Court clerks strike over housing benefits

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Barbaric Acts: MCTU to Report Malawi Govt to ILO in Geneva 2017-09-27 [Nyasa Times]

Court clerks strike over housing benefits 2017-08-01 [The Times]

Musicians Union of Malawi calls on urban artists to be party to MUM 2017-07-29 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi teachers threaten to go on strike again 2017-07-16 [Malawi24]

 VIDEO  Employment and decent work for the transition to peace: Interview with MCTU's Luther Mambala 2017-07-04 [ILO]

Civil servants demand circular confirming 20% pay rise 2017-06-22 [The Times]

Civil servant strike still set, deadlock with govt on 45 % salary hike 2017-06-21 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi: Teachers start accessing leave grants-strike to be called off 2017-06-16 [AllAfrica]

civil servants demand 45% pay hike, or strike Monday: CSTU threaten ‘biggest action’ 2017-06-15 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi teacher's start nationwide strike: Union calss for better salaries, leave grants 2017-06-05 [Nyasa Times]

Mayor Accuses Suspended Lilongwe City Boss of Inciting Strike 2017-05-23 [The Times]

Striking Employees to Face Salary Freeze, Education Minister Fabiano Tells Malawi Parliament 2017-05-12 [All Africa]

Attorney General Stops Judiciary Staff Strike With Court Injunction 2017-05-03 [The Times]

Attorney General stops Judiciary staff strike with court injunction 2017-05-03 [Nyasa Times]

Admarc Staff Continue Strike Day 2, Demands Pay Rise 2017-03-17 [Nyasa Times]

University of Malawi changes Chanco opening dates over academic staff strike 2017-03-16 [Nyasa Times]

Govt Finally Brings Back 60 Trafficked Women From Kuwait 2017-03-14 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi: too young to get married, too poor to be educated 2017-02-02 [Equal Times]

BCCEAWU elected a women President at its 5th Quadrennial Congress 2017-01-24 [BWI]

Stop Gender Violence Against Women - Mctu 2017-01-10 [MNA]

Chief Justice rebuffed as Malawi Judiciary staff vow to proceed with industrial strike 2016-12-07 [The Post]

Judiciary Workers End Strike, Courts Open 2016-12-07 [allAfrica]

Judiciary workers down tools over salary harmonization 2016-12-02 [The Post]

Chanco lecturers to go on strike 2016-11-24 [24]

Civil sevants union differs with IMF on bloated, resource draining govt 2016-10-02 [Nyasa Times]

Sana shops shut down, employees lock management to demand gratuity 2016-08-03 [Nyasa Times]

Ex-miners plan to occupy South African embassy in Liongwe over benefits 2016-06-24 [Nyasa Times]

Govt says it will now help 20 Malawian girls stranded in Kuwait 2016-06-09 [Nyasa Times]

Karonga council workers seal off offices over pay row 2016-06-08 [Nyasa Times]

Civil servants say 15% salary increase 'manifestly inadequate' 2016-05-30 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi govt asks relatives to pay for air tickets of 12 girls stranded in Kuwait 2016-05-20 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi government fails to pay allowance to teacher students 2016-05-19 [Nyasa Times]

Malawi to ban tobacco labour tenancy system-Minister 2016-05-11 [Nyasa Times]

Teachers union of Malawi call off strike, wants heads roll at Education Ministry 2016-05-07 [Nyasa Times]

Teachers union of Malawi doubt Mutharika's offer: Ultimatum still on 2016-05-04 [Nyasa Times]

Mutharika urge employers to comply to regulations on Labour issues 2016-05-02 [Malawi Independent]

Malawi celebrates Labour Day: APM calls upon employers to comply to regulation on labour issues 2016-05-01 [Malawi-Nyasa Times]

Malawi: IDWF 4-year strategic planning workshop for CIAWU 2016-04-12 [Vicky Kanyoka]

Malawians betrayed in MSB sale 2016-04-10 [24]

Millions of people in Malawi at risk of starvation 2016-03-23 [Equal Times]

Leopard match workers strike for bonuses 2015-12-03 [The Times]

In Malawi, women bear the brunt of climate change 2015-10-06 [Equal Times]

Malawi: CIAWU workshop for domestic workers' leaders 2015-10-03 [CIAWU]

Healthcare workers and Unions threaten to strike If Malawi Government does not rescind re-deployment orders 2015-09-28 [The Post]

High Court rules that strike was legal 2015-07-30 [Malawi 24]

Nurses in Malawi Strike in Pay Row 2015-03-14 [Malawi 24]

Nurses union issues strike notice 2015-03-05 [The Times]

More teachers strike for unpaid wages 2015-03-02 [USI]

Judicial Strike Resuming, Malawi Govt Accused of 'Playing Hide and Seek' 2015-02-18 [Malawi 24]

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