Builders resume street protests

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SYNA congress reelects Arno Kerst as President 2018-11-08 [BWI]

Builders resume street protests 2018-11-06 [SwissInfo]

More Swiss construction workers go on strike 2018-10-31 [SwissInfo]

BWI supports bricklayers on strike 2018-10-23 [BWI]

Autumn of discontent in the land of labour harmony 2018-10-18 [SwissInfo]

Striking construction workers march through Geneva 2018-10-17 [SwissInfo]

Construction workers take to the streets 2018-10-17 [The Local]

Builders strike in Ticino over worsening work conditions 2018-10-16 [SwissInfo]

Thousands march against gender pay inequality in Bern 2018-09-23 [Deutsche Welle]

Swiss quarrel over prostitution ban 2018-09-11 [Info]

EU-Swiss treaty ‘dead as doornail’ as labour boycotts talks 2018-08-10 [EurActiv]

Plans for EU treaty in tatters as labor boycotts talks 2018-08-10 [Reuters]

Unia supports World Cup Workers in Qatar 2018-08-01 [BWI]

union investigation into housekeeping in Marriott Zürich hotels reveals exploitative, dangerous and unsanitary conditions 2018-07-19 [IUF]

Air traffic control strike planned 2018-07-13 [Le News]

Strike suspended by Tamedia staff 2018-07-06 [Info]

Over 18,000 construction workers demonstrate in Zurich 2018-06-24 [Info]

Rail workers stand against proposed cuts 2018-06-19 [Info]

Unions demand LafargeHolcim keeps its word and respects workers’ lives 2018-05-15 [BWI]

Unions demand LafargeHolcim keeps its word and respects workers’ lives 2018-05-08 [IndustriALL]

LafargeHolcim, keep your word, respect workers’ lives! 2018-05-03 [IndustriALL]

Glencore: Unions voice concerns and demands to shareholders 2018-05-03 [IndustriALL]

International trade unionists stage Glencore demo 2018-05-03 [Info]

Thousands take to streets to mark May Day 2018-05-01 []

Unions seek to blacklist Swiss firms that underpay women 2018-04-30 [Info]

“Uber is an employer” says SECO 2018-04-03 [UNI Global Union]

Top UN official backs unions as strikes persist 2018-03-24 [The Local]

 VIDEO  PSI supports ILO Staff's decision to go on strike 2018-03-23 [PSI]

ITUC Backs ILO and UN Staff Strike Over Unilateral Pay Cuts 2018-03-23 [ITUC]

NO to Privatisation of Ambulatory Surgical Care at HUG 2018-03-17 [PSI]

UN Staff in Geneva Strike Over Pay Cuts and Austerity Agenda 2018-03-17 [PSI]

Iran's persecution of BBC Persian Service journalists & their families - UN Geneva event 2018-03-08 [IFJ]

UN Geneva staff plan work stoppage over pay cuts 2018-02-26 [citizen]

European media organisations express support to Swiss public service and local TV and radio stations 2018-02-14 [EFJ]

Nestlé workers from France demonstrate in Switzerland 2018-02-14 [IUF]

Journalists at Swiss news agency strike against job cuts 2018-02-06 [EFJ]

UNI joins Swiss unions in saying No to the No-Billag Initiative! 2018-02-06 [UNI Global Union]

General Electric unions develop cross-border cooperation and solidarity 2017-12-04 [IndustriALL]

Froneri ice cream workers take their fight from Italy to Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland 2017-12-04 [IUF]

Government to allow more foreign workers into Switzerland in 2018 2017-11-29 [The Local]

Jura parliament finally agrees minimum wage of 20 francs per hour 2017-11-24 [The Local ]

Educators stand up for children and refugees on World Children’s Day 2017-11-22 [Education International]

Journalists from Switzerland arrested and held for two days in UAE 2017-11-14 [The Local]

Watch IndustriALL’s World Conference on Industry 4.0 on Facebook Live 2017-10-23 [IndustriALL]

Union victory for operating theatre nursing assistants 2017-10-20 [PSI]

We can turn the tide on precarious work 2017-10-06 [IndustriALL]

Merchants of death, arbiters of peace: campaigners challenge the Swiss arms paradox 2017-10-03 [Equal Times]

Shock TUPE at Huawei bodes well for future 2017-09-29 [CWU]

Worsening working conditions in the Swiss health sector 2017-09-29 [PSI]

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