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Today's news - Rajasthan

CITU condemns police repression on the workers of Japanese companies at Neemrana, Rajistan 2019-02-08 [CITU ]

Workers, police clash at Daikin's Neemrana factory, several injured 2019-01-08 [PTI]

Strikes abound, as CM, ministers busy with poll campaign 2018-09-27 [The Times]

Raj transport workers' strike enters ninth day 2018-09-25 [The Business Standard]

Buses off roads 2018-09-18 [The Hindu]

4,500 Rajasthan Buses To Remain Off Roads Today As Employees Strike 2018-09-17 [NDTV]

2-day strike by RSRTC workers starts from midnight 2018-07-25 [The Times]

'Our fingers bleed': India's female miners toil over sandstone for the UK 2018-07-05 [The Guardian]

Handloom Workers Continue their Strike, Demand Better Working Conditions 2018-06-26 [Newsclick]

Adivasi Women Are Coming Together to Assert Their Rights 2018-06-11 [The Wire]

Labourers ‘unite’ to fight for higher minimum wages 2018-05-03 [The Hindu]

Ambulance workers’ strike enters third day 2018-03-31 [The Herald]

 VIDEO Ambulance workers end strike; MoU on salary hike 2018-03-23 [The Times]

The Protracted struggle of Daikin workers enters penultimate phase 2018-01-11 [tnlabour.in]

Ghadei tears into Tata Steel over plight of workers 2017-11-19 [The Express]

50,000 Rajasthan workers to join rally in Delhi 2017-11-14 [The Times]

Doctors end 7-day strike after 'successful' talks with government 2017-11-13 [News Nation Bureau ]

Unorganized workers join hands to form union 2017-10-29 [The Times]

Cops go on mass leave over pay cut rumours 2017-10-18 [ENS]

Police unhappy with proposed cut in wages 2017-10-17 [DNA]

Lack of Basic Facilities, Underpaid and Overworked Workers Plague Rajasthan’s Anganwadis 2017-10-08 [The Wire]

Govt likely to hold talks with protesting RSRTC trade unions 2017-09-12 [TNN]

Roadways workers to protest on September 17 2017-09-11 [The Times]

How Rajasthan’s mine workers keep languishing without any identity 2017-08-08 [Hindustan Times]

Workers protest, buses halt for 2 hours across Rajasthan over late payments 2017-08-02 [The Times]

Revenue staff call off strike, to resume work from today 2017-06-23 [DNA]

3 workers killed as mine caves in Nagaur 2017-05-29 [TNN]

Permanent Workers sacked for supporting contract workers at Omax Autos, Dharuhera 2017-04-01 [Tnlabour]

Strike hit banking operations 2017-03-01 [PTI]

60 child labourers rescued in Jaipur 2017-02-15 [The Hindu]

‘Give pension to wife of retired mentally-ill cop’ 2017-02-09 [TOI]

Talks fail, Home Guard on indefinite dharna 2017-02-08 [The Hindu]

Irregularity in wage payment to labourers revealed 2017-01-30 [TNN]

Online leave module developed for government employees 2016-12-31 [TOI]

Casual labourers worst–hit by notebandi: Report 2016-12-31 [TOI]

Alwar workers rally for dignity, fair wages 2016-12-18 [TOI]

Cops rescue child workers from bangle unit in Jaipur 2016-12-16 [TOI]

Raje assures to address issues of govt employees 2016-11-24 [India Today]

Struggle continues as Battle shifts to Tapukara: Honda Struggle Update 2016-11-24 [tnlabour]

Workers protest against Rajasthan govt. policies 2016-11-19 [The Hindu]

BMS protests against labour policies of Raj govt 2016-11-18 [India Today]

No cash, no work 2016-11-14 [The Hindu]

Construction workers to rally against unplanned demonetization 2016-11-13 [TOI]

4 thousand college teachers hold march over designations 2016-11-08 [TNN]

Govt employees up ante over 7th pay panel benefits 2016-11-07 [TOI]

Rajasthan: Five workers electrocuted, matter being investigated 2016-10-29 [The Indian Express]

Daikin workers continue their struggle 2016-10-28 [tnlabour]

Sacked workers call for boycott of Honda products 2016-10-27 [TNN]

Govt staff demands 7th pay panel benefits 2016-10-18 [TOI]

Honda 2f workers struggle continues 2016-10-18 [tnlabour]

This month in labour history

1-05-1923 The country's first May Day celebration. [more]

8-05-1974 A national railway strike begins. 1.7 million workers were involved in demanding higher wages and shorter working hours. Indira Gandhi’s government brutally suppressed the strike with 1000s being sent to jail and losing their jobs. [more]