ILO Report Confirms Forced Labor

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ILO Report Confirms Forced Labor 2017-02-17 [Human Rights Watch]

In Rare Public Protest, Uzbek Pensioners Demand Cash, Not Plastic 2017-01-20 [RFE/RL]

European Parliament May Rubber Stamp Forced Labor in Uzbekistan 2016-12-11 [HRWatch]

Samarkand Street Sweepers Strike Back 2016-08-11 [RFE]

Coalition to World Bank: Hold Uzbekistan Accountable For more info 2016-08-01 [Solidarity Center]

Forced Labor Linked to World Bank Loan 2016-07-09 [Solidarity Center]

Uzbek Government forcibly detained human rights defender Elena Urlaeva in a hospital for more than a month 2016-06-15 [Union Rights' Defence Centre]

State-led forced labour in the cotton industry  ActNOW!  2016-06-03 [Open Democracy]

Forced Cotton-Picking Earns Shameful Spot In ‘Slavery Index’  ActNOW!  2016-06-02 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Uzbek Rights Defender Detained in Psychiatric Hospital For more info 2016-05-20 [Solidarity Center]

Dark Side of the 'White Gold of Uzbekistan' 2016-05-13 [KTR]

Act Now to Support Jailed Uzbek Human Rights Activist  ActNOW!  2016-05-08 [Solidarity Center]

Rights Defender Forced To Flee Uzbekistan  ActNOW!  2016-05-01 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Defend human rights defenders monitoring abuses in the cotton harvest  ActNOW!  2016-05-01 [IUF]

Forced labour and repression continue in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest 2016-03-29 [IUF]

Cotton Cover-Up: Uzbekistan Whitewashes Forced Labor For more info 2016-03-17 [Solidarity Center]

Rights Defender’s Work Impeded Lift Unlawful Restrictions on Rights Activist  ActNOW!  2016-03-02 [Human Rights Watch]

World Bank must speak out when rights activists are beaten and detained for documenting forced labour in cotton 2015-11-22 [IUF]

World Bank must act: Activists beaten, detained documenting forced labour 2015-11-18 [IUF]

Uzbekistan: rights defenders persecuted for documenting forced labour in cotton 2015-11-17 [IUF]

Home of Uzbek Labor Rights Activist Burned For more info 2015-10-29 [Solidarity Center]

Children among Six Dead in Uzbek Cotton Harvest So Far For more info 2015-10-19 [Solidarity Center]

Activists Beaten, Detained 2015-09-25 [Human Rights Watch]

Forced labour ramnpant in Uzbekistan cotton harvest 2015-09-22 [Equal Times]

Forced labour rampant in Uzbekistan cotton harvest 2015-09-22 [Equal Times]

Forced Labor Rampant in Uzbekistan Fall Cotton Harvest For more info 2015-09-14 [Solidarity Center]

Trafficking Report Boosts Uzbekistan Ranking 2015-07-29 [Solidarity Center]

Human Trafficking: U.S. Decisions Fails Forced Labor Victims Uzbekistan placement supports state-sponsored forced labor 2015-07-28 [Cotton Campaign]

U.N.'s Ban criticises forced labour in Uzbek cotton fields 2015-06-17 [Reuters]

UN Leader Urges Uzbekistan To Stop Torture, Forced Labor 2015-06-17 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Ban Ki-moon: Uzbekistan Must Do More to End Forced Labor 2015-06-17 [Solidarity Center]

Brutal police attack on activist 2015-06-04 [Human Rights Watch]

Tashkent Lambasted Over Cotton Harvesting 2015-04-15 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Gvt arrests and deports international labor rights consultant 2015-03-26 [Cotton Campaign]

Govt Expels International Labor Rights Consultant 2015-03-26 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Govt deports labour rights consultant 2015-03-26 [Solidarity Center]

Forced Child Labour: Out Of The Uzbek Cotton Fields, On To The Scrap Yard 2015-02-17 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

World Bank: No Probe of Link to Abuses in Uzbekistan 2015-02-04 [Cotton Campaign]

Brands silent on use of forced labour in cotton industry 2015-02-04 [Ecotextile]

World Bank Declines To Probe Uzbek Forced Labor Abuses 2015-02-04 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Forced labour still being used in cotton harvest 2015-02-04 [Solidarity Center]

Government of Uzbekistan Continues Trafficking in Persons 2015-02-01 [Cotton Campaign]

Forced labor in Uzbekistan 2015-01-18 [Washington Post]

Challenge to World Bank - are your projects triggering forced labour? 2014-12-29 [Human Rights Watch]

Country ranks among those with worst forms of child labour 2014-10-10 [Solidarity Center]

Cotton harvest enslaves teachers and students 2014-10-05 [Education International]

Union of independent journalists to be established 2014-02-16 [The Times]

More Sharing Services Share on email Financing Forced Labor in the Cotton Fields of Uzbekistan 2013-10-17 [AFL-CIO]

Dispatches: death at cotton harvest 2013-09-27 [HRW]

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