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Today's news - Oregon

Dozens speak against proposed OSHA rules affecting farm workers 2017-12-12 [KDRV]

New Seasons workers allege retaliation, union-busting 2017-12-08 [Oregon Live]

New Seasons employees continue push to unionize, file complaint against the company 2017-12-08 [KGW]

Union adds voice to Les Schwab Tire Center lawsuit 2017-12-05 [The Bulletin]

TriMet Workers Approve Proposed Labor Contract 2017-11-30 [OPB]

Portland laundry company workers strike for wage increase, affordable health care costs 2017-11-28 [KATU]

Rules Would Undo Changes to Union Hiring Hall Wage Calculations 2017-11-17 [Work Comp]

Urgent Care employees await a union decision 2017-11-09 [Eugene Weekly]

State to require businesses to give workers their schedules sooner 2017-10-30 [Wash Examiner]

Lane Cty restores some health and veteran services as AFSMCE strike hits second week 2017-10-24 [Register-Guard]

Rain, hail, sleet, snow — it does not matter to us: Lane County Strike continues 2017-10-22 [KVAL]

Univ of OR LERC celebrates 40 years of support for labor 2017-10-04 [nwLaborPress]

County Strike 2017-09-28 [Eugene Weekly]

Inside Warren Buffett’s Precision Castparts, a Union Scores a Foothold 2017-09-25 [Bloomberg]

Operating Engineers Local 701 returns to Building Trades 2017-08-31 [nwLaborPress]

 VIDEO Union workers protest realty company for cutting jobs in Portland bank building 2017-08-26 [KGW]

Local urgent care workers vote to join SEIU, but outcome is under review 2017-08-19 [Register-Guard]

Portland postal workers rally to save jobs and service 2017-08-04 [Save the Post Office]

State, union agree to pay raises for most government workers 2017-08-03 [Oregon Line]

Immigrant workers rally in NE Portland to shed light on problems in construction industry 2017-07-29 [Erie News New]

Retail workers celebrate scheduling law 2017-07-08 [The Bulletin]

Union may use ballot as bargaining chip to force vote on corporate tax increase 2017-06-07 [Oregon Live]

Former Trump Secy-of-Labor nominee Andy Puzder to speak at anti-union fundraiser in Portland 2017-06-05 [nwLaborPress]

14 arrested as pro-Trump rally draws massive counter-protests in Portland 2017-06-05 [Chicago Tribune]

Huge win for homecare workers 2017-06-03 [SEIU Local 503]

Teachers union files multi-billion dollar corporate tax initiative 2017-06-02 [Oregon Live]

Portland May Day 2017 — Official Response 2017-05-30 [IWW]

Mexican-made Nabisco boycott continues, and so does union standoff 2017-05-20 [nwLaborPress]

Anne Gurney fights for union members rights 2017-05-07 [News-Review]

Nurses, Physicians and Hospitals Respond to House Vote on AHCA 2017-05-05 [Sstate of Reform]

Fearing a worker shortage, farmers push back on immigration 2017-04-24 [StarTribune]

Immigration officers detain 10 workers in Woodburn area, activist says 2017-03-01 [Oregonian]

Panel: Unions must be part of public pension resolution 2017-02-19 [Pamplin Media]

Burgerville Workers Union Serves Up Resistance and Hamburgers 2017-02-06 [Portland Occupier]

Need better candidates? Grow your own 2017-01-18 [Labor Notes]

Higher Seattle Minimum Wage Hasn't Hurt Restaurant Jobs Growth After A Year 2017-01-11 [Forbes]

Long Day AND Long Week? For Factory Workers, Double the Pay 2017-01-05 [AFL-CIO]

Opening Shot in Battle Against Extreme CEO Pay 2016-12-09 [Common Dreams]

AFL-CIO, one of Oregon's largest union groups, vows to fight against rising tide of racism 2016-12-06 [Oregonian]

Housing state of emergency: AFL-CIO will be working as part of the Stable Homes for Oregon Families Coalition 2016-12-02 [nwLaborPress]

Election night yields mixed scorecard for labor 2016-11-16 [nwLaborPress]

City, labor unions agree to contracts 2016-10-31 [Mail Tribune]

Daimler and unions reach agreement on a new 5-year contract at the Portland truck plant 2016-10-30 [nwLaborPress]

Umatilla County deadlocked with union in labor negotiations 2016-10-28 [East Oregonian]

Fast food union empties out Burgerville – on game night 2016-10-26 [nwLaborPress]

Tentative Agreement Reached Between Lane Community College and Labor Union 2016-10-25 [KEZI]

Jeld-Wen workers reject chance to go union 2016-10-21 [nwLaborPress]

Five corporate lies (and two truths) about Measure 97 2016-10-21 [nwLaborPress]

Local labor union members are running for public office 2016-10-19 [nwLaborPress]

Roseburg Forest Products workers rally over contract dispute 2016-09-23 [Register-Guard]

This month in labour history

1-12-1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott. [more]

5-12-1955 The two main union federations in the USA merge to form the AFL-CIO, electing George Meany as president, [more]

6-12-1907 The worst mining disaster in American history occurs when an explosion in a Monongah mine in West Virginia kills 361 miners. [more]

8-12-1886 The American Federation of Labor (AFL) is founded by 26 craft unions. Samuel Gompers is elected president. [more]

13-12-1924 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, dies. [more]

14-12-1995 Boeing machinists in the US win a pay rise and an imporved health plan after a 69 day strike. [more]

19-12-1907 A group of 239 coal miners die during a mine explosion in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania. [more]

21-12-1916 Emma Tenayuca, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

21-12-1919 Emma Goldman is deported to Russia as part of a post-war crackdown on union and left-wing activists. [more]

23-12-1908 AFL officers are found in contempt of court for urging a labor boycott of Buck's Stove and Range Co. in St Louis. [more]

24-12-1913 The Italian Hall Disaster in Calumet, Michigan, results in the death of 73 Christmas party goers held by striking miners. [more]

24-12-1913 Seventy three striking miners and their families die in a stampede at the Italian Hall in Calumet, Michigan, after an unknown man enters shouting 'Fire!' [more]

26-12-1877 First national convention of the Socialist Labor Party, the first Marxist party founded in the USA. [more]

30-12-1936 The United Auto Workers union stages its first sit-down strike. [more]

30-12-1936 The most famous of the Depression-era "sit down" strikes in the US begins at GM's Fisher Body plant in Flint, Michigan. [more]

31-12-1969 Rank-and-file UMWA activist Jock Yablonski is murdered along with his family by hitmen acting on the orders of union president. [more]