Union takes big step to building aviation workers’ power

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TBank union seeks higher severance payments 2019-07-20 [The Post]

Thai Airways workers union: Plan to acquire 38 new aircraft 'almost impossible to implement' 2019-07-17 [CAPA]

Meet the Thai woman ensuring that your seafood dinner isn't harvested by slaves 2019-07-14 [Mother Jones]

Union takes big step to building aviation workers’ power 2019-07-10 [ITF]

ITF calls on Thai government to implement and enforce C188 and take further steps to ratify ILO Conventions 87 and 98 2019-06-20 [ITF]

Organizing in the textile and garment sector in Thailand 2019-05-21 [IndustriALL]

Fight school: the children of Muay Thai 2019-03-29 [Equal Times]

Thailand Migrant Rights Leader Wins Human Rights Award For more info 2019-03-13 [Solidarity Center]

Migrant workers in Thailand live harsh, but improving, reality 2019-02-17 [Nikkei Asian Review]

Union movement celebrates Hakeem's release 2019-02-13 [ACTU]

Union movement celebrates Hakeem's release 2019-02-12 [ACTU]

BWI calls on Thailand to free footballer Hekeem al-Araibi 2019-02-07 [BWI]

Country ratifies Work in Fishing Convention - first country in Asia to do so 2019-01-31 [ILO]

World Players and FIFA call for urgent solution to al Araibi's unjust detention 2019-01-30 [UNI Global Union]

ACTU calls for an inquiry arrest of Australian foootballer Hakeem al-Araibi 2019-01-23 [SBS]

 VIDEO  ACTU calls for an inquiry into arrest of Australian footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi 2019-01-21 [SBS]

Persecution of union leaders 'shames Thailand'  ActNOW!  2019-01-18 [ITF]

ITF: lifting of Thailand’s yellow card on fishing disturbing 2019-01-10 [ITF]

Global union calls for international support for railway workers  ActNOW!  2019-01-09 [ITF]

MWRN: A Champion for Migrant Worker Rights in Thailand For more info 2019-01-08 [Solidarity Center]

Pressured by Farmers, Israel Delays Deal to Guarantee Pensions for Thai Workers 2018-12-27 [Haaretz]

Rail workers case taken to ILO 2018-12-19 [ITF]

Thai Worker Rights Advocate Wins Human Rights Award For more info 2018-12-13 [Solidarity Center]

Thailand to Deport Cambodian Union Leader Who Helped Produce Sex Trafficking Documentary 2018-12-12 [RFA]

Yano Electronics workers end protest after bonus deal 2018-11-25 [The Naiton]

Israel's forgotten Thai workers 2018-11-24 [BBC]

Olympic 2020 partner Mitsubishi Electric humiliates workers in Thailand  ActNOW!  2018-11-09 [IndustriALL]

Slavery Still Persists in Thai Fisheries 2018-11-03 [Maritime Executive]

Workers Strike for 44th Day after 30 unionists sacked for 'agitating' at Chinese-Owned Garment Factory 2018-10-04 [The Irrawaddy]

Hundreds of employers, workers without permits arrested in nationwide sweeps 2018-08-26 [The Nation]

Migrant Workers in Thailand Arrested for Volunteering For more info 2018-08-23 [Solidarity Center]

Fishers to strike as govt to seek migrants for fish industry 2018-08-06 [The Post]

Labour policy lacks common touch 2018-07-30 [The Post]

Migrant Workers in Thailand Win Justice for Abuse at Work For more info 2018-07-18 [Solidarity Center]

Labour Abuses Persist in Fishing Fleets 2018-07-16 [Human Rights Watch]

Labour reps march against employee rights violations 2018-06-25 [The Post]

Government banks on tech to end slavery at sea as workers push for rights 2018-06-20 [Reuters]

Solidarity Center Supporting Trafficked Cambodians For more info 2018-06-05 [Solidarity Center]

Union formed for workers in Thailand’s fishing industry 2018-06-02 [Undercurrent News]

Missouri Union: Harley-Davidson will ship work to Thailand from closing U.S. plant 2018-05-11 [USAToday]

Unacceptable and Unfair Treatment of UN Staff based in Bangkok 2018-04-13 [PSI]

Thailand Bus Fire Kills 20 Migrant Workers From Myanmar 2018-03-30 [NYTimes]

Court orders labour rights campaigner Andy Hall to pay damages to Natural Fruit 2018-03-27 [Finnwatch]

Thailand scrambles to register illegal fishery workers 2018-03-19 [ST]

Let's respect worker rights 2018-03-15 [The Post]

Thai government to reduce penalties for foreign workers 2018-03-13 [mmtimes]

Migrant worker checks hit new snag 2018-03-12 [BP]

Thai PM Prayut threatens to arrest all migrant workers not registered by end-June 2018-03-12 [ST]

Govt plots route out of watery hell for freed slaves 2018-03-11 [The Post]

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