Protest against CEO Public schools shut as teachers continue strike

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Union urges Wapda workers to provide better services 2018-01-17 [The Nation]

Protest against CEO Public schools shut as teachers continue strike 2018-01-16 [LabourWatch]

Heirs of Baldia factory fire victims to get monthly pension 2018-01-16 [Dawn]

WWB employees protest suspension of salaries 2018-01-16 [Dawn]

Power workers’ demands tagged with efforts to control line losses 2018-01-16 [LabourWatch]

Labour union, DISCOs prepare plan 2018-01-16 [The Tribune]

Irrigation workers call off protest 2018-01-14 [Dawn]

Pensioners protest delay in pension hike 2018-01-14 [The News]

Education officers go on strike to claim upgradation 2018-01-14 [LabourWatch]

Pakistani journalist escapes abduction attempt 2018-01-12 [IFJ]

Unions demand ban on asbestos 2018-01-08 [The Nation]

Labourer killed in boiler explosion 2018-01-07 [LabourWatch]

CM accepts teachers’ demands after police thrash, tear-gas protesters 2018-01-07 [LabourWatch]

Teachers and Farmers Protests Brutally Crushed in Sindh 2018-01-05 []

KP paramedics extend deadline for protest 2018-01-04 [The News]

Workers protest proposed privatisation of Wapda 2018-01-04 [LabourWatch]

Lady Health Workers’ annual convention held in Hyderabad 2018-01-01 [The Daily Times]

CM finally takes notice of teachers’ protest 2017-12-30 [The News]

Protesting LHWs seek payment of salary 2017-12-30 [LabourWatch]

Safety seminar for electricity staff held 2017-12-30 [The Nation]

Police beat up, detain teachers agitating for regularisation of jobs 2017-12-26 [LabourWatch]

Despite SHC order, over 9,000 Christian workers not paid for Christmas 2017-12-25 [Dawn]

Funeral prayers for late veteran journalist Afzal Khan offered 2017-12-24 [The Observer]

Retired LG?employees fear delay in payment of pensions 2017-12-23 [The News]

Mill’s former workers demand Rs300m dues 2017-12-23 [Dawn]

Factories asked to enforce minimum wages policy by end of January 2017-12-23 [LabourWatch]

40 arrested as police baton-charge contractual teachers 2017-12-21 [LabourWatch]

Medical college teachers seek allowance 2017-12-18 [Dawn]

College teachers hold strike for demands 2017-12-18 [LabourWatch]

Workers celebrate Human Rights Day 2017-12-14 [The Nation]

Clerks’ rallies for raise, perks 2017-12-07 [LabourWatch]

Protest over non-payment of salaries 2017-12-07 [Dawn]

Unions make big gains in membership 2017-12-06 [Solidarity Center]

CDA’s Amanullah group wins CBA referendum 2017-12-05 [The Nation]

News channels, social media blocked for a day 2017-11-28 [IFJ]

University staff without salary for two months 2017-11-26 [Dawn]

Lady health workers stage protests in different towns 2017-11-26 [LabourWatch]

Clerks observe strike 2017-11-26 [LabourWatch]

Protesting teachers baton-charged while protesting wage theft 2017-11-26 [LabourWatch]

Amends in constitution of NBP Employees Union welcomed 2017-11-26 [The Nation]

Laghari directs electricity workers to overcome power theft 2017-11-25 [The Nation]

Death, destruction and destitution in Pakistan’s coal mines 2017-11-24 [IndustriALL Global Union ]

EPI technicians demand salaries 2017-11-22 [LabourWatch]

Workers’ safety to be ensured in the province 2017-11-18 [The Express Tribune]

UPR and the state of trade union rights in Pakistan 2017-11-14 [The Daily Times]

Two sanitary workers gunned down in Sadiqabad 2017-11-14 [LabourWatch]

‘No miner is brought out from a mine after his death there’ 2017-11-14 [LabourWatch]

Protest threatened over delay in women teachers’ promotion 2017-11-14 [Dawn]

Sanitation workers protest murder of colleagues 2017-11-14 [LabourWatch]

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