Victory as NNN strike ends with recognition and CBA at Norwegian fish processor Norse Production

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Norwegian-Iraqi journalist arrested in Iraq 2017-11-05 [IFJ]

Industri Energi Norway helped TWU to recruit 416 new members in the Furniture sector 2017-10-31 [BWU]

17 members win court case against Trinity Nordic 2017-10-26 [Industri Energi]

Victory as NNN strike ends with recognition and CBA at Norwegian fish processor Norse Production 2017-10-17 [IUF]

Men's national team takes wage cut so players paid same as women's side 2017-10-16 [The Independent]

TBU at 50: Wage formation – the Norwegian model’s unique attribute 2017-10-16 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Protection of sources: Norwegian journalist won in Strasbourg 2017-10-10 [EFJ]

Norwegian Elections: Another Right-Wing Victory, and a Serious Labour Defeat 2017-09-29 [The Bullet]

NNN on strike for rights and recognition at fish processor Norse Production 2017-09-26 [IUF]

Strike shock’ from SAS pilots in Norway 2017-09-18 [News in English]

England Unite warns workers will not accept burgers for bucks in Gatwick baggage dispute 2017-09-07 [Unite]

ITF backs Norwegian unions campaigning to keep seafarers’ welfare high on political agenda 2017-08-21 [ITF Global Union]

'Crunch time' on pensions in 2018 2017-07-06 [The Times]

DNO, Norwegian oil company, refuses to pay workers in Yemen  ActNOW!  2017-06-13 [AMN]

Norway strike averted 2017-06-12 [Upstream]

Oil workers agree wage deal, ending threat of strike 2017-06-10 [Reuters]

Oil Worker Strike Threatens 326,000 BPD Of Production 2017-06-08 [Oil Price]

Union threatens strike at Statoil, Shell, Eni platforms 2017-06-07 [NASDAQ]

Union, oil drilling firms reach wage deal averting strike 2017-06-02 [Reuters]

Support from Norwegian union to UNITE 2017-05-30 [Industri Energi]

Most Norwegian oil workers agree wage deal, mediation for rest 2017-05-25 [Business Insider]

Disgruntled Oil Workers Settle On 2017 Wages 2017-05-25 [Oil Price]

DNO continues to evade responsibility as court rules in favour of Yemeni workforce 2017-05-18 [IndustriALL]

Largest trade union votes to boycott Israel 2017-05-15 [European Jewish Press]

Largest political party opposes trade union confederation's Israel boycott 2017-05-13 [ABC]

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) biggest union grouping angers Israel over BDS support 2017-05-13 [AFP]

‘Enough is enough’: Norway’s trade unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine 2017-05-13 [RT]

Norwegian union angers Israel with boycott 2017-05-12 [Arab News]

Norwegian union angers Israel with boycott 2017-05-12 [i24NEWS]

LO congress advocates international boycott of Israel 2017-05-12 [Norway Today]

Norwegian delegation meets local labour leaders 2017-04-05 [thenews]

Norwegian’s US flight attendants join unions 2017-03-31 [flightglobal.]

Norwegian unions, employers agree deal for 2.4 percent wage increase 2017-03-15 [Daily Mail]

Why Norway is the best country for LGBT workers 2017-02-09 [The Local ]

Strike averted among airport ground crews 2017-02-06 [Views and News]

International support for fired Yemeni oil workers 2017-02-01 [Radio Labour]

Strike can disrupt airline traffic 2017-01-26 [The News]

CEO Espen Høiby: We offer pilots and cabin crew long-term and secure jobs 2017-01-16 [Ice News]

Oil company DNO targeted by unions  ActNOW!  2017-01-15 [IndustriALL]

OSM Aviation and ITF sign international agreement to protect workers’ rights  2017-01-11 [ITF]

Trinity Management has left the building? 2016-12-22 [Industri Energi]

Statoil drops Airbus Super Puma helicopters for good after unions demand ban 2016-12-07 [Business Insider]

124 year old rail union elects first woman leader 2016-11-17 [ITF Global Union]

Victorious Norwegian train drivers thank international support 2016-11-02 [ITF]

Another strike can cut out electricity 2016-10-25 [Views and News]

Labour confederation may block oil drilling off Lofoten 2016-10-20 [Views and News]

Support Norway train drivers saying NO to dumping training standards 2016-10-20 [iTF]

The wage matrix is secured, the strike in oil service is terminated 2016-10-13 [Industri Energi]

Oil Workers Strike Ends 2016-10-12 [The Post]

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