Dera Ghazi Khan town employees protest non-payment of salaries

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Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union wins referendum 2017-03-23 [Nation]

Protest against school’s ‘privatisation’ 2017-03-23 [Nation]

WASA Hyderabad worker attempts suicide against non-payment of salary 2017-03-22 [dailytimes]

Dera Ghazi Khan town employees protest non-payment of salaries 2017-03-21 [The Express Tribune]

Protesting workers demand reinstatement 2017-03-21 [LabourWatch]

Women journalists briefed on digital safety 2017-03-21 [Dawn]

Privatisation of three major airports challenged 2017-03-21 [labourwatchpakistan]

Home-based workers stand up for their rights 2017-03-20 [LabourWatch]

Child labour policy being evolved under global laws: minister 2017-03-20 [The News]

Home-based workers stand up for their rights 2017-03-17 [dailytimes]

Health workers protest in Chakwal 2017-03-16 [LabourWatch]

Teachers give govt two weeks for their promotion 2017-03-16 [Dawn]

Media role stressed for female workers’ safety 2017-03-13 [Nation]

Pregnant and fired: a Pakistani woman’s workplace dilemma 2017-03-12 [Dawn]

Power utilities’ employees protest ‘anti-worker’ moves 2017-03-12 [LabourWatch]

Sanitary workers protest case against colleagues 2017-03-12 [LabourWatch]

KU to host seminar for home-based women workers 2017-03-08 [Daily Times]

Karak mineworkers seek relief package 2017-03-04 [Dawn]

Teachers call off strike 2017-03-04 [LabourWatch]

After two-day strike: Sanitation staff return to work in Abbottabad 2017-03-02 [The Tribune]

Pakistan: Shipbreaking accident victims receive compensation 2017-02-23 [IndustriALL] 2017-02-17 [Marxism]

In Pakistan, Community Health Workers Get Their Issues Across 2017-02-16 [PSI]

Two coal miners killed and one seriously injured 2017-02-14 [IndustriALL]

Disbursement of compensation: ILO promises to address concerns of Baldia factory fire victims 2017-02-12 [LabourWatch]

No to privatisation: Unions vow to struggle till last breath 2017-02-06 [The Express-Tribune]

Paramedics on strike for service structure 2017-02-06 [LabourWatch]

Dangerous working conditions at Gadani 2017-02-06 [LabourWatch]

Wapda workers celebrate union’s victory in referendum 2017-02-03 [Nation]

Time to end attacks on Lady Health Workers in Pakistan 2017-02-03 [PSI]

Wapda asked to fill vacant posts 2017-01-31 [Dawn]

Polio workers protest against non-payment of salary 2017-01-30 [LabourWatch]

Steelworkers oppose proposal to lease out PSM for 30 years 2017-01-30 [LabourWatch]

Power workers observe ‘unity day’ 2017-01-27 [LabourWatch]

Surging fires: Six workers injured in shoe factory fire 2017-01-27 [LabourWatch]

WAPDA workers observed ‘National Unity Day’ 2017-01-27 [The News]

NTC workers threaten agitation against union ban, sackings 2017-01-25 [LabourWatch]

Fuuast staff starts pen-down strike 2017-01-25 [LabourWatch]

Young doctors show concern over delay in service structure 2017-01-25 [Dawn]

Complaints increasing as working women stepping forward 2017-01-25 [The News]

Pakistan Workers Union sweeps USC referendum 2017-01-25 [The Daily Nation]

Families of Gadani ship fire victims get compensation 2017-01-25 [Dawn]

Sacked Jazz-Warid employees stage protest 2017-01-25 [Dawn]

Chief secretary directed to formulate policy for domestic workers 2017-01-25 [Daily Times]

Unpaid KDA workers threaten to lock down Civic Centre today 2017-01-17 [The News]

Sindh approves policy to regularise home-based workers 2017-01-17 [The News]

Railway workers hold procession for demands 2017-01-15 [Dawn]

Call for arresting those responsible for Gadani deaths 2017-01-13 [LabourWatch]

Teachers protest lack of incentives in PM’s reforms package 2017-01-13 [LabourWatch]

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