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Today's news - Michigan

 VIDEO Challenge to Munson Medical Center Results in Nurses Vote for Union 2017-08-12 [9&10 News]

Labor Voices: Michigan needs better trade deal than NAFTA 2017-08-09 [Detroit News]

Building Bridges: Herb Boyd's Black Detroit: A People's History of Self-Determination For more info 2017-08-03 [WBAI Radio]

Detroit charter school teachers get tough news: Their school was in debt so they won’t get paid 2017-07-28 [Chalkbeat]

Prevailing wage foes on track 2017-07-28 [Detroit News]

Hurley nurses pushing back as labor negotiations break down 2017-07-26 [Detroit Free Press]

Ann Arbor teacher union fee violated RTW law, judge says--union membership dropped significantly in 2014, first full year under RTW 2017-07-25 [Ann Arbor News]

Make NAFTA work for us 2017-07-12 [Detroit News]

Goat vs. Union at Western MI Univ 2017-07-10 [Inside Higher Ed]

Detroit firefighters union says city bought wrong body armor 2017-07-07 [The Herald-Courier]

 VIDEO Nurses, pharmacists at Flint's Hurley Hospital awaiting negotiations for new contract 2017-06-21 [Detroit Free Press]

This Transgender Woman Is Suing McDonald's For Discrimination 2017-06-15 [BuzzFeed]

Union workers cite danger at St. Marys Cement Plant 2017-06-02 [Interlochen PR]

Republicans to Working Families: Drop Dead 2017-05-08 [MI AFL-CIO]

134 workers died on the job in 2015 2017-04-29 [Michigan Radio]

Amazon Delivery Drivers Join Teamsters Local 337 in Detroit 2017-04-22 [Teamsters]

Labor Voices: Legislature must fix unemployment system 2017-04-12 [Detroit News]

Faculty, staff labor unions at Central MI Univ are calling for a movement to oppose layoffs 2017-04-12 [Central MI Life]

Grad Employees Org votes for walkout, hosts sit-in at Union 2017-04-11 [MI Daily]

Judge Blocks Seattle’s Plan to Unionize Uber 2017-04-08 [IWF]

Wayne County road worker dies after 2 workers hit by county vehicle while patching road in Taylor 2017-03-24 [Click on Detroit]

General Motors will lay off 1,100 workers at auto plant 2017-03-07 [MSN]

State-worker unions respond to unfriendly environment 2017-03-06 [Lansing State Jrnl]

University graduate students seek compensation for diversity labor 2017-02-24 [The MI Caily]

UAW's Dennis Williams: Trump Immigration Policies 'Dangerous' And 'Un-American' 2017-02-23 [WIN]

5th grade charter school teacher Mika Yamamoto, fired from Michigan’s Renaissance Public School Academy, where she was the only teacher of color, claims she was told by her principal, “The community is not ready for your voice. 2017-02-20 [I can't escape this blog]

80th Anniversary Of The UAW Strike That Changed The U.S. Auto Industry Forever 2017-02-12 [Benzinga]

Michigan To Axe More Public Employee Pensions And Medical Benefits 2017-02-07 [WIN]

Michigan leads effort to shift workers away from pensions 2017-02-07 [Lansing State Jrnl]

State leads effort to shift workers away from pensions 2017-02-06 [Seattle Times]

Dingell joins families and labor leaders to highlight impact of Affordable Care Ac 2017-01-09 [MI Chronicle]

UAW Applauds Ford's Decision To Invest In US Instead Of Mexico 2017-01-04 [WIN]

Labor’s lame duck victories here offer a blueprint for the battles ahead 2016-12-23 [Eclecta Blog]

1,270 factory workers learn GM will cut 2nd shift at auto plant 2016-12-22 [MLive]

White Resentment on the Night Shift at Walmart 2016-12-18 [NYTimes]

Metro Detroit labor community to help unemployed and underemployed workers with distribution of more than 1,100 food baskets and turkeys 2016-12-18 [Teamsters Local 209]

Grand Rapids cements contract with biggest union after 2 failed attempts 2016-12-14 [mlive Michigan]

Residents, workers deal with winter at Flint water sites 2016-12-13 [ABC]

Longtime staffers among newsroom departures at Detroit News, Free Press 2016-12-11 [Crain's]

Workers will get a raise on Jan. 1 - if they're paid minimum wage 2016-12-06 [MLive]

Police, fire call plan to cut health care unconscionable 2016-12-06 [Albany Times Union]

Unions vow to fight as lawmakers consider limiting municipal worker retirement benefits 2016-12-05 [Crain's Detroit Biz]

Teacher retirement may be target of lame-duck lawmakers 2016-11-29 [Detroit News]

Detroit News offers buyouts to all editorial employees 2016-11-17 [Crains ]

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to march on Detroit union hall against AFL-CIO 2016-11-16 [MLive]

IBEW and UWUA Workers Urge Passage of Nofs-Proos Energy Package 2016-11-08 [IBEW]

Dearborn charter school settles labor complaint, will pay $106,000 2016-10-07 [Albany Times Union]

Why Canadian auto labor talks matter for Michigan workers 2016-08-25 [Detroit Free Press]

Trump speech Ironic, deceitful and simply offensive 2016-08-08 [AFL-CIO]

Labor Voices: Michigan GOP leaders must reject Trump 2016-08-10 [Detroit News]

This month in labour history

3-08-1981 The PATCO strike begins, effectively shutting down air travel in the US. 2 days later President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and broke the union. [more]

4-08-1997 185,000 members of the Teamsters begin a successful 15-day strike at UPS. [more]

7-08-1890 Birth of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, IWW organiser and founder of the ACLU. [more]

7-08-1919 Actors Equity becomes a recognised union after stagehands honour actors' picket lines. [more]

10-08-1935 Transport workers in New York descend on a courthouse with money from their own pockets to bail out Mike Quill, their president, arrested after attending a picket line. [more]

17-08-1918 95 members of the IWW were jailed for resistance to the First World War. [more]

25-08-1925 The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, is founded. [more]

25-08-1950 President Truman ordered the federal government to seize control of the railroads in order to prevent a planned strike by 1.7m union members. [more]

29-08-1921 West Virginia miners marching to free their imprisoned comrades face state forces and private detectives in the five-day "Battle of Blair Mountain." [more]