Pactics factory workers become latest to go on strike in Siem Reap

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Unions boycott discussion on Labor Law amendments 2020-09-15 [Camboja News]

Inadequate minimum wage increase hits workers hard 2020-09-14 [IndustriALL]

Thousands of workers protest over unpaid wages, biggest dispute with Y&W Garment 2020-09-12 [VOD English]

Ministry upholds firing of union leader, activist at Siem Reap factory 2020-09-12 [Camboja News]

Garment worker minimum wage increases $2 2020-09-11 [Sourcing Journal]

Pactics Factory Strike on Hold, Awaiting the Labor Minister’s Decision 2020-09-09 [Cambodia Daily]

Proposed law to clean up Phnom Penh streets criticized for impacting thousands of street vendors 2020-09-09 [DW]

Factory workers seek help as ministry says owner did not file notice 2020-09-09 [Cambodia Daily]

Government plans to control and monitor online traffic 2020-09-07 [IFJ]

Talks to set garment industry minimum wage begin 2020-09-06 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodian workers in Europe’s fast fashion supply chains face tough future 2020-09-02 [EU Reporter]

Pactics factory workers become latest to go on strike in Siem Reap 2020-09-02 [The Daily]

Stop union busting in your supply chain in Cambodia, Dunnes Store told 2020-08-28 [IndustriALL]

Join the campaign to free jailed union leaders  ActNOW!  2020-08-28 [Education International]

ITUC Calls on Cambodia to Stop Repressing Unions and Release Detained Union Leaders  ActNOW!  2020-08-26 [ITUC]

Cambodian Labor Confederation president concerned after clothing brands threaten to pull out over new coal plants 2020-08-20 [Radio Free Asia]

Call for release of union leader arrested for inciting social unrest 2020-08-18 [IFJ]

Asia Pacific unions demand Cambodian government release Rong Chhun 2020-08-12 [IndustriALL]

EU sanctions Cambodia's garment and footwear sector 2020-08-12 [Nikkei Asian Review]

Education International calls for the immediate release of arrested trade union leader 2020-08-07 [Education International]

4 more activists arrested as families continue to call for Rong Chhun's release 2020-08-06 [Cambodia Daily]

Talks over labor dispute at Siem Reap hotel break down 2020-08-06 [Cambodia Daily]

Police warn Rong Chhun’s supporters to cease protests 2020-08-04 [The Cambodia Daily]

Free Prominent Trade Union Leader - Drop Fabricated Charges Against Rong Chhun 2020-08-04 [Human Rights Watch]

NSSF seeks more ways to improve worker road safety 2020-07-29 [Khmer Times]

Supreme Court decides on key cases against media workers 2020-07-19 [IFJ]

Pregnant women and local union leader reinstated in Cambodia 2020-07-08 [IndustriALL]

Newspaper publisher arrested following criticisms of prime minister 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

Laid Off Cambodian Entertainment Workers Petition Government For Coronavirus Relief 2020-06-27 [The Union-Journal]

724 workers, including pregnant women, dismissed at Cambodia garment factory 2020-06-20 [IndustriALL]

724 workers, including pregnant women, dismissed at Cambodia garment factory 2020-06-18 [IndustriALL]

 VIDEO  Union win! Sister Soy Sros release from prison in Cambodia after LabourStart campaign 2020-05-30 [IndustriALL]

Cambodian unionist released from jail 2020-05-30 [IndustriALL]

Victory for workers at Cambodian cement company linked to LafargeHolcim 2020-05-28 [BWI]

Over 600 workers demand missing wages 2020-05-27 [Khmer Times]

Jailed union leader in Cambodia must immediately be released!  ActNOW!  2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

Online campaign on ILO Conventions 190 and 183 2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

Government should immediately release union leader  ActNOW!  2020-05-17 [IndustriALL]

Journalists often risk their own safety just to do their jobs 2020-05-03 [IFJ]

Cambodian garment workers need support from brands 2020-04-18 [IndustriALL]

Parliament approves “state emergency” law amid the pandemic 2020-04-15 [IFJ]

Journalist arrested for reporting Hun Sen’s advice on Covid-19 2020-04-11 [IFJ]

Unions petition intervention for suspended workers 2020-04-09 [khmertimeskh]

Garment Workers Strike Over Unpaid Wages Amid Virus Pandemic 2020-04-01 [VOD]

Cambodian garment workers strike over unpaid wages amid COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-30 [Globalvoices]

Mission to Cambodia-a Country Fully Integrated by China 2020-03-19 [HKCTU]

Workers in Cambodia and Myanmar hit hard by Coronavirus fall-out 2020-03-12 [IndustriALL]

Factory workers resume protests, defy Arbitration Council’s decision 2020-03-10 [The Post]

About 300 workers protest to get sacked union reps reinstated 2020-03-10 [The Times]

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