President urges government to abandon tax changes after threat of general strike

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Demonstrations in Romania: symptoms of a deeper malaise 2017-12-06 [Equal Times]

Building hosting Romanian workers burns down in German town 2017-12-04 [Romanian Insider ]

Teachers among the voices demanding that the government respect Justice 2017-12-02 [Education International ]

Demonstrations in Romania: symptoms of a deeper malaise 2017-12-01 [equal times]

Protest against shifting cost of social security onto workers’ shoulders 2017-11-15 [IndustriALL]

President urges government to abandon tax changes after threat of general strike 2017-11-03 [The Businees Recorder]

Analysis. Firms struggle to find workers on tight labor market in Romania 2017-10-17 [Business Review]

The Brain Drain - most striking in Romania 2017-10-13 [NPR]

Protest in Romania over social security hikes 2017-10-11 [AFP]

Draft law threatens independence of AGERPRES news agency 2017-10-10 [EFJ]

Posted workers facing harsh realities 2017-09-29 [EuroNews]

Dutch beef producer brings workers from Nepal at Romanian farms 2017-09-29 [Romanian Insider]

Wales Unite concern as Deeside based Jaguar towbar manufacturer seeks to offshore jobs to Romania 2017-08-31 [Unite]

Transporters could protest during president Macron’s Bucharest visit 2017-08-24 [Insider]

 VIDEO  Must viewing: Hidden camera shows British boss shouting abuse at workers 2017-08-15 [The Sun]

England Call for ‘strong’ industrial strategy, as Suffolk engineering firm announces closure with loss of 500 jobs 2017-08-04 [Unite]

20,000 state finance workers strike over wages 2017-05-16 [Daily Mail]

20,000 finance ministry workers strike over wages 2017-05-15 [McClatchy]

Some 1,500 museum professionals and researchers in Romania to protest on May 20 2017-04-08 [romania-insider]

Romanian rail workers stage strike to demand higher wages 2017-03-23 [dailymail]

Central bank: Labor force is underpaid, capital – overpaid in Romania 2017-03-17 [romania-insider]

Raped, beaten, exploited: the 21st-century slavery propping up Sicilian farmin 2017-03-13 [Guardian]

National minimum wage increase and other measures 2017-03-03 [National Trade Union Confederation]

Ferrero, prosecutors investigating child labour claims involving production of Kinder Surprise toys 2016-11-24 [ABC]

Labour Protests Shake Romania Ahead of Election 2016-11-23 [Balkan Insight]

Posta Romana board reaches deal with trade unions to end strike 2016-11-02 [The Business Review]

Romanian Post: Employees’ strike caused RON 4.5 million loss in a matter of hours 2016-10-28 [The Business Review]

Bucharest subway workers plan strike that could block underground traffic 2016-10-15 [Insider]

Bucharest’s housing crisis: post-Communist restitution victimises Roma 2016-05-27 [Equal Times]

Government comes up with new law on public wages 2016-05-18 [ Romania Insider]

Marching miners reach Bucharest 2016-04-19 [euronews]

'Made in Europe': Plight of garment workers under scrutiny 2016-02-09 [Reuters]

Warning strike at Bucharest Otopeni Airport might cause flight delays on Friday 2016-01-21 [Insider]

Unions demand restoration of labour rights 2015-12-05 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Minister quits after 'thugs and prostitutes' comment about Romanians working abroad 2015-06-14 [DW]

Minister resigns after offensive statement about migrant workers 2015-06-14 [Romania Insider]

Dacia to shed jobs to increase competitiveness 2015-05-08 [UT]

30,000 town hall workers strike to demand higher wages 2015-05-01 [OA]

Marian Nemit: Picture of tragic builder released as reports suggest family learned of death on social media 2015-04-23 [Waltham Forest Guardian]

Court orders Wizz Air to reinstate dismissed union leader 2015-03-27 [ITF Global Union]

Protests Continue at Dacia Romania as Workers Ask for More Money 2015-01-08 [Autoevolution]

New film shames 'dire' Black Sea conditions 2014-12-12 [ITF Global Union]

Workers protest salaries, underfunded health-care 2014-10-08 [Yahoo]

Public workers stage vuvuzela pay protest 2014-10-08 [Reuters]

Ontario Sailors on strike after being kept on ship without food 2014-07-15 [CTV]

Ontario European sailors out of food, now on strike in Oshawa, union says 2014-07-15 [CBC]

Seafarers' International Union of Canada Supports Fellow Seafarers in Their Strike 2014-07-15 [SIU Canada]

Rail workers stage two-hour strike 2014-04-24 [The Herald]

Rosia Montana Gold Corp lays off 400 workers over ‘approval delays’ 2014-03-04 []

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