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Union ask Police to investigate 20 companies that tried to break industrial action by means of emergency work 2019-04-30 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Majority of new MPs are union members 2019-04-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Disproportionate defamation case against journalist 2019-04-22 [EFJ]

Nation of the Free campaign fights for labour rights in Parliamentary elections 2019-04-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Fragmentation of working life turns organising rate down 2019-04-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Industrial Union places embargo on Lapwall 2019-03-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Vaktlister med fiktive pleiere er vanlig i omsorgsbransjen 2019-03-12 [Fri fagbevegelse]

No new activation model stage two 2019-03-05 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Citizens’ initiative to stop activation model voted down in Parliament following most unusual debate 2019-02-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finnish employee must work 34 days to reach a single day’s pay for CEO 2019-02-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Redundancies remain at relatively low level in 2018 2019-02-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Grave neglect revealed in privatised elderly care - unions demand immediate measures 2019-01-30 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Today’s Priority - The future of Finland’s education policy 2019-01-25 [Education International]

Labour market organisations demand action programme regarding migrant labour 2019-01-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Union issued a hate campaigns advice kit for journalists 2019-01-15 [EFJ]

Gender equality increasingly the norm on Finnish Union Boards 2019-01-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Modest pay hike for daycare teachers in capital region 2019-01-04 [YLE]

Activation model neither activates people nor helps in finding a job, it simply cuts unemployment benefits 2018-12-20 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Labour costs for an employer 34.2 Euro per hour in 2016 2018-12-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Self-employed workers need more bargaining power 2018-11-22 [Trade Union News from Finland]

A truce in the struggle over dismissal law and new tripartite bill beckons peace in labour market 2018-11-11 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Govt, unions, private sector reach accord on controversial firing bill 2018-11-06 [YLE]

Unions suspend industrial action after Government backs off on bill to ease dismissals 2018-10-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Union confederations accept gov't compromise on firing law--with conditions 2018-10-27 [YLE]

Security guard strike to close rail station buildings, lengthen airport queues 2018-10-24 [YLE]

Security guard 3-day strike to start on Wednesday 2018-10-24 [YLE]

Healthcare sector sexual harassment 2018-10-24 [YLE]

Helsinki Airport security personnel on strike protesting colleague dismissal for wearing pink ribbon 2018-10-23 [Xinhua]

Industrial Union: Worker strikes could become 'the new normal' 2018-10-23 [YLE]

SAK denies minister's claim that strikes have election motives 2018-10-21 [YLE]

Industrial Union planning strike next week 2018-10-20 [YLE]

Gov't wins vote of confidence on tougher labor policy, more strikes expected 2018-10-18 [Xinhua]

Two-day strike hits schools, public facilities 2018-10-18 [YLE]

Unions view Government call for a confidence vote over dismissal legislation as political theatre 2018-10-16 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Poll suggests nation divided over gov't dismissal plan, union strikes 2018-10-16 [YLE]

The dismissal bill dispute escalates - and might get even worse 2018-10-10 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Tankesmie klager Finland inn for EU-kommisjonen pga kollektivavtaler 2018-10-10 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Service workers’ union issues security guard strike warning 2018-10-09 [YLE]

Færre organiserer seg i facket 2018-10-08 [LO]

A broad campaign calls for legislation on human rights due diligence 2018-10-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Conflict between organized labor, Finnish government escalates 2018-10-07 [Xinhua]

Streiker mot forslag som gjør det lettere å sparke ansatte 2018-10-03 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Professional Engineers Union also comes out against law to ease dismissals 2018-10-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Unions to Hold Strike Over Government's Layoff Bill 2018-10-03 [Sputnik]

Govt to amend 'easy to fire' bill but unions want law scrapped 2018-10-02 [YLE]

Union protests against easing of dismissals widen to include one day strike 2018-10-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Food workers to strike in defense of protection against dismissal 2018-09-30 [IUF]

Industrial Union to join Wednesday strike, extending walkout to 30,000 employees 2018-09-29 [YLE]

Unions Call for Oct. 3 Strike over Layoff Law 2018-09-29 [VoA]

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