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Today's news - Indiana

Sanders tells supporters US needs an economy for all 2017-08-22 [Albany Times Union]

Sanders plans jobs rally with union leader in Indianapolis 2017-08-17 [Daily Herald]

Trump Race Remarks, Folded Councils 'Last Straw' For Indiana Labor 2017-08-17 [WFYI]

Trump tried to save their jobs. These workers are quitting anyway. 2017-08-16 [Washington Post]

What the Layoffs Look Like at the Carrier Plant Trump Said He Would Save 2017-07-25 [New Yorker]

Ultra Foods to lay off 139 workers in Highland 2017-07-25 [NWI.com]

Retirement bittersweet for union boss who challenged Trump 2017-07-04 [CBS]

Retirement 'bittersweet' for union leader who challenged Trump 2017-07-03 [ABC]

Air conditioning plant to send 700 jobs President Trump bragged about saving to Mexico 2017-06-23 [NYDaily News]

Remember the Carrier jobs Trump *saved*? Company announces 600 layoffs before Christmas 2017-05-29 [Newsweek]

Memorial Day Massacre deaths echo 80 years later 2017-05-27 [NWI]

Carrier Sends Jobs to Mexico, Workers Say Trump Misled Them 2017-05-26 [Daily Beast]

Lafayette AT&T workers go on strike 2017-05-20 [WLFI]

As waves of stores close, what's next for retail workers? 2017-05-19 [IndyStar]

Republican Leader Admits Prevailing Wage Repeal Hasn't Saved Money 2017-05-11 [AFL-CIO]

Another FedEx Worker Misclassification Case Settled for $227 million 2017-05-10 [Talent Wave]

Infosys plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers after Trump targets outsourcing firms 2017-05-02 [Reuters]

State House panel advances measure on teacher unions 2017-03-23 [RTV]

Bill Would Could Affect Teacher Union Representation 2017-03-22 [WIBQ]

Union workers at SUMCO on strike for more than 24 hours For more info 2017-03-11 [WISH]

Local UAW workers vote to end labor lockout with Honeywell 2017-02-26 [WNDU]

Union membership grew last year 2017-02-05 [NWI]

Rexnord petition asks governor to help save jobs 2017-02-03 [Statehouse File]

At the Birthplace of Auto Workers' Sit-Down Strikes, Locked Out for Eight Months and Counting 2017-01-13 [Labour Notes]

Chuck Jones is a union leader, not a “union boss” 2016-12-24 [Wash Post]

Workers at plant feel forgotten by Trump 2016-12-13 [Leader-Telegram]

Workers at endangered plant feel forgotten by Trump 2016-12-11 [Salon]

USW Affirms Only 730 Union Positions to Remain in Indianapolis. Up to 1,300 Carrier Jobs Still Leaving Indiana for Mexico 2016-12-10 [USW]

Steelworkers stand behind union president in Trump spat 2016-12-09 [WTHR]

USW 1999: Trump 'Lied His Ass Off' - Carrier Sends 550 Jobs To Mexico, Gets $7M 2016-12-08 [Workers Independent News]

Donald Trump just insulted a union leader on Twitter. Then the phone started to ring. 2016-12-08 [Washington Post]

Trump slams union boss representing Carrier workers 2016-12-08 [NY Post]

Carrier union leader slams Trump for exaggerating factory deal 2016-12-07 [The Star]

He ‘lied his a– off': Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal 2016-12-07 [Washington Post]

Steelworkers Union president slams Trump for ‘lying his ass off’ about Carrier deal 2016-12-07 [Raw Story]

Carrier, Fresh Off Trump Talks, Increases Prices on Higher Costs 2016-12-06 [Newsmax]

Purdue University employees in flux amid overtime suspension 2016-12-05 [Albany Times Union]

Is the Trump deal with Carrier a form of crony capitalism? 2016-12-04 [US Examiner]

Carrier's Indianapolis workers don't expect pay cuts, but 600 will lose their jobs 2016-12-03 [IndyStar]

Bernie Sanders denounces Trump’s Carrier deal for endangering the jobs of workers who were previously safe 2016-12-03 [Salon]

Bernie Sanders calls out Trump over Carrier deal in Washington Post op-ed. Sanders says Trumps deal with Carrier Corporation sets a dangerous precedent 2016-12-02 [The Star]

The bad economics of Trump’s Carrier deal 2016-12-02 [AEI]

Sanders is right: Donald Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Company Plans Mexico Move 2016-12-02 [WBT]

As Trump claims to have saved Carrier jobs, scant details emerge 2016-12-01 [Chicago Tribune]

Locked Out UAW Honeywell Workers Reject Latest Concession Offer 2016-11-15 [Workers Independent News]

Locked out for six months, Union workers vote to reject Honeywell contract 2016-11-14 [South Bend Tribune]

Despite Opposition, Unions Hope Trump Can Help 2016-11-14 [WBOI]

In GOP Country, a Small Labor Organization Offers a Model for Fighting Trumpism 2016-11-05 [The Nation]

Have locked-out Honeywell workers in South Bend lost too much to recoup? Honeywell stalemate takes toll on UAW members 2016-10-30 [South Bend Tribune]

Rexford says it plans to move Indianapolis work to Mexico 2016-10-15 [Albany Times Union]

This month in labour history

3-08-1981 The PATCO strike begins, effectively shutting down air travel in the US. 2 days later President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and broke the union. [more]

4-08-1997 185,000 members of the Teamsters begin a successful 15-day strike at UPS. [more]

7-08-1890 Birth of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, IWW organiser and founder of the ACLU. [more]

7-08-1919 Actors Equity becomes a recognised union after stagehands honour actors' picket lines. [more]

10-08-1935 Transport workers in New York descend on a courthouse with money from their own pockets to bail out Mike Quill, their president, arrested after attending a picket line. [more]

17-08-1918 95 members of the IWW were jailed for resistance to the First World War. [more]

25-08-1925 The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, is founded. [more]

25-08-1950 President Truman ordered the federal government to seize control of the railroads in order to prevent a planned strike by 1.7m union members. [more]

29-08-1921 West Virginia miners marching to free their imprisoned comrades face state forces and private detectives in the five-day "Battle of Blair Mountain." [more]