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Today's news - Indiana

Lafayette AT&T workers go on strike 2017-05-20 [WLFI]

As waves of stores close, what's next for retail workers? 2017-05-19 [IndyStar]

Republican Leader Admits Prevailing Wage Repeal Hasn't Saved Money 2017-05-11 [AFL-CIO]

Another FedEx Worker Misclassification Case Settled for $227 million 2017-05-10 [Talent Wave]

Infosys plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers after Trump targets outsourcing firms 2017-05-02 [Reuters]

State House panel advances measure on teacher unions 2017-03-23 [RTV]

Bill Would Could Affect Teacher Union Representation 2017-03-22 [WIBQ]

Union workers at SUMCO on strike for more than 24 hours For more info 2017-03-11 [WISH]

Local UAW workers vote to end labor lockout with Honeywell 2017-02-26 [WNDU]

Union membership grew last year 2017-02-05 [NWI]

Rexnord petition asks governor to help save jobs 2017-02-03 [Statehouse File]

At the Birthplace of Auto Workers' Sit-Down Strikes, Locked Out for Eight Months and Counting 2017-01-13 [Labour Notes]

Chuck Jones is a union leader, not a “union boss” 2016-12-24 [Wash Post]

Workers at plant feel forgotten by Trump 2016-12-13 [Leader-Telegram]

Workers at endangered plant feel forgotten by Trump 2016-12-11 [Salon]

USW Affirms Only 730 Union Positions to Remain in Indianapolis. Up to 1,300 Carrier Jobs Still Leaving Indiana for Mexico 2016-12-10 [USW]

Steelworkers stand behind union president in Trump spat 2016-12-09 [WTHR]

USW 1999: Trump 'Lied His Ass Off' - Carrier Sends 550 Jobs To Mexico, Gets $7M 2016-12-08 [Workers Independent News]

Donald Trump just insulted a union leader on Twitter. Then the phone started to ring. 2016-12-08 [Washington Post]

Trump slams union boss representing Carrier workers 2016-12-08 [NY Post]

Carrier union leader slams Trump for exaggerating factory deal 2016-12-07 [The Star]

He ‘lied his a– off': Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal 2016-12-07 [Washington Post]

Steelworkers Union president slams Trump for ‘lying his ass off’ about Carrier deal 2016-12-07 [Raw Story]

Carrier, Fresh Off Trump Talks, Increases Prices on Higher Costs 2016-12-06 [Newsmax]

Purdue University employees in flux amid overtime suspension 2016-12-05 [Albany Times Union]

Is the Trump deal with Carrier a form of crony capitalism? 2016-12-04 [US Examiner]

Carrier's Indianapolis workers don't expect pay cuts, but 600 will lose their jobs 2016-12-03 [IndyStar]

Bernie Sanders denounces Trump’s Carrier deal for endangering the jobs of workers who were previously safe 2016-12-03 [Salon]

Bernie Sanders calls out Trump over Carrier deal in Washington Post op-ed. Sanders says Trumps deal with Carrier Corporation sets a dangerous precedent 2016-12-02 [The Star]

The bad economics of Trump’s Carrier deal 2016-12-02 [AEI]

Sanders is right: Donald Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Company Plans Mexico Move 2016-12-02 [WBT]

As Trump claims to have saved Carrier jobs, scant details emerge 2016-12-01 [Chicago Tribune]

Locked Out UAW Honeywell Workers Reject Latest Concession Offer 2016-11-15 [Workers Independent News]

Locked out for six months, Union workers vote to reject Honeywell contract 2016-11-14 [South Bend Tribune]

Despite Opposition, Unions Hope Trump Can Help 2016-11-14 [WBOI]

In GOP Country, a Small Labor Organization Offers a Model for Fighting Trumpism 2016-11-05 [The Nation]

Have locked-out Honeywell workers in South Bend lost too much to recoup? Honeywell stalemate takes toll on UAW members 2016-10-30 [South Bend Tribune]

Rexford says it plans to move Indianapolis work to Mexico 2016-10-15 [Albany Times Union]

Workers Compensation insurance rates to drop 2016-10-09 [WOWO]

Democrats, union workers blast Pence ahead of rally: Cite his vote against 2008 auto bailout 2016-10-08 [The Blade]

Honeywell workers say 4-month lockout aims to destroy union: It is corporate greed 2016-10-04 [Guardian]

Welder Who Died At Gary Steel Mill Thought His Workplace Was ‘Getting Dangerous,’ Wife Says 2016-10-02 [CBS]

UAW Willing To Set More Bargaining Sessions As Honeywell Lockout Continues 2016-09-19 [Workers Independent News]

WIN In-Depth Report: Locked Out Honeywell Workers Look to September Talks For Possible Settlement 2016-09-01 [Workers Independent News]

Day 115 For Locked Out UAW Indiana Honeywell Workers 2016-09-01 [Workers Independent News]

Locked out Honeywell workers still waiting for agreement 2016-08-06 [WSBT]

Carrier reaches severance agreement with displaced employees 2016-08-04 [Fox]

13 Investigates: Union workers and teachers protest ALEC convention in Indianapolis 2016-07-30 [WTHR]

State Nurses Association files unfair labor practice charge 2016-07-07 [Trib Live]

UAW rallies to support locked-out Honeywell workers 2016-07-01 [South Bend Tribune]

This month in labour history

4-05-1886 A bomb is thrown during a demonstration against police violence in Haymarket Square, Chicago. The ensuing police riot and trials of anarchists, known as the Haymarket affair, eventually give birth to May Day as international workers' day. [more]

5-05-1886 Nine striking workers are shot dead by the National Guard at the Rolling Mills Steel Factory in Bay View, Milwaukee [more]

6-05-1935 The Works Progress Administration is established by executive order - it will provide work for millions of Americans. [more]

6-05-1937 Four hundred tobacco workers, earning just $3 per week, stage a walkout in Richmond, Virginia [more]

8-05-1926 A. Philip Randolph founds the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. [more]

9-05-1913 The garment workers strike at Cohoes could become an international incident after it emerges that Italian migrant workers are being forced to break the strike. [more]

11-05-1894 Three thousands Pullman railroad workers in Chicago begin a wildcat strike. [more]

12-05-1902 John Mitchell of the UMWA cals for a national strike, beginning the Anthracite Coal Strike which will last five months. [more]

13-05-1893 Western Federation of Miners formed in Butte, Montana. [more]

13-05-1980 Douglas Fraser of the UAW becomes the first union representative on the board a major US corporation after Chystler's stockholders vote him on. [more]

19-05-1920 A gun battle between the people of Matewan and Baldwin Felts detectives leaves ten people dead. [more]

22-05-1942 In Cleveland the Steelworkers Organizing Committee voted to become a union: the United Steelworkers of America [more]

25-05-1946 President Truman comes within three minutes of drafting the nation's railroad workers into the army to suppress a proposed strike, but the union leaders and employers settle just before the presiden't ultimatum comes into effect. [more]

26-05-1937 UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union. [more]

28-05-1946 Workers in Rochester, New York, stage a successful one day general strike for the right to form unions. [more]

29-05-1990 The Justice for Janitors strike of ISS cleaners in Los Angeles begins. [more]

30-05-1937 Ten workers are shot dead by Chicago police during a strike at the Republic Steel Mill. [more]

31-05-1921 The Sacco and Vanzetti trial begins in Dedham, Massachusetts. [more]