 56pc Rana Plaza survivors' health condition worsens: study 2022-04-24 [The New Age]

Bangladesh Nine Years of Rana Plaza Tragedy: Survivors demand justice & compensation 2022-04-24 [DBC]

Bangladesh 9th anniversary of Rana Plaza tragedy today 2022-04-24 [Rising BD]

Bangladesh 9 years of Rana Plaza tragedy: Justice remains a far cry; victims continue to suffer 2022-04-24 [TBS]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza disaster: Trials still in infancy 6 years after charge framing 2022-04-24 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza Disaster: Has Anything Changed in Nine Years? 2022-04-24 [The Daily Sun]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza survivors: Alive and accursed 2022-04-24 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh Ensuring safety of garment workers demanded 2022-04-24 [The New Age]

Bangladesh Garmant factory safety 'improving slightly' 2022-04-24 [Deutsche Welle]

Bangladesh Over half of Rana Plaza survivors' health deteriorated: Survey 2022-04-24 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza collapse survivors must not be left ignored 2022-04-24 [The New Age]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza Murder Trial: Only 1 out of 594 witnesses testified so far 2022-04-24 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza collapse: Nine years on, what does the future of workwear production look like? 2022-04-24 [SHP]

Bangladesh 9th anniversary of Rana Plaza tragedy today 2022-04-24 [Financial Express]

Bangladesh How Rana Plaza tragedy shaped Bangladesh's mental health 2022-04-24 [The Daily Star]

Bangladesh Dinajpur transport workers call off strike 2022-04-21 [The Tribune]

Bangladesh Rana Plaza: from tragedy to an International Accord to make garment factories safe 2022-04-21 [IndustriALL]

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