Climate strikes: how to take part and how trade unions can help

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Climate strikes: how to take part and how trade unions can help 2019-09-19 [The Conversation]

First major international #MeToo conference 2019-09-19 [The Guardian]

Reasserting the rights and duties of journalists with the IFJ’s new Global Charter of Ethics 2019-09-19 [Equal Times]

Global climate strike 20-27 September 2019 2019-09-19 [ITF]

Education at a Glance 2019 shows governments must accelerate progress towards SDG 4 and quality education for all 2019-09-18 [Education International]

UN Special Rapporteur: education is a crucial tool to combat severe abuses of human rights 2019-09-18 [Education International]

New study shows how education policies impact students, teachers and principals 2019-09-18 [Education International]

IUF and AccorInvest agreement on fighting sexual harassment 2019-09-18 [IUF]

2019 OECD Business and Finance Outlook – Self-declared top-down approaches will not deliver trust 2019-09-18 [TUAC]

UN General Assembly endorses ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work 2019-09-18 [ILO]

Engineering the future: mechanical engineering unions confront challenges 2019-09-16 [IndustriALL]

Unions protest Coca-Cola's serial human rights violations at company-hosted conference 2019-09-16 [IUF]

Countries heed call to ratify labour conventions 2019-09-16 [ILO]

ITF continues to build relationship with global pilots’ federation 2019-09-16 [ITF]

Outsourced drivers take fight for rights to Rio Tinto 2019-09-16 [ITF]

California AB 5 law: now we need a global law for ‘gig’ workers 2019-09-16 [ITF]

Ontario At Foodora, A New Twist In Battle Over Contract Labor 2019-09-14 [Yahoo]

World Day for Decent Work, 7 October 2019 – “Investing in care for gender equality” 2019-09-13 [IAMAW]

Activists urged to spam Uniqlo over jobless factory workers 2019-09-13 [Ecotextile]

'We Must Be Bolder Than Ever': Labor Federation Representing 30 Million Workers Calls on All Unions to Join Global Climate Strike 2019-09-13 [Common Dreams]

G20 Labour and Employment Ministers choose to narrow agenda despite global employment and wages crisis for people 2019-09-12 [TUAC]

Education at a Glance 2019 – TUAC assessment 2019-09-12 [TUAC]

ILO launches Global Media Competition on Labour Migration 2019-09-12 [ILO]

Airfares soar by up to 2100% as British Airways grounds planes 2019-09-12 [The New Daily]

Detention of Vessel in Port of Brisbane Exposes Rampant Exploitation of Foreign Seafarers 2019-09-12 [MUA]

Global Climate Strike 2019-09-12 [MUA]

The long and winding road to respecting workers’ rights in supply chains 2019-09-12 [Equal Times]

The long and winding road to respecting workers’ rights in supply chains 2019-09-12 [Equal Times]

50 million companies and 209 million workers urge governments to accelerate SDG 2019-09-11 [ITUC]

Behind the Controller: video game workers unite! 2019-09-10 [The Quad]

Justice for Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi workers and their union - tell the government of Pakistan to respect the ILO and freedom of association! 2019-09-09 [IUF]

Global Climate Strikes to Take Place in 117 countries 2019-09-09 [PV Magazine]

Unions must join the Global Climate Strike to avert a climate catastrophe 2019-09-05 [Equal Times]

App Capitalism 2019-09-03 [NACLA]

The invisible workplace accident rate 2019-09-02 [Equal Times]

Ecosocialism and Just Transition 2019-09-02 [The Bullet / John Bellamy Foster]

EI calls on Employment and Labour Ministers in G20 countries to refocus on education 2019-08-31 [EI]

The Trump administration started by going after LGBT families. Now it’s some military families 2019-08-30 [LGBTNation]

What Do New Citizenship Rules For Kids Of U.S. Military, Workers Abroad Mean? 2019-08-30 [NPR]

Climate crisis is union business 2019-08-30 [Green Left Weekly]

Amazon: Global resistance to Bolsonaro's destruction 2019-08-30 [ITUC]

YouTubers of the world unite! 2019-08-24 [Deutsche Welle]

Amazon fires: Educators join in global outcry and demand responsible environmental policies 2019-08-24 [EI]

Here’s why trade unions should practice foresight to shape the future of work 2019-08-22 [Equal Times]

G7 Biarritz Summit: The workplace equality challenge 2019-08-22 [ILO]

B7-L7 Declaration/ Déclaration B7-L7 2019-08-21 [TUAC]

The Progressive Package: Getting Unions Behind Basic Income 2019-08-21 [EGJ]

Overseas Koreans show solidarity for dismissed Samsung worker in aerial protest 2019-08-20 [Hankyoreh]

Japanese students bring message of peace, nuclear disarmament, and hope to UNI 2019-08-20 [UNI Global Union]

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17-09-1871 International Workingmen’s Association begins conference in London, though attendance disrupted by Franco-Prussian war. [more]