Fairness in the workplace sadly lacking

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Fairness in the workplace sadly lacking 2018-01-12 [The Post]

Journalist Union wound up 2017 with a depressing report 2018-01-02 [Bangkok Post]

Human trafficking charges laid over berry pickers from Thailand 2017-12-15 [YLE ]

Fishing industry harnesses technology to fight abuse 2017-12-10 [Global Cause]

Labour ministry asks Thailand for further delay of migrant labour laws 2017-12-07 [Myanmar Times]

Labor rights group urge migrant workers to get legal papers as Thai Gvt extends grace period 2017-12-07 [Karen News]

Deputy PM visits Thailand workers 2017-11-27 [Khmer Tiimes]

Two Myanmar migrants receive compensation after getting sacked 2017-10-14 [BNI]

Workers group want Thailand to raise daily wages to 700 baht 2017-10-14 [Myanmar Times]

150 Myanmar workers stranded without jobs in Thailand 2017-10-13 [Myanmar Times]

Myanmar workers rescued from labour abuses in Chachoengsao 2017-10-13 [The Nation]

Thailand: auto parts maker Y-Tec fires workers for unionizing 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Burmese workers fight defamation charges in Thai chicken farm case 2017-10-08 [DVB]

Thai Public Employees Campaign to Save Jobs, Union Rights For more info 2017-10-04 [Solidarity Center]

Workers fear Thai visa deadline 2017-10-04 [Myanmar Times]

Strike by 500 Myanmar guest workers in Thailand win labour demands 2017-10-04 [Myanmar Times]

Migrant workers face defamation prosecution for reporting workplace exploitation 2017-10-03 [ILRF]

Committees implementing GFA with H&M meet to strengthen industrial relations 2017-10-02 [IndustriALL]

Long queues: Thailand urges Myanmar to send more officials for migrant worker checks 2017-09-29 [Frontier Myanmar]

Construction Workers from Myanmar protest for wages in Bangkok 2017-09-13 [Myanmar Times]

Journalist Charged With Sedition for Online Criticism of Junta 2017-08-09 [VoA]

Journalist charged with sedition over online comments 2017-08-09 [Associated Press]

Outspoken anti-junta journalist faces sedition charges 2017-08-09 [The Nation]

World’s Largest Tuna Company Commits to Supply Chain and Labor Reforms 2017-07-28 [Triple Pundit]

Government Delays Migrant Labor Law After Protests 2017-07-07 [VoA]

Over 60,000 Myanmar workers return from Thailand , many via the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border 2017-07-06 [BNI]

Migrant workers return from Thailand 2017-07-06 [Phnom Penh Post]

Migrant Workers Leave in Large Numbers as Thailand Adopts Tough New Labor Rules 2017-07-06 [RFA]

Migrant workers should not be criminalised for reporting abuse’ – watchdog 2017-06-13 [Asian Correspondent]

Thailand: Drop Defamation Charges Against Burmese Workers 2017-06-07 [HRW]

Burmese migrants charged with defamation after alleging labour abuses in Thailand’s multimillion-pound poultry export industry 2017-06-07 [The Guardian]

No rest for labour rights on International Workers’ Day 2017-05-05 [prachatai]

government skills plan 2017-04-10 [Bangkok Post]

Govt targets small-time fishermen 2017-04-03 [Bangkok Post]

Thailand accused of failing to stamp out murder and slavery in fishing industry 2017-03-31 [Guardian]

ITF welcomes ‘strong’ recommendations for Thai action over forced labour in fishing 2017-03-28 [ITF]

Thai court dismisses labour abuse suit against chicken farm 2017-03-18 [Trust]

Thailand eyed in pet food labour reform 2017-03-17 [Bangkok Post]

Ten activists reprieved for 2007 parliament trespass 2017-03-16 [Bangkok Post]

Embassy of Sweden and Ikea promote paternity leave in Thailand 2017-03-16 [Scandasia]

Empowering Migrant Workers 2017-03-14 [The Maritime Executive]

Run out of town for teaching farm workers their rights 2017-03-12 [+972 Magazine]

Hard times for migrant labour in the Thai fishing industry 2017-03-04 [equaltimes.org]

Hard times for migrant labour in the Thai fishingindustry 2017-03-03 [equal times]

BBC journalist faces jail in Thailand over defamation case 2017-03-01 [IFJ]

14 facts about Somyot and his lèse majesté battle 2017-02-28 [Prachatai]

Thailand Urged to Drop Charges against Rights Defenders For more info 2017-02-23 [Solidarity Center]

Thai affiliates follow up ILO complaint with Ministry of Labour 2017-02-16 [IndustriALL]

Thailand Hopes for Upgrade in US Human Trafficking Report 2017-02-06 [JG]

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